1952 Helsinki Summer

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accueil When Tokyo refused to organize the 1940 games, the I.O.C selected Helsinki. We know why they were not organised and this the reason why the 1947 I.O.C Congress chose Helsinki for the XVI Olympiad.
Athletes from USSR took part for the first time.

DatesUS : July 19 - august 3, 1952
N.O.C. participants: 69
Number of sports: 17
Number of contests: 149
Number of athletes: 4955
Men : 4436
Women : 519
Volonteers :
Media :
Opening : Juho Paasikivi, Republic President
Oath : Heikki Savolainen
Oath juges :
Oath coach :
Number of lights bearer :
Last light bearer : Paavo Nurmi, Hannes Kolehmainen
Bids towns : Los Angeles (USA), Amsterdam (NED), Minneapolis (USA), Detroit (USA), Chicago (USA), Philadelphie (USA)