1932 Los Angeles Summer

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  The Games crossed the Atlantic again in 1932 and ended up on the other side of the immense American continent, on the shores of the Pacific, in Los Angeles. The United States had been waiting for this designation for a long time because it wanted to erase the painful impression left by St. Louis and its all-too-famous "anthropological days". For the first time in Olympic history, all the competitors were housed in an Olympic Village located on a golf course, surrounded by fences and guarded by cowboys on horseback.
Dates: July 30 - august 14, 1932
N.O.C. participants: 37
Number of sports: 14
Number of contests: 117
Number of athletes: 1332
Men: 1206
Women: 126
Volonteers: 0
Media: 65535
Opening: Charles Curtis, US Vice President
Oath: George Calnan
Number of torch bearer: 0