1994 Lillehammer Winter

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  For the first time since the introduction of the Winter Games in 1924, the Lillehammer Games will not be held in the same year as the Summer Games. Indeed, the I.O.C. decided for various reasons, one of the main ones being the financial difficulties experienced by the sponsors with the organisation of the Summer and Winter Games in the same year
Dates: February 12 - 27, 1994
N.O.C. participants: 67
Number of sports: 6
Number of contests: 61
Number of athletes: 1737
Men: 1215
Women: 522
Volonteers: 9054
Media: 6633
Opening: The King Harald V
Oath: Vegard Ulvang
Oath juges: Kari Karing
Number of torch bearer: 0
Last torch bearer: Prince Haakon
Bids towns: Anchorage (USA), Oestersund / Are (SWE), Sofia (BUL)