2018 PyeongChang Winter

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The programme is complete

February 9

CURLING 08h35Mixed Double  round robin: China - Canada 
CURLING 08h35Mixed Double  round robin: Korea - Norway 
CURLING 08h35Mixed Double  round robin: Olympic Athlete of Olympic Athlete of Russia - Finland 
CURLING 08h35Mixed Double  round robin: United States - Switzerland 
CURLING 13h35Mixed Double  round robin: Canada - Finland 
CURLING 13h35Mixed Double  round robin: China - Olympic Athlete of Olympic Athlete of Russia 
CURLING 13h35Mixed Double  round robin: Switzerland - Norway 
CURLING 13h35Mixed Double  round robin: United States - Korea 
SKATING Artistics10h00 event team  men short program 
SKATING Artistics11h45 event team  pair short program 
SKIING Freestyle10h00Women's Moguls  qualification 1 
SKIING Freestyle11h45Men's Moguls  qualification 1 
CEREMONY 20h00   Opening ceremony 

February 10

BIATHLON 20h15Women's Sprint 7,5 km   
CURLING 09h05Mixed Double  round robin: Canada - Switzerland 
CURLING 09h05Mixed Double  round robin: China - United States 
CURLING 09h05Mixed Double  round robin: Korea - Olympic Athlete of Olympic Athlete of Russia 
CURLING 09h05Mixed Double  round robin: Norway - Finland 
CURLING 20h04Mixed Double  round robin: Finland - China 
CURLING 20h04Mixed Double  round robin: Norway - United States 
CURLING 20h04Mixed Double  round robin: Olympic Athlete of Olympic Athlete of Russia - Canada 
CURLING 20h04Mixed Double  round robin: Switzerland - Korea 
HOCKEY 16h40Women's   preliminary round, group B: Japan - Sweden 
HOCKEY 21h10Women's   preliminary round, group B: Switzerland - Korea 
LUGE 19h10Men's Single  run 1 
LUGE 20h55Men's Single  run 2 
SKATING Speed20h00Women's 3,000 m   
SKATING Speed - Short track19h00Men's 1,500 m  heat 1 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h05Men's 1,500 m  heat 2 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h10Men's 1,500 m  heat 3 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h15Men's 1,500 m  heat 4 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h20Men's 1,500 m  heat 5 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h25Men's 1,500 m  heat 6 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h21Men's 1,500 m  Semifinal 1 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h26Men's 1,500 m  Semifinal 2 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h32Men's 1,500 m  Semifinal 3 
SKATING Speed - Short track21h22Men's 1,500 m  Final B 
SKATING Speed - Short track21h28Men's 1,500 m  Final A 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h52Women's 3,000 m relay  heat 1 
SKATING Speed - Short track21h08Women's 3,000 m relay  heat 2 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h44Women's 500 m  heat 1 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h47Women's 500 m  heat 2 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h50Women's 500 m  heat 3 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h53Women's 500 m  heat 4 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h56Women's 500 m  heat 5 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h59Women's 500 m  heat 6 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h02Women's 500 m  heat 7 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h05Women's 500 m  heat 8 
SKIING Cross-country16h15Women's Skiathlon: 7,5 km classical + 7,5 km freestyle   
SKIING Jump12h20Men's Normal hill 109 m  Competition - 1st Round 
SKIING Jump21h35Men's Normal hill 109 m  Final round 
SNOWBOARD 10h00Men's Slopestyle  Qualification heat 1 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 10h47Men's Slopestyle  Qualification heat 1 Run 2 
SNOWBOARD 13h30Men's Slopestyle  Qualification heat 2 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 14h17Men's Slopestyle  Qualification heat 2 Run 2 

February 11

BIATHLON 20h15Men's Sprint 10 km   
CURLING 09h05Mixed Double  round robin: Canada - Korea 
CURLING 09h05Mixed Double  round robin: Finland - United States 
CURLING 09h05Mixed Double  round robin: Norway - China 
CURLING 09h05Mixed Double  round robin: Switzerland - Olympic Athlete of Olympic Athlete of Russia 
HOCKEY 16h40Women's   preliminary round, group A: Finland - United States 
HOCKEY 21h10Women's   preliminary round, group A: Canada - Olympic Athlete of Olympic Athlete of Russia 
LUGE 20h00Men's Single  run 3 
LUGE 20h55Men's Single  run 4 
SKATING Artistics10h00 event team  ice dance short dance 
SKATING Artistics11h45 event team  women short program 
SKATING Artistics13h40 event team  couple free skating 
SKATING Speed16h00Men's 5,000 m   
SKIING Cross-country15h15Men's Skiathlon: 15 km classical + 15 freestyle   
SKIING Freestyle19h30Women's Moguls  qualification 2 
SKIING Freestyle21h00Women's Moguls  Final 1 
SKIING Freestyle21h35Women's Moguls  Final 2 
SKIING Freestyle22h10Women's Moguls  Final 3 
SNOWBOARD 13h30Women's Slopestyle  Qualification Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 14h32Women's Slopestyle  Qualification Run 2 
SNOWBOARD 10h00Men's Slopestyle  Final Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 10h32Men's Slopestyle  Final Run 2 
SNOWBOARD 11h04Men's Slopestyle  Final Run 3 

February 12

BIATHLON 19h10Women's Pursuit 10 km   
BIATHLON 21h00Men's Pursuit 12,5 km   
CURLING 09h05Mixed Double  semifinal 1: Canada - Norway 
CURLING 20h05Mixed Double  semifinal 2: Olympic Athelte of Russia - Switzerland 
HOCKEY 16h40Women's   preliminary round, group B: Switzerland - Japan 
HOCKEY 21h10Women's   preliminary round, group B: Sweden - Korea 
LUGE 19h50Women's Single  run 1 
LUGE 21h15Women's Single  run 2 
SKATING Artistics10h00 event team  men free skating 
SKATING Artistics11h10 event team  women free skating 
SKATING Artistics12h20 event team  ice dance free skating 
SKATING Speed21h30Women's 1,500 m   
SKIING Freestyle19h30Men's Moguls  qualification 2 
SKIING Freestyle21h00Men's Moguls  Final 1 
SKIING Freestyle21h35Men's Moguls  Final 2 
SKIING Freestyle22h10Men's Moguls  Final 3 
SKIING Jump20h35Women's Normal hill 109 m  Trial Round for Competition 
SKIING Jump21h50Women's Normal hill 109 m  Competition - 1st Round 
SKIING Jump23h03Women's Normal hill 109 m  Final Round 
SNOWBOARD 13h30Women's Halfpipe  Qualification Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 14h17Women's Halfpipe  Qualification Run 2 
SNOWBOARD 10h00Women's Slopestyle  Final Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 10h33Women's Slopestyle  Final Run 2 
SNOWBOARD 11h06Women's Slopestyle  Final Run 3 (cancelled) 

February 13

CURLING 09h05Mixed Double  Bronze Medal match: Olympic Athletes of Russia Norway 
CURLING 20h05Mixed Double  Final: Canada - Suisse 
HOCKEY 16h40Women's   preliminary round, group A: Canada - Finland 
HOCKEY 21h00Women's   preliminary round, group A: United States - Olympic Athlete of Olympic Athlete of Russia 
LUGE 19h30Women's Single  run 3 
LUGE 21h00Women's Single  run 4 
SKATING Speed20h00Men's 1,500 m   
SKATING Speed - Short track19h26Men's 1,000 m  heat 1 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h30Men's 1,000 m  heat 2 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h34Men's 1,000 m  heat 3 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h38Men's 1,000 m  heat 4 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h42Men's 1,000 m  heat 5 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h46Men's 1,000 m  heat 6 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h50Men's 1,000 m  heat 7 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h54Men's 1,000 m  heat 8 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h32Men's 5,000 m relay  heat 1 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h43Men's 5,000 m relay  heat 2 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h00Women's 500 m  Quarterfinal 1 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h03Women's 500 m  Quarterfinal 2 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h06Women's 500 m  Quarterfinal 3 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h09Women's 500 m  Quarterfinal 4 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h11Women's 500 m  Semifinal 1 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h14Women's 500 m  Semifinal 2 
SKATING Speed - Short track21h07Women's 500 m  Final B 
SKATING Speed - Short track21h11Women's 500 m  Final A 
SKIING Alpine11h30Men's Alpine combined  Downhill 
SKIING Alpine15h00Men's Alpine combined  Slalom 
SKIING Cross-country17h30Women's Sprint classic  qualification 
SKIING Cross-country20h00Women's Sprint classic  Quarter final 1 
SKIING Cross-country20h05Women's Sprint classic  Quarter final 2 
SKIING Cross-country20h10Women's Sprint classic  Quarter final 3 
SKIING Cross-country20h15Women's Sprint classic  Quarter final 4 
SKIING Cross-country20h20Women's Sprint classic  Quarter final 5 
SKIING Cross-country20h55Women's Sprint classic  Semifinal 1 
SKIING Cross-country21h00Women's Sprint classic  Semifinal 2 
SKIING Cross-country21h25Women's Sprint classic  Final 
SKIING Cross-country18h05Men's Sprint classic  qualification 
SKIING Cross-country20h25Men's Sprint classic  Quarterfinal 1 
SKIING Cross-country20h31Men's Sprint classic  Quarterfinal 2 
SKIING Cross-country20h37Men's Sprint classic  Quarterfinal 3 
SKIING Cross-country20h43Men's Sprint classic  Quarterfinal 4 
SKIING Cross-country20h49Men's Sprint classic  Quarterfinal 5 
SKIING Cross-country21h05Men's Sprint classic  Semifinal 1 
SKIING Cross-country21h11Men's Sprint classic  Semifinal 2 
SKIING Cross-country21h34Men's Sprint classic  Final 
SNOWBOARD 10h00Women's Halfpipe  Final Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 10h30Women's Halfpipe  Final Run 2 
SNOWBOARD 11h00Women's Halfpipe  Final Run 3 
SNOWBOARD 13h00Men's Halfpipe  Qualification Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 13h56Men's Halfpipe  Qualification Run 2 

February 14

CURLING 14h05Women's   round robin: Denmark - Sweden 
CURLING 14h05Women's   round robin: Japan - United States of America 
CURLING 14h05Women's   round robin: Refuges Olympics Athletes - Great Britain 
CURLING 14h05Women's   round robin: Switzerland - China 
CURLING 09h05Men's   round robin: Canada - Italy 
CURLING 09h05Men's   round robin: Denmark - Sweden 
CURLING 09h05Men's   round robin: Republic of Korea - United states of America 
CURLING 09h05Men's   round robin: Switzerland - Great Britain 
CURLING 20h05Men's   round robin: Canada - Great Britain 
CURLING 20h05Men's   round robin: Norway - Japan 
CURLING 20h05Men's   round robin: Republic of Korea - Sweden 
CURLING 20h05Men's   round robin: Switzerland - Italie 
HOCKEY 12h10Women's   preliminary round, group B: Sweden - Switzerland 
HOCKEY 16h40Women's   preliminary round, group B: Korea - Japan 
HOCKEY 21h10Men's   preliminary round, group B: Slovakai - Olympic Athlete of Olympic Athlete of Russia 
HOCKEY 21h10Men's   preliminary round, group B: United States - Slovenia 
LUGE 20h20Mixed Double  run 1 
LUGE 21h30Mixed Double  run 2 
SKATING Artistics10h00Mixed Pairs  short program 
SKATING Speed19h00Women's 1,000 m   
SKIING Nordic Combined13h45Men's Gundersen Normal hill  Jumping trial round 
SKIING Nordic Combined15h30Men's Gundersen Normal hill  Jumping competition round 
SKIING Nordic Combined18h00Men's Gundersen Normal hill  cross-country 10 km 
SNOWBOARD 10h00Men's Halfpipe  Final Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 10h30Men's Halfpipe  Final Run 2 
SNOWBOARD 11h00Men's Halfpipe  Final Run 3 

February 15

BIATHLON 17h15Women's 15 km   
BIATHLON 20h20Men's 20 km   
CURLING 09h05Women's   round robin: Canada - Republic of Korea 
CURLING 09h05Women's   round robin: China - Refugee Olympic Athletes 
CURLING 09h05Women's   round robin: Denmark - Japan 
CURLING 09h05Women's   round robin: Great Britain - United States of America 
CURLING 20h05Women's   round robin: Canada - Switzerland 
CURLING 20h05Women's   round robin: China - Great Britain 
CURLING 20h05Women's   round robin: Republic of Korea - Japan 
CURLING 20h05Women's   round robin: United States of America - Switzerland 
CURLING 14h05Men's   round robin: denmark - Switzerland 
CURLING 14h05Men's   round robin: Great Britain - Japan 
CURLING 14h05Men's   round robin: Norway - Canada 
CURLING 14h05Men's   round robin: United States of America - Italy 
HOCKEY 12h10Women's   preliminary round, group A: United States - Canada 
HOCKEY 16h40Women's   preliminary round, group A: Olympic Olympic Athlete of Russia - Finland 
HOCKEY 12h10Men's   preliminary round, group C: Finland - Germany 
HOCKEY 16h40Men's   preliminary round, group C: Norway - Sweden 
HOCKEY 21h10Men's   preliminary round, group A: Czech Republic - Korea 
HOCKEY 21h10Men's   preliminary round, group A: Switzerland - Canada 
LUGE 21h30Mixed Relay   
SKATING Artistics10h30Mixed Pairs  free skating 
SKATING Speed20h00Men's 10,000 m   
SKELETON 10h00Men's   heat 1 
SKELETON 11h20Men's   heat 2 
SKIING Alpine11h30Men's Downhill   
SKIING Alpine10h00Women's Giant slalom  run 1 
SKIING Alpine11h30Women's Giant slalom  run 2 
SKIING Alpine11h00Men's Super giant slalom   
SKIING Cross-country15h30Women's 10 km freestyle   
SKIING Freestyle20h00Women's Aerials  qualification 1 
SKIING Freestyle20h45Women's Aerials  qualification 2 
SNOWBOARD 11h00Men's Cross  Seeding Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h10Men's Cross  Seeding Run 2 
SNOWBOARD 13h30Men's Cross  1/8 Final 1 
SNOWBOARD 13h34Men's Cross  1/8 Final 2 
SNOWBOARD 13h38Men's Cross  1/8 Final 3 
SNOWBOARD 13h42Men's Cross  1/8 Final 4 
SNOWBOARD 13h46Men's Cross  1/8 Final 5 
SNOWBOARD 13h50Men's Cross  1/8 Final 6 
SNOWBOARD 13h54Men's Cross  1/8 Final 7 
SNOWBOARD 13h58Men's Cross  1/8 Final 8 
SNOWBOARD 14h04Men's Cross  Quarterfinal 1 
SNOWBOARD 14h08Men's Cross  Quarterfinal 2 
SNOWBOARD 14h12Men's Cross  Quarterfinal 3 
SNOWBOARD 14h16Men's Cross  Quarterfinal 4 
SNOWBOARD 14h25Men's Cross  Semifinal 1 
SNOWBOARD 14h29Men's Cross  Semifinal 2 
SNOWBOARD 14h41Men's Cross  Small Final 
SNOWBOARD 14h45Men's Cross  Final 

February 16

CURLING 14h05Women's   round robin: Denmark - Canada 
CURLING 14h05Women's   round robin: Republic of Korea - Switzerland 
CURLING 14h05Women's   round robin: Sweden - Refugiee Olympic Athletes 
CURLING 09h05Men's   round robin: Italy - Denmark 
CURLING 09h05Men's   round robin: Norway - Republic of Korea 
CURLING 09h05Men's   round robin: Sweden - United States of America 
CURLING 20h05Men's   round robin: Canada - Republic of Korea 
CURLING 20h05Men's   round robin: Denmark - United States of Armerica 
CURLING 20h05Men's   round robin: Japan - Switzerland 
CURLING 20h05Men's   round robin: Sweden - Great Britain 
HOCKEY 12h10Women's   quarterfinal: Olympic Athlete of Russia - Switzerland 
HOCKEY 16h40Women's   quarterfinal: Finland - Sweden 
HOCKEY 12h10Men's   preliminary round, group B: United States - Slovakia 
HOCKEY 16h40Men's   preliminary round, group B: Olympic Athlete of Olympic Athlete of Russia - Slovenia 
HOCKEY 21h10Men's   preliminary round, group C: Finland - Norway 
HOCKEY 21h10Men's   preliminary round, group C: Sweden - Germany 
SKATING Artistics10h00Men's   short program 
SKATING Speed20h00Women's 5,000 m   
SKELETON 20h20Women's   heat 1 
SKELETON 21h20Women's   heat 3 
SKELETON 09h30Men's   heat 3 
SKELETON 10h45Men's   heat 4 
SKIING Alpine10h00Women's Slalom  run 1 
SKIING Alpine11h00Women's Slalom  run 2 
SKIING Cross-country15h00Men's 15 km freestyle   
SKIING Freestyle20h00Women's Aerials  Final 1 
SKIING Freestyle20h29Women's Aerials  Final 2 
SKIING Freestyle20h52Women's Aerials  Final 3 
SKIING Jump20h15Men's Large hill 140 m  Trial Round 
SNOWBOARD 10h00Women's Cross  Qualification Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 10h55Women's Cross  Qualification Run 2 
SNOWBOARD 12h15Women's Cross  Quarterfinal 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h19Women's Cross  Quarterfinal 2 
SNOWBOARD 12h23Women's Cross  Quarterfinal 3 
SNOWBOARD 12h27Women's Cross  Quarterfinal 4 
SNOWBOARD 12h36Women's Cross  Semifinal 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h40Women's Cross  Semifinal 2 
SNOWBOARD 12h52Women's Cross  Small Final 
SNOWBOARD 12h56Women's Cross  Final 

February 17

BIATHLON 20h15Women's 12,5 km mass start   
CURLING 09h05Women's   round robin: Denmark - Grat Britain 
CURLING 09h05Women's   round robin: Japan - China 
CURLING 09h05Women's   round robin: Refugues Olympic Athletes - United States of America 
CURLING 09h05Women's   round robin: Switzerland - Sweden 
CURLING 20h05Women's   round robin: China - Denmark 
CURLING 20h05Women's   round robin: Refugies Olympic Athletes - Japan 
CURLING 20h05Women's   round robin: Republic of Korea - Great Britain 
CURLING 20h05Women's   round robin: United States of America 
CURLING 14h05Men's   round robin: Canada - Sweden 
CURLING 14h05Men's   round robin: Japan - Italy 
CURLING 14h05Men's   round robin: Republic of Korea - Great Britain 
CURLING 14h05Men's   round robin: Switzerland - Norway 
HOCKEY 12h10Men's   preliminary round, group A: Canada - Czech Republic 
HOCKEY 16h40Men's   preliminary round, group A: Korea - Switzerland 
HOCKEY 21h10Men's   preliminary round, group B: Olympic Athlete of Olympic Athlete of Russia - United States 
HOCKEY 21h10Men's   preliminary round, group B: Slovenia - Slovakia 
SKATING Artistics10h00Men's   free skating 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h44Men's 1,000 m  Quarterfinal 1 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h48Men's 1,000 m  Quarterfinal 2 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h52Men's 1,000 m  Quarterfinal 3 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h56Men's 1,000 m  Quarterfinal 4 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h43Men's 1,000 m  Semifinal 1 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h47Men's 1,000 m  Semifinal 2 
SKATING Speed - Short track21h21Men's 1,000 m  Final B 
SKATING Speed - Short track21h26Men's 1,000 m  Final A 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h00Women's 1,500 m  heat 1 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h05Women's 1,500 m  heat 2 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h10Women's 1,500 m  heat 3 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h15Women's 1,500 m  heat 4 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h20Women's 1,500 m  heat 5 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h25Women's 1,500 m  heat 6 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h13Women's 1,500 m  Semifinal 1 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h18Women's 1,500 m  Semifinal 2 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h24Women's 1,500 m  Semifinal 3 
SKATING Speed - Short track21h05Women's 1,500 m  Final B 
SKATING Speed - Short track21h11Women's 1,500 m  Final A 
SKELETON 20h20Women's   heat 2 
SKELETON 21h30Women's   heat 4 
SKIING Alpine12h00Women's Super giant slalom   
SKIING Cross-country18h30Women's 4 x 5 km relay   
SKIING Freestyle20h00Men's Aerials  qualification 1 
SKIING Freestyle20h45Men's Aerials  qualification 2 
SKIING Freestyle10h00Women's Slopestyle  qualification run 1 
SKIING Freestyle10h52Women's Slopestyle  qualification run 2 
SKIING Freestyle13h00Women's Slopestyle  Final run 1 
SKIING Freestyle13h28Women's Slopestyle  Final run 2 
SKIING Freestyle13h56Women's Slopestyle  Final run 3 
SKIING Jump21h30Men's Large hill 140 m  Competition - 1st Round 
SKIING Jump22h35Men's Large hill 140 m  Final Round 

February 18

BIATHLON 20h15Men's 15 km mass start   
BOBSLEIGH 20h05Men's Two-man  heat 1 
BOBSLEIGH 21h40Men's Two-man  heat 2 
CURLING 14h05Women's   round robin: Canada - Switzerland 
CURLING 14h05Women's   round robin: China - Republic of Korea 
CURLING 14h05Women's   round robin: Great Britain - Sweden 
CURLING 09h05Men's   round robin: Norway - Denmark 
CURLING 09h05Men's   round robin: Switzerland - Canada 
CURLING 09h05Men's   round robin: United States of america - Japan 
CURLING 20h05Men's   round robin: Denmark - Republic of Korea 
CURLING 20h05Men's   round robin: Italy - Great Britain 
CURLING 20h05Men's   round robin: Sweden - Japan 
CURLING 20h05Men's   round robin: United States of America - norway 
HOCKEY 12h10Women's   classification game: Switzerland - Korea 
HOCKEY 16h40Women's   classification games: Sweden - Japan 
HOCKEY 12h10Men's   preliminary round, group C: Germany - Norway 
HOCKEY 16h40Men's   preliminary round, group A: Czech Republic - Switzerland 
HOCKEY 21h10Men's   preliminary round, group A: Canada - Korea 
HOCKEY 21h10Men's   preliminary round, group C: Sweden - finland 
SKATING Speed20h56Women's 500 m   
SKATING Speed20h00Men's Pursuit  Quarterfinals 
SKIING Alpine10h15Men's Giant slalom  run 1 
SKIING Alpine13h45Men's Giant slalom  run 2 
SKIING Cross-country15h15Men's 4 x 10 km relay   
SKIING Freestyle13h15Men's Aerials  Final 1 
SKIING Freestyle13h43Men's Aerials  Final 2 
SKIING Freestyle14h11Men's Aerials  Final 3 
SKIING Freestyle20h00Men's Aerials  Final 1 
SKIING Freestyle20h29Men's Aerials  Final 2 
SKIING Freestyle20h52Men's Aerials  Final 3 
SKIING Freestyle10h00Men's Slopestyle  qualification run 1 
SKIING Freestyle11h05Men's Slopestyle  qualification run 2 

February 19

BOBSLEIGH 20h15Men's Two-man  heat 3 
BOBSLEIGH 22h00Men's Two-man  heat 4 
CURLING 09h00Women's   round robin: Japan - Canada 
CURLING 09h00Women's   round robin: Refugies Olympic Athletes - Switzerland 
CURLING 09h00Women's   round robin: Sweden - Republic of Korea 
CURLING 09h00Women's   round robin: United states of America - Denmark 
CURLING 20h05Women's   round robin: China - United States of America 
CURLING 20h05Women's   round robin: Denmark - Refugies Olympic Athletes 
CURLING 20h05Women's   round robin: Great Britain - Switzerland 
CURLING 20h05Women's   round robin: Japan - Sweden 
CURLING 14h05Men's   round robin: Great Britain - denmark 
CURLING 14h05Men's   round robin: Italy - Republic of Korea 
CURLING 14h05Men's   round robin: Sweden - Switzerland 
CURLING 14h05Men's   round robin: United States of America - Canada 
HOCKEY 13h10Women's   semifinal: Finland - United States of America 
HOCKEY 21h10Women's   semifinal: Canada - Olympic Athlete of Russia 
SKATING Artistics10h00Mixed Dance  short dance 
SKATING Speed20h53Men's 500 m   
SKATING Speed20h00Women's Pursuit  Quarterfinals 
SKIING Freestyle10h00Women's Halfpipe  qualification run 1 
SKIING Freestyle10h43Women's Halfpipe  qualification run 2 
SKIING Jump20h15Men's Large hill 140 m  Trial Round 
SKIING Jump21h30Men's Large hill 140 m  Competition - 1st Round 
SKIING Jump22h36Men's Large hill 140 m  Final Round 
SNOWBOARD 09h30Women's Big air  Qualification heat 1 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 09h53Women's Big air  Qualification heat 1 Run 2 
SNOWBOARD 11h40Women's Big air  Qualification heat 2 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h03Women's Big air  Qualification heat 2 Run 2 

February 20

BIATHLON 20h15Mixed relay 2 x 6 km Women + 2 x 7,5 km Men   
BOBSLEIGH 20h50Women's Two-woman  heat 1 
BOBSLEIGH 22h01Women's Two-woman  heat 2 
CURLING 14h05Women's   round robin: Canada - China 
CURLING 14h05Women's   round robin: Great Britain - Japan 
CURLING 14h05Women's   round robin: United States of America - Republic of Korea 
CURLING 09h00Men's   round robin: Great Britain - Norway 
CURLING 09h00Men's   round robin: Italy - Japan 
CURLING 09h00Men's   round robin: Japan - Canada 
CURLING 09h00Men's   round robin: Republic of Korea - Switzerland 
CURLING 20h05Men's   round robin: Japan - Denmark 
CURLING 20h05Men's   round robin: Norway - Italy 
CURLING 20h05Men's   round robin: Switzerland - United States of America 
HOCKEY 12h10Women's   classification 7th - 8th: Sweden - Korea 
HOCKEY 16h40Women's   classification 5th - 6th: Switzerland - Japan 
HOCKEY 12h10Men's   qualification playoff: United States of America - Slovakia 
HOCKEY 16h40Men's   qualification playoff: Slovenia - Norway 
HOCKEY 21h10Men's   qualification playoff: Finland - Republic of Korea 
HOCKEY 21h10Men's   qualification playoff: Switzerland- Germany 
SKATING Artistics10h00Mixed Dance  free dance 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h00Women's 1,000 m  heat 1 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h04Women's 1,000 m  heat 2 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h08Women's 1,000 m  heat 3 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h12Women's 1,000 m  heat 4 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h16Women's 1,000 m  heat 5 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h20Women's 1,000 m  heat 6 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h24Women's 1,000 m  heat 7 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h28Women's 1,000 m  heat 8 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h23Women's 3,000 m relay  Final B 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h33Women's 3,000 m relay  Final A 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h45Men's 500 m  heat 1 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h49Men's 500 m  heat 2 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h52Men's 500 m  heat 3 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h55Men's 500 m  heat 4 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h58Men's 500 m  heat 5 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h01Men's 500 m  heat 6 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h04Men's 500 m  heat 7 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h07Men's 500 m  heat 8 
SKIING Freestyle10h30Women's Halfpipe  Final 1 
SKIING Freestyle10h59Women's Halfpipe  Final 2 
SKIING Freestyle11h28Women's Halfpipe  Final 3 
SKIING Freestyle13h00Men's Halfpipe  qualification run 1 
SKIING Freestyle13h53Men's Halfpipe  qualification run 2 
SKIING Nordic Combined14h15Men's Gundersen Large hill  Jumping trial round 
SKIING Nordic Combined19h00Men's Gundersen Large hill  Jumping competition round 
SKIING Nordic Combined21h45Men's Gundersen Large hill  cross-country 10 km 

February 21

BOBSLEIGH 20h40Women's Two-woman  heat 3 
BOBSLEIGH 22h00Women's Two-woman  heat 4 
CURLING 09h05Women's   round robin: Canada - Great Britain 
CURLING 09h05Women's   round robin: Republic of Korea - Refugies Olymic Athletes 
CURLING 09h05Women's   round robin: Sweden - China 
CURLING 09h05Women's   round robin: Switzerland - Denmark 
CURLING 20h05Women's   round robin: Refugies Olymic Athletes - Canada 
CURLING 20h05Women's   round robin: Republic of Korea - Denmark 
CURLING 20h05Women's   round robin: Sweden - United States of America 
CURLING 20h05Women's   round robin: Switzerland - Japan 
CURLING 14h05Men's   round robin: Denmark - Canada 
CURLING 14h05Men's   round robin: Great Britain - United States of America 
CURLING 14h05Men's   round robin: Republic of Korea - Japan 
CURLING 14h05Men's   round robin: Sweden - Norway 
HOCKEY 16h40Women's   Bronze Medal Match: Finland - Olympic Athletes of Russia 
HOCKEY 12h10Men's   quaterfinal: Czech Republic - united States of America 
HOCKEY 16h40Men's   quaterfinal: Olympic Athletes of Russia - Norway 
HOCKEY 21h10Men's   quaterfinal: Canada - Finland 
HOCKEY 21h10Men's   quaterfinal: Sweden - Germany 
SKATING Artistics10h00Women's   short program 
SKATING Speed20h00Women's Pursuit  Semifinal 1 
SKATING Speed20h06Women's Pursuit  Semifinal 2 
SKATING Speed20h54Women's Pursuit  Final D 
SKATING Speed21h00Women's Pursuit  Final C 
SKATING Speed21h52Women's Pursuit  Final B 
SKATING Speed21h58Women's Pursuit  Final A 
SKATING Speed20h22Men's Pursuit  Semifinal 1 
SKATING Speed20h28Men's Pursuit  Semifinal 2 
SKATING Speed21h13Men's Pursuit  Final D 
SKATING Speed21h19Men's Pursuit  Final C 
SKATING Speed22h11Men's Pursuit  Final B 
SKATING Speed22h17Men's Pursuit  Final A 
SKIING Alpine11h00Women's Downhill   
SKIING Cross-country17h00Women's Team sprint free  Semifinal 1 
SKIING Cross-country17h20Women's Team sprint free  Semifinal 2 
SKIING Cross-country19h00Women's Team sprint free  Final 
SKIING Cross-country17h44Men's Team sprint free  Semifinal 1 
SKIING Cross-country18h07Men's Team sprint free  Semifinal 2 
SKIING Cross-country19h30Men's Team sprint free  Final 
SKIING Freestyle11h30Men's Cross  seeding 
SKIING Freestyle13h15Men's Cross  1/8 Final 1 
SKIING Freestyle13h19Men's Cross  1/8 Final 2 
SKIING Freestyle13h23Men's Cross  1/8 Final 3 
SKIING Freestyle13h27Men's Cross  1/8 Final 4 
SKIING Freestyle13h31Men's Cross  1/8 Final 5 
SKIING Freestyle13h35Men's Cross  1/8 Final 6 
SKIING Freestyle13h39Men's Cross  1/8 Final 7 
SKIING Freestyle13h43Men's Cross  1/8 Final 8 
SKIING Freestyle13h50Men's Cross  Quarterfinal 1 
SKIING Freestyle13h54Men's Cross  Quarterfinal 2 
SKIING Freestyle13h58Men's Cross  Quarterfinal 3 
SKIING Freestyle14h02Men's Cross  Quarterfinal 4 
SKIING Freestyle14h14Men's Cross  Semifinal 1 
SKIING Freestyle14h18Men's Cross  Semifinal 2 
SKIING Freestyle14h30Men's Cross  Small Final 
SKIING Freestyle14h35Men's Cross  Final 
SNOWBOARD 09h30Men's Big air  Qualification heat 1 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 09h53Men's Big air  Qualification heat 1 Run 2 
SNOWBOARD 11h40Men's Big air  Qualification heat 2 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h03Men's Big air  Qualification heat 2 Run 2 

February 22

BIATHLON 20h15Women's 4 x 6 km relay   
CURLING 09h05Men's   tie-break: Switzerland - Great Britain 
CURLING 20h05Men's   semifinal: Canada - United States of America 
CURLING 20h05Men's   semifinal: Sweden - Switzerland 
HOCKEY 13h10Women's   Final: Canada - United States of America 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h14Women's 1,000 m  Quarterfinal 1 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h18Women's 1,000 m  Quarterfinal 2 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h22Women's 1,000 m  Quarterfinal 3 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h26Women's 1,000 m  Quarterfinal 4 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h51Women's 1,000 m  Semifnal 1 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h56Women's 1,000 m  Semifnal 2 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h23Women's 1,000 m  Final B 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h30Women's 1,000 m  Final A 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h47Men's 5,000 m relay  Final B 
SKATING Speed - Short track21h03Men's 5,000 m relay  Final A 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h00Men's 500 m  Quarterfinal 1 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h03Men's 500 m  Quarterfinal 2 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h06Men's 500 m  Quarterfinal 3 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h09Men's 500 m  Quarterfinal 4 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h42Men's 500 m  Semifinal 1 
SKATING Speed - Short track19h45Men's 500 m  Semifinal 2 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h13Men's 500 m  Final B 
SKATING Speed - Short track20h18Men's 500 m  Final A 
SKIING Alpine10h00Men's Slalom  run 1 
SKIING Alpine13h30Men's Slalom  run 2 
SKIING Freestyle10h00Women's Cross  seeding 
SKIING Freestyle11h30Men's Halfpipe  Final run 1 
SKIING Freestyle11h56Men's Halfpipe  Final run 2 
SKIING Freestyle12h22Men's Halfpipe  Final run 3 
SKIING Nordic Combined15h15Men's Gundersen Large hill  Jumping trial round 
SKIING Nordic Combined19h20Men's Gundersen Large hill  cross country 4x5 km 
SKIING Nordic Combined16h30Men's Gundersen Large hill  Jumping competition round 
SNOWBOARD 12h27Men's Parallel slalom  Qualification Run 
SNOWBOARD 13h21Men's Parallel slalom  Elimination Run 
SNOWBOARD 12h00Women's Parallel slalom  Qualification Run 
SNOWBOARD 12h54Women's Parallel slalom  Elimination Run 

February 23

BIATHLON 20h15Men's 4 x 7,5 km relay   
CURLING 20h05Women's   semifinal: Korea - Japan 
CURLING 20h05Women's   semifinal: Sweden - Great Britain 
CURLING 09h05Men's   Bronze Medal Match: Switzerland - Canada 
HOCKEY 16h40Men's   semifinal: Czech Republic - Olympic Athletes of Russia 
HOCKEY 21h10Men's   semifinal: Canada - Germany 
SKATING Artistics10h00Women's   free program 
SKATING Speed10h00Men's 1,000 m   
SKIING Alpine11h30Women's Alpine combined  Downhill 
SKIING Alpine15h00Women's Alpine combined  Slalom 
SKIING Freestyle10h00Women's Cross  1/8 Final 1 
SKIING Freestyle10h04Women's Cross  1/8 Final 2 
SKIING Freestyle10h08Women's Cross  1/8 Final 3 
SKIING Freestyle10h12Women's Cross  1/8 Final 4 
SKIING Freestyle10h16Women's Cross  1/8 Final 5 
SKIING Freestyle10h20Women's Cross  1/8 Final 6 
SKIING Freestyle10h24Women's Cross  1/8 Final 7 
SKIING Freestyle10h28Women's Cross  1/8 Final 8 
SKIING Freestyle10h35Women's Cross  Quarterfinal 1 
SKIING Freestyle10h39Women's Cross  Quarterfinal 2 
SKIING Freestyle10h43Women's Cross  Quarterfinal 3 
SKIING Freestyle10h47Women's Cross  Quarterfinal 4 
SKIING Freestyle10h59Women's Cross  Semifinal 1 
SKIING Freestyle11h03Women's Cross  Semifinal 2 
SKIING Freestyle11h15Women's Cross  Small Final 
SKIING Freestyle11h20Women's Cross  Final 
SNOWBOARD 09h30Women's Big air  Final Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 10h00Women's Big air  Final Run 2 
SNOWBOARD 10h30Women's Big air  Final Run 3 

February 24

BOBSLEIGH 09h30Men's Four-man  heat 1 
BOBSLEIGH 11h07Men's Four-man  heat 2 
CURLING 20h05Women's   Bronze Medal Match: Great Britain - Japan 
CURLING 15h35Men's   Final: Sweden - United States of America 
HOCKEY 21h10Men's   Bronze Medal Match: Czech Republic - Canda 
SKATING Speed20h00Women's Mass start  Semifinal 1 
SKATING Speed20h15Women's Mass start  Semifinal 2 
SKATING Speed21h30Women's Mass start  Final 
SKATING Speed20h45Men's Mass start  Semifinal 1 
SKATING Speed21h00Men's Mass start  Semifinal 2 
SKATING Speed22h00Men's Mass start  Final 
SKIING Alpine11h00Mixed event  1/8 Final 1: Austrai - Republic of Korea 
SKIING Alpine11h06Mixed event  1/8 Final 2: Sweden - Slovenia 
SKIING Alpine11h11Mixed event  1/8 Final 3: United States of America 
SKIING Alpine11h17Mixed event  1/8 Final 4: Norway - Olympic Athetes of Russia 
SKIING Alpine11h22Mixed event  1/8 Final 5: Italy - Czech Republic 
SKIING Alpine11h28Mixed event  1/8 Final 6: France - Canada 
SKIING Alpine11h33Mixed event  1/8 Final 7: Germany - Slovakia 
SKIING Alpine11h39Mixed event  1/8 Final 8: Switzerland - Hungary 
SKIING Alpine11h45Mixed event  Quarterfinal 1: Austria - Sweden 
SKIING Alpine11h51Mixed event  Quarterfinal 2: Great Britain - Norway 
SKIING Alpine11h56Mixed event  Quarterfinal 3: Italy - France 
SKIING Alpine12h02Mixed event  Quarterfinal 4: Germany - Switzerland 
SKIING Alpine12h10Mixed event  Quarterfinal 1: Austria - Norway 
SKIING Alpine12h19Mixed event  Quarterfinal 2: France - Suisse 
SKIING Alpine12h28Mixed event  Bronze Medal run: Norway - France 
SKIING Alpine12h34Mixed event  Final: Austria - Switzerland 
SKIING Cross-country14h00Men's 50 km mass start classic   
SNOWBOARD 10h00Men's Big air  Final Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 10h30Men's Big air  Final Run 2 
SNOWBOARD 11h00Men's Big air  Final Run 3 
SNOWBOARD 12h15Men's Parallel slalom  1/8 Finals heat 1 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h17Men's Parallel slalom  1/8 Finals heat 2 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h19Men's Parallel slalom  1/8 Finals heat 3 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h21Men's Parallel slalom  1/8 Finals heat 4 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h23Men's Parallel slalom  1/8 Finals heat 5 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h25Men's Parallel slalom  1/8 Finals heat 6 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h27Men's Parallel slalom  1/8 Finals heat 7 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h29Men's Parallel slalom  1/8 Finals heat 8 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h38Men's Parallel slalom  Quarterfinal heat 1 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h40Men's Parallel slalom  Quarterfinal heat 2 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h42Men's Parallel slalom  Quarterfinal heat 3 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h44Men's Parallel slalom  Quarterfinal heat 4 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h52Men's Parallel slalom  Semifinal heat 1 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h54Men's Parallel slalom  Semifinal heat 2 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 13h04Men's Parallel slalom  Small Final Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 13h07Men's Parallel slalom  Final 
SNOWBOARD 12h00Women's Parallel slalom  1/8 Finals heat 1 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h02Women's Parallel slalom  1/8 Finals heat 2 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h04Women's Parallel slalom  1/8 Finals heat 3 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h06Women's Parallel slalom  1/8 Finals heat 4 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h08Women's Parallel slalom  1/8 Finals heat 5 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h10Women's Parallel slalom  1/8 Finals heat 6 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h12Women's Parallel slalom  1/8 Finals heat 7 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h14Women's Parallel slalom  1/8 Finals heat 8 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h30Women's Parallel slalom  Quarterfinal heat 1 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h32Women's Parallel slalom  Quarterfinal heat 2 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h34Women's Parallel slalom  Quarterfinal heat 3 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h36Women's Parallel slalom  Quarterfinal heat 4 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h48Women's Parallel slalom  Semifinal heat 1 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h50Women's Parallel slalom  Semifinal heat 2 Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 12h58Women's Parallel slalom  Small Final Run 1 
SNOWBOARD 13h00Women's Parallel slalom  Final 

February 25

BOBSLEIGH 09h30Men's Four-man  heat 3 
BOBSLEIGH 11h15Men's Four-man  heat 4 
CURLING 09h05Women's   Final: Sweden - Republic of Korea 
HOCKEY 13h10Men's   Final: Olympic Athletes of Russia - Germany 
SKIING Cross-country15h15Women's 30 km mass start classic   
CEREMONY 20h00   Closing ceremony