1992 Barcelona Summer

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medaille de vainqueur medaille de participant
natation water polo athletisme aviron badminton baseball basket-ball boxe
tir a l'arc canoe slalom canoe sprint equitation cyclisme escrime football gymnastique artistique
rink hockey halterophilie handball hockey judo lutte natation pentathlon
pelote basque tennis tennis de table tir voile volley

accueil Elected the 17 October during the Olympic Session held in Lausanne of the 12 the 18 October, 1986, the city of Barcelona was in competition in front of cities as PARIS. For the first time Games are going to take place in Spain while the President of the I.O.C. is S.E. Juan Antonio Samaranch

DatesUS : July 25 - august 9, 1992
N.O.C. participants: 169
Number of sports: 28
Number of contests: 257
Number of athletes: 9356
Men : 6652
Women : 2704
Volonteers : 34548
Media : 13082
Opening : The King Juan Carlos I
Oath : Luis Doreste Blanco
Oath juges : Eugeni Asencio
Oath coach :
Number of lights bearer :
Last light bearer : Antonio Rebollo
Bids towns : Amsterdam (NED), Belgrade (YUG), Birmingham (GBR), Brisbane (AUS), Paris (FRA)