1998 Nagano Winter

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  The 7th Winter Paralympic Games Torche
medaille de vainqueur

accueil They were the first Paralympic Winter Games to be held outside Europe

Dates: March 7-18, 1998
Number of sports: 5
Number of contests: 122
Number of athletes: 562
Men: 440
Women: 122
Volonteers: 0
Media: 0
Opening: Crown Prince Naruhito
Oath: Ryuei SHINOHE
Oath juges: Takashi TAKANO
Last torch bearer: Naoya Maruyama (ouverture et cloture) and Haley Heinz Le Mans (cloture)
Bids towns: Aoste (ITA), Jaca (ESP), Oestersund (SWE), Salt Lake City (USA)