2012 London Summer

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  The 14th Paralympic Games Torche
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swimming athletics rowing basketball boccia archery equestrian
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accueil The Paralympic Games were held in London without major problems, with the exception of problems in the results, for me: world record athlete who are not Paralympic champions ..

Dates: August 29 - september 9, 2012
Number of sports: 20
Number of contests: 503
Number of athletes: 4245
Men: 2742
Women: 1503
Volonteers: 20000
Media: 0
Opening: Queen Elizabeth II
Oath: Liz Johnson
Oath juges: Richard Allcroft
Oath coach: David Hunter
Last torch bearer: Margaret Maughan
Bids towns: Paris (FRA), Madrid (ESP), Moscou (RUS), New York (USA)