1968 Grenoble Winter

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accueil It is January 28, 1964 a little before 17 hours that carries word of I.O.C. it announces the designation of Grenoble to the title of city who will organize the Xth Winter Olympics of 1968.
The chief place of department of the Isère carried away it after three towers of voting on the Canadian candidacy of Calgary. An explosion of joy shakes the French delegation.
Since 1924 where she had organized the first Winter's games the France had not welcomed of Olympic competitions.

DatesUS : February 6 - 18, 1968
N.O.C. participants: 37
Number of sports: 6
Number of contests: 35
Number of athletes: 1158
Men : 947
Women : 211
Volonteers :
Media :
Opening : Charles de Gaulle, Republic President
Oath : Leo Lacroix
Oath juges :
Oath coach :
Number of lights bearer :
Last light bearer : Alain Calmat
Bids towns : Calgary (CAN), Lahti/Are (SWE), Sapporo (JPN), Oslo (NOR), Lake Placid (USA).