1988 Calgary Winter

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accueil When in 1982 the XV Olympics of winter were assigned in Calgary in the province of the Alberta this city had just celebrated its hundredth birthday For the inhabitants theses games were the final bouquet of development of the city of oil.
February 13 1988 is a date in the history of the television That particular day near two billions and half of viewers attended the ceremony of aperture.

DatesUS : February 13 - 28, 1988
N.O.C. participants: 57
Number of sports: 6
Number of contests: 46
Number of athletes: 1423
Men : 1122
Women : 301
Volonteers : 9498
Media : 6838
Opening : Jeanne Sauvé, Canada General Governor
Oath : Pierre Harvey
Oath juges : Suzanna Morrow -Francis
Oath coach :
Number of lights bearer :
Last light bearer : Robyn Perry
Bids towns : Falun (SWE), Cortina d'Ampezzo (ITA)