1924 Paris Summer

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accueil In 1924, Paris obtained the olympics for the second time. It was a way to remember that thirty years before, at the Sorbonne, the Congress had decided the renovation of the ancient games a way to honor Pierre de Coubertin who had just announced his intention of quitting the presidency of I.O.C
Till the first day of 1922, in France, nobody knew exactly where the games would take place. In june 7th 1923 people learnt for sure that Paris was chosen.

Dates: May 4 - july 27, 1924
N.O.C. participants: 44
Number of sports: 17
Number of contests: 126
Number of athletes: 3089
Men: 2954
Women: 135
Opening: Gaston Doumergue, Republic President
Oath: Georges André
Bids towns: Amsterdam (NED), Barcelone (ESP), Los Angeles (USA), Prague (CZE) et Rome (ITA)