2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer

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accueil During the session held in Copenhagen, the city of Rio de Janeiro was designated on October 2, 2009 to host the 2016 Games. After North and Central America, South America will finally host the Games. The name of the mascot is Vinicius. For the first time since the 2000 Sydney Games, the full program is not available less than one month before the Games start.
French will once again be the big forgotten of these Games, sorry Mr. de Coubertin. These games are the worst (except at the sports level) since 1992, no organization, a president who self-gratifies himself without reason, a system of transportation between the lamentable sites, while dozens of buses were waiting to be used, bus stations built with the money of the Games and that may not be open until after the Games. Brazilian spectators who have no respect, neither for the athletes nor for the countries that participated in the Games. it must be said that many of them had nothing to do with the Games and would have preferred them not to take place. An ubiquitous army that wants to take care of everything, even things that don't look at it and with riot police in the press center in case the journalists of the world protest. It reminded me of the banana republics of the 1970s. The Brazilian press reported on the embezzlement of funds the day after the Games. These games were really a gross mistake.

Dates: August 5 - 21, 2016
N.O.C. participants: 205
Number of sports: 28
Number of contests: 306
Number of athletes: 11303
Men: 6217
Women: 5086
Volonteers: 75000
Media: 0
Opening: Michel Temer, Interim Brazil President
Oath: Robert Scheidt
Oath juges: Martinho Nobre
Oath coach: Adriana Santos
Number of torch bearer: 12450
Last torch bearer: Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima
Bids towns: Chicago (USA), Madrid (ESP), Tokyo (JAP)