2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer

Welcome Day Sport Resuts Français
  The 15th Paralympic Games Torche
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The program will be updated as soon as possible


September 1009h00Women's recurve open   ranking round 
September 1009h00Men's recurve open   ranking round 
September 1009h00Mixed recurve open   ranking round 
September 1015h00Women's  W1  ranking round 
September 1015h00Men's  W1  ranking round 
September 1015h00Mixed  W1  ranking round 
September 1015h00Women's compound open   ranking round 
September 1015h00Men's compound open   ranking round 
September 1015h00Mixed compound open   ranking round 
September 1109h00Mixed recurve open   1/8 elimination 4: Latvia - Itay 
September 1109h25Mixed recurve open   1/8 elimination 3: Republic of Korea - Brazil 
September 1109h50Mixed recurve open   1/8 elimination 2: Chinese Tapei - Great Britain 
September 1110h15Mixed recurve open   1/8 elimination 1: Islamic Republic of Iran - France 
September 1110h40Mixed recurve open   1/8 elimination 5: Poland - Iraq 
September 1111h05Mixed recurve open   1/8 elimination 6: Mongolia - Germany 
September 1111h30Mixed recurve open   1/8 elimination 7: Thailand - Turkey 
September 1111h55Mixed recurve open   1/8 elimination 8: Czech Republic - People's Republic of China 
September 1115h00Mixed recurve open   quaterfinal 2: Brazil - Italy 
September 1115h25Mixed recurve open   quaterfinal 1: Islamic Republic of Iran - Great Britain 
September 1115h50Mixed recurve open   quaterfinal 3: Poland - Mongolia 
September 1116h15Mixed recurve open   quaterfinal 4: Thailand - People's Republic of People's Republic of China 
September 1116h40Mixed recurve open   Semifinal: Islamic Republic of Iran - Italy 
September 1117h05Mixed recurve open   Semifinal: Mongolia - People's Republic of China 
September 1117h30Mixed recurve open   Bronze Medal Match: Italy - Mongolia 
September 1117h55Mixed recurve open   Final: Islamic Republic of Iran - People's Republic of China 
September 1209h00Mixed compound open   1/8 elimination 2: United States of Amerrira - Republic of Korea 
September 1209h25Mixed compound open   1/8 elimination 7: Canada - Spain 
September 1209h50Mixed compound open   quarterfinal 2: Great Britain - italy 
September 1210h15Mixed compound open   quarterfinal 1: Islamic Republic of Iran - Republic of Korea 
September 1210h40Mixed compound open   quarterfinal 3: Turkey - Brazil 
September 1211h05Mixed compound open   quarterfinal 4: Canada - People's Republic of China 
September 1215h00Mixed compound open   Semifinal: Republic of Korea - Great Britain 
September 1215h25Mixed compound open   Semifinal: Turkey - People's Republic of China 
September 1215h55Mixed compound open   Bronze Medal Match: Republic of korea - Turkey 
September 1216h20Mixed compound open   final: Great Britain - People's Republic of China 
September 1309h00Men's recurve open   1/16 elimination 
September 1315h00Men's recurve open   1/8 elimination 
September 1317h00Men's recurve open   Quarterfinals 
September 1318h00Men's recurve open   Semifinals 
September 1318h30Men's recurve open   Bronze Medal Match 
September 1318h45Men's recurve open   Final 
September 1409h00Men's compound open   1/16 elimination 
September 1415h00Men's compound open   1/8 elimination 
September 1417h00Men's compound open   Quarterfinals 
September 1418h00Men's compound open   Semifinals 
September 1418h30Men's compound open   Bonze Medal Match 
September 1418h45Men's compound open   Final 
September 1509h00Women's recurve open   1/16 elimination 
September 1515h00Women's recurve open   1/8 elimination 
September 1517h00Women's recurve open   Quarterfinals 
September 1518h00Women's recurve open   Semifinals 
September 1518h30Women's recurve open   Bronze Medal Match 
September 1518h45Women's recurve open   Final 
September 1609h15Women's compound open   elimination 
September 1611h15Women's compound open   Quarterfinals 
September 1612h15Women's compound open   Semifinals 
September 1612h45Women's compound open   Bronze Medal Match 
September 1613h00Women's compound open   Final 
September 1615h00Men's  W1  1/8 elimination 
September 1616h52Men's  W1  Quarterfinals 
September 1617h56Men's  W1  Semifinals 
September 1618h30Men's  W1  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1618h45Men's  W1  final 
September 1709h00Women's  W1  Quarterfinals 
September 1710h20Women's  W1  Semifinals 
September 1710h54Women's  W1  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1711h09Women's  W1  final 
September 1715h00Mixed  W1  quarterfinal 2: France - Czech Republic 
September 1715h25Mixed  W1  quarterfinal 3: United States of Amerrira - Spain 
September 1715h50Mixed  W1  quarterfinal 4: People's Republic of China - Republic of Korea 
September 1716h15Mixed  W1  Semifinal: Great Britain - Czech Republic 
September 1716h40Mixed  W1  Semifinal: United States of Amerrira - Czech Republic 
September 1717h10Mixed  W1  Bronze Medal Match: Czech Republic - United States of Amerrira 
September 1717h35Mixed  W1  final: Great Britain - Republic of Korea 


September 810h00Men's 5000 m T11  Final 
September 810h05Men's Shot put F31, 32  Final 
September 810h10Men's Discus throw F51, 52  Final 
September 810h22Women's 100 m T11  round 1, heat 1 
September 810h25Men's Long jump T11  Final 
September 810h31Women's 100 m T11  round 1, heat 2 
September 810h35Men's Shot put F12  Final 
September 810h40Women's 100 m T11  round 1, heat 3 
September 810h49Women's 100 m T11  round 1, heat 4 
September 810h57Women's 100 m T12  round 1, heat 1 
September 811h05Women's 100 m T12  round 1, heat 2 
September 811h13Women's 100 m T12  round 1, heat 3 
September 811h21Women's 100 m T12  round 1, heat 4 
September 811h30Women's 1 500 m T13  round 1, heat 1 
September 811h39Women's 1 500 m T13  round 1, heat 2 
September 811h56Men's 400 m T12  round 1, heat 1 
September 812h04Men's 400 m T12  round 1, heat 2 
September 812h11Men's 400 m T12  round 1, heat 3 
September 812h18Men's 400 m T12  round 1, heat 4 
September 812h30Women's 100 m T53  round 1, heat 1 
September 812h37Women's 100 m T53  round 1, heat 2 
September 817h30Women's 100 m T36  round 1, heat 1 
September 817h33Women's Shot put F56, 57  Final 
September 817h37Women's 100 m T36  round 1, heat 2 
September 817h45Men's 100 m T44  round 1, heat 1 
September 817h47Men's Shot put F41  Final 
September 817h52Men's 100 m T44  round 1, heat 2 
September 818h09Men's Discus throw F37  Final 
September 818h11Women's Long jump T47  Final 
September 818h13Men's 400 m T20  round 1, heat 1 
September 818h21Men's 400 m T20  round 1, heat 2 
September 818h38Men's 400 m T12  1/2 final 1 
September 818h46Men's 400 m T12  1/2 final 2 
September 818h54Women's 100 m T53  Final 
September 819h01Women's 100 m T54  round 1, heat 1 
September 819h09Women's 100 m T54  round 1, heat 2 
September 819h19Men's 100 m T13  round 1, heat 1 
September 819h27Men's 100 m T13  round 1, heat 2 
September 819h51Women's 100 m T37  round 1, heat 1 
September 819h58Women's 100 m T37  round 1, heat 2 
September 820h05Women's 100 m T38  round 1, heat 1 
September 820h12Women's 100 m T38  round 1, heat 2 
September 910h00Men's 100 m T53  round 1, heat 1 
September 910h03Women's Club throw F31, 32  Final 
September 910h05Men's Javelin throw F54  Final 
September 910h07Men's 100 m T53  round 1, heat 2 
September 910h14Men's 100 m T53  round 1, heat 3 
September 910h21Men's 100 m T52  round 1, heat 1 
September 910h27Men's 100 m T52  round 1, heat 2 
September 910h43Women's 100 m T36  Final 
September 910h45Women's Long jump T44  Final 
September 910h51Men's 100 m T35  round 1, heat 1 
September 910h53Women's Shot put F41  Final 
September 911h00Men's 100 m T35  round 1, heat 2 
September 911h09Men's 100 m T13  Final 
September 911h20Men's 400 m T20  Final 
September 911h42Women's 100 m T11  1/2 final 1 
September 911h50Women's 100 m T11  1/2 final 2 
September 912h08Women's 100 m T12  1/2 final 1 
September 912h15Women's 100 m T12  1/2 final 2 
September 917h30Men's 100 m T35  Final 
September 917h33Women's Javelin throw F34  Final 
September 917h36Women's 100 m T37  Final 
September 917h42Women's 100 m T38  Final 
September 917h45Men's Javelin throw F44  Final 
September 918h02Women's Discus throw F11  Final 
September 918h04Men's 5000 m T54  round 1, heat 1 
September 918h19Men's 5000 m T54  round 1, heat 2 
September 918h21Men's High jump T42  Final 
September 918h52Women's 100 m T11  Final 
September 918h58Women's 100 m T12  Final 
September 919h14Women's 100 m T54  Final 
September 919h22Men's 100 m T53  Final 
September 919h31Men's 400 m T12  Final 
September 919h58Men's 400 m T44  Final 
September 1010h00Men's Discus throw F56  Final 
September 1010h05Women's Shot put F54  Final 
September 1010h12Men's 100 m T11  round 1, heat 1 
September 1010h19Men's 100 m T11  round 1, heat 2 
September 1010h26Men's 100 m T11  round 1, heat 3 
September 1010h33Men's 100 m T11  round 1, heat 4 
September 1010h38Women's Shot put F20  Final 
September 1010h40Men's 100 m T11  round 1, heat 5 
September 1010h48Men's 100 m T52  Final 
September 1010h51Men's Long jump T12  Final 
September 1011h04Women's 400 m T51, 52  Final 
September 1011h13Women's 1 500 m T13  Final 
September 1011h23Men's 100 m T37  round 1, heat 1 
September 1011h31Men's 100 m T37  round 1, heat 2 
September 1011h48Men's 100 m T47  round 1, heat 1 
September 1011h55Men's 100 m T47  round 1, heat 2 
September 1012h02Women's 100 m T13  round 1, heat 1 
September 1012h09Women's 100 m T13  round 1, heat 2 
September 1012h33Women's 400 m T53  round 1, heat 1 
September 1012h41Women's 400 m T53  round 1, heat 2 
September 1017h30Men's Shot put F32  Final 
September 1017h35Women's Javelin throw F55, 56  Final 
September 1017h38Men's 100 m T36  Final 
September 1017h45Men's Shot put F20  Final 
September 1018h06Women's 100 m T33, 34  Final 
September 1018h12Men's 100 m T33  Final 
September 1018h18Men's 200 m T42  round 1, heat 1 
September 1018h24Men's 200 m T42  round 1, heat 2 
September 1018h27Women's Long jump T42  final 
September 1018h43Men's 400 m T53  Round 1, heat 1 
September 1018h50Men's 400 m T53  Round 1, heat 2 
September 1018h57Men's 400 m T53  Round 1, heat 3 
September 1019h19Men's 1 500 m T38  Final 
September 1019h22Women's Javelin throw F37  Final 
September 1019h36Men's 100 m T47  round 1, heat 1 
September 1019h43Men's 100 m T47  round 1, heat 2 
September 1020h00Men's 100 m T11  Semifinal 1 
September 1020h06Men's 100 m T11  Semifinal 2 
September 1020h12Men's 100 m T11  Semifinal 3 
September 1110h00Women's 400 m T54  round 1, heat 1 
September 1110h02Women's Discus throw F43, 44  Final 
September 1110h04Men's Shot put F34  Final 
September 1110h06Women's 400 m T54  round 1, heat 2 
September 1110h15Men's 5000 m T54  Final 
September 1110h45Men's 100 m T47  Final 
September 1110h48Men's Long jump T20  Final 
September 1110h52Men's 100 m T37  Final 
September 1111h00Women's 100 m T13  Final 
September 1111h19Men's 200 m T35  round 1, heat 1 
September 1111h26Men's 200 m T35  round 1, heat 2 
September 1111h35Men's 400 m T53  Final 
September 1111h40Men's Javelin throw F40, 41  Final 
September 1111h59Men's 1 500 m T37  Final 
September 1112h23Men's 1 500 m T11  round 1, heat 1 
September 1112h30Men's 1 500 m T11  round 1, heat 2 
September 1112h37Men's 1 500 m T11  round 1, heat 3 
September 1117h30Women's 400 m T53  Final 
September 1117h33Women's Club throw F51  Final 
September 1117h37Women's 400 m T54  Final 
September 1117h46Men's 100 m T34  round 1, heat 1 
September 1117h52Men's 100 m T34  round 1, heat 2 
September 1118h14Men's 400 m T54  round 1, heat 1 
September 1118h16Women's Shot put F40  Final 
September 1118h20Men's 400 m T54  round 1, heat 2 
September 1118h26Men's 400 m T54  round 1, heat 3 
September 1118h28Men's 1 500 m T12  Final 
September 1118h28Women's Long jump T38  Final 
September 1118h56Women's 100 m T47  Final 
September 1119h02Men's 100 m T11  Final 
September 1119h08Men's 200 m T42  Final 
September 1119h28Women's 200 m T12  round 1, heat 1 
September 1119h35Women's 200 m T12  round 1, heat 2 
September 1120h03Men's 200 m T43, 44  round 1, heat 1 
September 1120h10Men's 200 m T43, 44  round 1, heat 2 
September 1210h00Men's 400 m T52  round 1, heat 1 
September 1210h03Women's Shot put F53  Final 
September 1210h08Men's 400 m T52  round 1, heat 2 
September 1210h16Men's 400 m T54  Final 
September 1210h24Women's 400 m T37  round 1, heat 1 
September 1210h32Women's 400 m T37  round 1, heat 2 
September 1210h38Men's Long jump T36  Final 
September 1210h50Men's 200 m T35  Final 
September 1210h57Women's 200 m T12  Final 
September 1210h59Men's Shot put F42  Final 
September 1211h13Women's 200 m T36  round 1, heat 1 
September 1211h19Women's 200 m T36  round 1, heat 2 
September 1211h26Women's 200 m T11  round 1, heat 1 
September 1211h34Women's 200 m T11  round 1, heat 2 
September 1211h42Women's 200 m T11  round 1, heat 3 
September 1211h50Women's 200 m T11  round 1, heat 4 
September 1211h58Women's 200 m T11  round 1, heat 5 
September 1212h22Men's 100 m T38  round 1, heat 1 
September 1212h30Men's 100 m T38  round 1, heat 2 
September 1217h30Men's 4 x 100 m relay T42, 47  Final 
September 1217h34Men's Javelin throw F56, 57  Final 
September 1217h37Men's 4 x 100 m relay T11, T13  round 1, heat 1 
September 1217h40Men's Shot put F35  Final 
September 1217h44Men's 4 x 100 m relay T11, T13  round 1, heat 2 
September 1217h48Men's Discus throw F11  Final 
September 1217h50Women's 400 m T20  round 1, heat 1 
September 1217h56Women's 400 m T20  round 1, heat 2 
September 1218h12Women's 400 m T43, 44  Final 
September 1218h19Women's 1 500 m T53, T54  round 1, heat 1 
September 1218h27Women's 1 500 m T53, T54  round 1, heat 2 
September 1218h36Men's High jump T44  Final 
September 1218h38Men's 100 m T34  Final 
September 1218h48Men's 1 500 m T53, T54  round 1, heat 1 
September 1218h56Men's 1 500 m T53, T54  round 1, heat 2 
September 1219h04Men's 1 500 m T53, T54  round 1, heat 3 
September 1219h21Men's 200 m T43, 44  Final 
September 1219h43Women's 200 m T11  Semifinal 1 
September 1219h49Women's 200 m T11  Semifinal 2 
September 1219h55Women's 200 m T11  Semifinal 3 
September 1310h00Women's 400 m T47  round 1, heat 1 
September 1310h03Men's Club throw F31, 32  Final 
September 1310h07Women's 400 m T47  round 1, heat 2 
September 1310h14Women's 400 m T37  Final 
September 1310h20Men's 400 m T52  Final 
September 1310h36Men's 100 m T51  Final 
September 1310h43Men's 100 m T38  Final 
September 1310h50Women's 200 m T36  Final 
September 1310h55Women's Long jump T37  Final 
September 1310h58Men's 1 500 m T20  Final 
September 1311h25Women's Javelin throw F45, 46  Final 
September 1311h52Men's 4 x 100 m relay T11, T13  Final 
September 1312h23Men's 800 m T33, 34  round 1, heat 1 
September 1312h30Men's 400 m T13  round 1, heat 1 
September 1312h30Men's 800 m T33, 34  round 1, heat 2 
September 1317h33Women's Javelin throw F53, 54  Final 
September 1317h38Men's 400 m T13  round 1, heat 2 
September 1317h46Women's 400 m T20  Final 
September 1318h03Men's Javelin throw F46  Final 
September 1318h05Men's 1 500 m T11  Final 
September 1318h10Women's Shot put F37  Final 
September 1318h14Women's 1 500 m T53, T54  Final 
September 1318h22Men's 1 500 m T53, T54  Final 
September 1318h30Men's 200 m T11  round 1, heat 1 
September 1318h33Women's Long jump T12  Final 
September 1318h37Men's 200 m T11  round 1, heat 2 
September 1318h43Men's 200 m T11  round 1, heat 3 
September 1318h49Men's 200 m T11  round 1, heat 4 
September 1319h12Women's 200 m T11  Final 
September 1319h36Men's 100 m T12  round 1, heat 1 
September 1319h43Men's 100 m T12  round 1, heat 2 
September 1319h50Men's 100 m T12  round 1, heat 3 
September 1410h00Women's 5000 m T53, T54  round 1, heat 1 
September 1410h05Men's Shot put F53  Final 
September 1410h15Women's Shot put F11, 12  Final 
September 1410h17Women's 5000 m T53, T54  round 1, heat 2 
September 1410h35Men's 1 500 m T51, 52  round 1, heat 1 
September 1410h42Men's 1 500 m T51, 52  round 1, heat 2 
September 1410h54Women's 100 m T35  Final 
September 1411h02Women's Javelin throw F13  Final 
September 1411h05Women's Long jump T37  Final 
September 1411h17Women's 400 m T38  Final 
September 1411h26Men's 800 m T52, 53  round 1, heat 1 
September 1411h34Men's 800 m T52, 53  round 1, heat 2 
September 1411h51Men's 200 m T11  Semifinal 1 
September 1411h57Men's 200 m T11  Semifinal 2 
September 1412h38Men's 100 m T42  round 1, heat 1 
September 1412h44Men's 100 m T42  round 1, heat 2 
September 1417h30Women's Shot put F34  final 
September 1417h35Women's Discus throw F51, 52  Final 
September 1417h40Women's 400 m T33, 34  Final 
September 1417h48Men's Shot put F37  Final 
September 1417h50Men's 800 m T33, 34  Final 
September 1418h07Men's 400 m T43, 44  round 1, heat 1 
September 1418h14Men's 400 m T43, 44  round 1, heat 2 
September 1418h23Men's Long jump T47  Final 
September 1418h26Women's 400 m T47  Final 
September 1418h49Women's 4 x 100 m relay T11, T13  Final 
September 1418h59Men's 800 m T54  round 1, heat 1 
September 1419h07Men's 800 m T54  round 1, heat 2 
September 1419h15Men's 800 m T54  round 1, heat 3 
September 1419h38Women's 400 m T43, 44  round 1, heat 1 
September 1419h45Women's 400 m T43, 44  round 1, heat 2 
September 1510h00Men's 5000 m T12, 13  Final 
September 1510h05Women's Discus throw F56, 57  Final 
September 1510h24Men's 1 500 m T51, 52  Final 
September 1510h38Women's Long jump T20  Final 
September 1510h45Men's Javelin throw F38  Final 
September 1511h03Women's 400 m T12  round 1, heat 1 
September 1511h09Women's 400 m T12  round 1, heat 2 
September 1511h15Women's 400 m T12  round 1, heat 3 
September 1511h38Men's 400 m T43, 44  Final 
September 1511h45Men's 400 m T37  round 1, heat 1 
September 1511h52Men's 400 m T37  round 1, heat 2 
September 1512h02Men's 800 m T54  Final 
September 1512h12Men's 400 m T13  Final 
September 1512h43Women's 1 500 m T11  round 1, heat 1 
September 1512h51Women's 1 500 m T11  round 1, heat 2 
September 1517h30Women's 5000 m T53, T54  Final 
September 1517h35Men's Javelin throw F34  Final 
September 1517h40Women's Discus throw F40, 41  Final 
September 1517h45Women's 200 m T43, 44  Final 
September 1517h51Men's 200 m T11  Final 
September 1517h58Women's Shot put F35  Final 
September 1518h10Men's 100 m T12  Final 
September 1518h15Men's Long jump T38  Final 
September 1518h17Men's 100 m T42  Final 
September 1518h33Women's 200 m T47  round 1, heat 1 
September 1518h39Women's 200 m T47  round 1, heat 2 
September 1519h01Men's 800 m T52, 53  Final 
September 1519h24Women's 4 x 400 m relay T53, T54  Final 
September 1519h31Women's 4 x 100 m relay T35, T38  Final 
September 1519h54Women's 400 m T11  round 1, heat 1 
September 1520h00Women's 400 m T11  round 1, heat 2 
September 1520h06Women's 400 m T11  round 1, heat 3 
September 1610h00Men's 400 m T38  round 1, heat 1 
September 1610h03Men's Club throw F51  Final 
September 1610h07Men's 400 m T38  round 1, heat 2 
September 1610h09Men's Shot put F55  Final 
September 1610h15Men's 400 m T36  Final 
September 1610h23Men's 400 m T37  Final 
September 1610h30Men's 400 m T47  round 1, heat 1 
September 1610h37Men's 400 m T47  round 1, heat 2 
September 1610h44Men's 400 m T47  round 1, heat 3 
September 1610h45Men's Shot put F40  Final 
September 1611h05Men's Long jump T11  Final 
September 1611h09Women's 1 500 m T20  Final 
September 1611h27Women's 200 m T47  Final 
September 1611h45Men's 400 m T11  round 1, heat 1 
September 1611h52Men's 400 m T11  round 1, heat 2 
September 1611h59Men's 400 m T11  round 1, heat 3 
September 1612h21Men's 4 x 400 m relay T53, T54  round 1, heat 1 
September 1612h28Men's 4 x 400 m relay T53, T54  round 1, heat 2 
September 1617h30Women's 400 m T11  Final 
September 1617h33Women's Shot put F33  Final 
September 1617h45Men's Shot put F36  Final 
September 1617h50Men's Discus throw F43, 44  Final 
September 1618h11Women's 800 m T34  Final 
September 1618h18Men's High jump T47  Final 
September 1618h20Men's 1 500 m T46  Final 
September 1618h39Men's 200 m T12  round 1, heat 1 
September 1618h46Men's 200 m T12  round 1, heat 2 
September 1618h53Men's 200 m T12  round 1, heat 3 
September 1619h00Men's 200 m T12  round 1, heat 4 
September 1619h27Men's 100 m T54  round 1, heat 1 
September 1619h34Men's 100 m T54  round 1, heat 2 
September 1619h41Men's 100 m T54  round 1, heat 3 
September 1710h00Women's 800 m T54  round 1, heat 1 
September 1710h03Women's Shot put F57  Final 
September 1710h08Women's 800 m T54  round 1, heat 2 
September 1710h10Women's Discus throw F55  Final 
September 1710h16Women's 800 m T52, 53  round 1, heat 1 
September 1710h24Women's 800 m T52, 53  round 1, heat 2 
September 1710h42Men's Long jump T42  Final 
September 1710h44Women's 400 m T13  Final 
September 1710h52Women's Shot put F36  Final 
September 1710h54Men's 400 m T51  Final 
September 1711h05Women's 100 m T51, 52  Final 
September 1711h13Women's 200 m T35  Final 
September 1711h19Men's 200 m T12  Semifinal 1 
September 1711h26Men's 200 m T12  Semifinal 2 
September 1711h56Women's 100 m T42  round 1, heat 1 
September 1712h02Women's 100 m T42  round 1, heat 2 
September 1712h24Women's 100 m T43, 44  round 1, heat 1 
September 1712h30Women's 100 m T43, 44  round 1, heat 2 
September 1712h36Women's 100 m T43, 44  round 1, heat 3 
September 1717h30Men's 4 x 400 m relay T53, T54  Final 
September 1717h32Women's Discus throw F37, 38  Final 
September 1717h33Women's Shot put F32  Final 
September 1717h36Women's 1 500 m T11  Final 
September 1717h42Women's 800 m T52, 53  Final 
September 1717h48Women's 800 m T54  Final 
September 1717h54Men's 400 m T38  Final 
September 1718h00Men's 400 m T47  Final 
September 1718h20Women's 400 m T12  Final 
September 1718h23Men's Long jump T43, 44  Final 
September 1718h41Men's 400 m T11  Final 
September 1718h57Men's 200 m T12  Final 
September 1719h19Men's 800 m T36  Final 
September 1719h36Men's 100 m T54  Final 
September 1719h39Women's Javelin throw F13  Final 
September 1719h52Women's 100 m T42  Final 
September 1720h31Women's 100 m T43, 44  Final 
September 1809h00Women's Marathon T11, 12   
September 1809h00Men's Marathon T11, 12   
September 1809h00Women's Marathon T46   
September 1809h00Women's Marathon T52, 53, 54   
September 1809h00Men's Marathon T52, 53, 54   


September 908h30Women's Single scull ASW1x AS  heat 1 
September 908h50Women's Single scull ASW1x AS  heat 2 
September 909h10Men's Single scull ASM1x AS  heat 1 
September 909h30Men's Single scull ASM1x AS  heat 2 
September 909h50Mixed Double scull TAMix2x AS  heat 1 
September 910h10Mixed Double scull TAMix2x AS  heat 2 
September 910h30Mixed Coxed Four LTAMix4+ AS  heat 1 
September 910h50Mixed Coxed Four LTAMix4+ AS  heat 2 
September 1008h30Women's Single scull ASW1x AS  repechage 1 
September 1008h50Women's Single scull ASW1x AS  repechage 2 
September 1009h10Men's Single scull ASM1x AS  repechage 1 
September 1009h30Men's Single scull ASM1x AS  repechage 2 
September 1009h50Mixed Double scull TAMix2x AS  repechage 1 
September 1010h10Mixed Double scull TAMix2x AS  repechage 2 
September 1010h30Mixed Coxed Four LTAMix4+ AS  repechage 1 
September 1010h50Mixed Coxed Four LTAMix4+ AS  repechage 2 
September 1108h30Women's Single scull ASW1x AS  Final B 
September 1108h50Men's Single scull ASM1x AS  Final B 
September 1109h10Mixed Double scull TAMix2x AS  Final B 
September 1109h30Mixed Coxed Four LTAMix4+ AS  Final B 
September 1109h50Women's Single scull ASW1x AS  Final A 
September 1110h10Men's Single scull ASM1x AS  Final A 
September 1110h30Mixed Double scull TAMix2x AS  Final A 
September 1110h50Mixed Coxed Four LTAMix4+ AS  Final A 


September 1011h00Mixed Pairs BC4  pool A: Hong Kong - Portugal 
September 1011h00Mixed Team BC1, 2  pool A: Thailand - Korea 
September 1011h00Mixed Team BC1, 2  pool B: Great Britain - Netherlands 
September 1011h00Mixed Team BC1, 2  pool C: Brazil - Hong Kong 
September 1011h00Mixed Team BC1, 2  pool D: Slovakia - Argentina 
September 1012h40Mixed Pairs BC3  pool A: Brazil - Belgium 
September 1012h40Mixed Pairs BC3  pool A: Korea - Canada 
September 1012h40Mixed Pairs BC3  pool B: Greece - Singapore 
September 1012h40Mixed Pairs BC3  pool B: Portugal - Great Britain 
September 1012h40Mixed Pairs BC4  pool B: People's Republic of china - Thailand 
September 1014h10Mixed Team BC1, 2  pool A: People's Republic of China - Republic of Korea 
September 1014h10Mixed Team BC1, 2  pool B: Japan - Netherlands 
September 1014h10Mixed Team BC1, 2  pool C: Spain - Hong Kong 
September 1014h10Mixed Team BC1, 2  pool D: Portugal - Argentina 
September 1017h20Mixed Pairs BC3  pool A: Brazil - Canada 
September 1017h20Mixed Pairs BC3  pool A: Republic of Korea - Belgium 
September 1017h20Mixed Pairs BC3  pool B: Greece - Great Britain 
September 1017h20Mixed Pairs BC3  pool B: Portugal - Singapore 
September 1017h20Mixed Pairs BC4  pool A: Great Britain - Portugal 
September 1017h20Mixed Pairs BC4  pool A: Hong Kong - Slovakia 
September 1018h50Mixed Pairs BC4  pool B: Brazil - Thailand 
September 1018h50Mixed Pairs BC4  pool B: People's Republic of China - Canada 
September 1018h50Mixed Team BC1, 2  pool A: Thailand - People Republic of China 
September 1018h50Mixed Team BC1, 2  pool B: Great Britain - Japan 
September 1018h50Mixed Team BC1, 2  pool C: Brazil - Spain 
September 1018h50Mixed Team BC1, 2  pool D: Slovakia - Portugal 
September 1111h00Mixed Pairs BC3  pool A: Belgium - Canada 
September 1111h00Mixed Pairs BC3  pool A: Republic of Korea - Brazil 
September 1111h00Mixed Pairs BC4  pool A: Hong Kong - Great Britain 
September 1111h00Mixed Pairs BC4  pool A: Slovakia - Portugal 
September 1111h00Mixed Pairs BC4  pool B: Canada - Thailand 
September 1111h00Mixed Pairs BC4  pool B: People's republic of China - Brazil 
September 1112h30Mixed Pairs BC3  pool B: Great Britain - Singapore 
September 1112h30Mixed Pairs BC3  pool B: Greece - Portugal 
September 1112h30Mixed Team BC1, 2  quarterfinal 1: Thailand - Great Britain 
September 1112h30Mixed Team BC1, 2  quarterfinal 2: Argentina - Hong Kong 
September 1112h30Mixed Team BC1, 2  Quaterfinal 3: Japan - People's Republic of China 
September 1112h30Mixed Team BC1, 2  quarterfinal 4: Brazil - Portugal 
September 1115h40Mixed Pairs BC4  Semifinal 1: Great Britain - Brazil 
September 1115h40Mixed Pairs BC4  Semifinal 2: Thailand - Slovakia 
September 1117h00Mixed Pairs BC3  Semifinal 1: Republic of Korea - Greece 
September 1117h00Mixed Pairs BC3  Semifinal 2: Singapore - Brazil 
September 1117h00Mixed Team BC1, 2  Semifinal 1: Thailand - Argentina 
September 1117h00Mixed Team BC1, 2  Semifinal 2: Japan - Portugal 
September 1211h00Mixed Pairs BC4  Bronze Medal Match: Great Britain - Thailand 
September 1212h20Mixed Pairs BC3  Bronze Medal Match: Greece - Singapore 
September 1212h20Mixed Team BC1, 2  Bronze Medal Match: Argentina - Portugal 
September 1214h00Mixed Pairs BC4  Final: Brazil - Slovakia 
September 1217h30Mixed Pairs BC3  Final: Republic of Korea - Brazil 
September 1219h30Mixed Team BC1, 2  Final: Thailand - Japan 
September 1310h00Mixed Individual BC3  pool 
September 1311h15Mixed Individual BC2  pool 
September 1311h15Mixed Individual BC3  pool 
September 1312h30Mixed Individual BC1  pool 
September 1312h30Mixed Individual BC2  pool 
September 1313h30Mixed Individual BC1  pool 
September 1316h00Mixed Individual BC4  pool 
September 1317h00Mixed Individual BC3  pool 
September 1317h00Mixed Individual BC4  pool 
September 1318h15Mixed Individual BC2  pool 
September 1318h15Mixed Individual BC3  pool 
September 1319h30Mixed Individual BC2  pool 
September 1410h00Mixed Individual BC1  pool 
September 1411h00Mixed Individual BC1  pool 
September 1411h00Mixed Individual BC4  pool 
September 1412h00Mixed Individual BC3  pool 
September 1412h00Mixed Individual BC4  pool 
September 1413h15Mixed Individual BC3  pool 
September 1416h00Mixed Individual BC2  pool 
September 1417h00Mixed Individual BC2  pool 
September 1417h00Mixed Individual BC2  pool 
September 1418h00Mixed Individual BC1  pool 
September 1418h00Mixed Individual BC4  pool 
September 1419h00Mixed Individual BC4  pool 
September 1510h00Mixed Individual BC1  pool 
September 1510h00Mixed Individual BC3  Quarterfinals 
September 1511h30Mixed Individual BC1  Quarterfinals 
September 1511h30Mixed Individual BC4  Quarterfinals 
September 1513h00Mixed Individual BC2  Quarterfinals 
September 1513h15Mixed Individual BC3   
September 1516h00Mixed Individual BC1  Quarterfinals 
September 1516h00Mixed Individual BC3  Quarterfinals 
September 1517h30Mixed Individual BC2  Semifinals 
September 1517h50Mixed Individual BC2  Semifinals 
September 1610h00Mixed Individual BC1  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1610h00Mixed Individual BC3  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1611h20Mixed Individual BC2  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1611h20Mixed Individual BC4  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1612h30Mixed Individual BC1  Final 
September 1615h45Mixed Individual BC2  Final 
September 1617h25Mixed Individual BC3  Final 
September 1619h15Mixed Individual BC4  Final 


September 1409h00Women's  KL1  heat 1 
September 1409h05Women's  KL1  heat 2 
September 1409h10Men's  KL1  heat 1 
September 1409h15Men's  KL1  heat 2 
September 1409h20Women's  KL2  heat 1 
September 1409h25Women's  KL2  heat 2 
September 1409h30Men's  KL2  heat 1 
September 1409h35Men's  KL2  heat 2 
September 1409h40Women's  KL3  heat 1 
September 1409h45Women's  KL3  heat 2 
September 1409h50Men's  KL3  heat 1 
September 1409h55Men's  KL3  heat 2 
September 1410h15Women's  KL1  Semifinal 
September 1410h22Men's  KL1  Semifinal 
September 1410h29Women's  KL2  Semifinal 
September 1410h36Men's  KL2  Semifinal 
September 1410h43Women's  KL3  Semifinal 
September 1410h50Men's  KL3  Semifinal 
September 1509h00Women's  KL1  Final 
September 1509h08Men's  KL1  Final 
September 1509h16Women's  KL2  Final 
September 1509h34Men's  KL2  Final 
September 1509h52Women's  KL3  Final 
September 1510h10Men's  KL3  Final 


September 717h30    Opening ceremony 
September 1819h30    Closing ceremony 

Cycling Road

September 1408h00Men's time trial C2   
September 1408h20Women's time trial C5   
September 1408h34Women's time trial C4   
September 1408h47Men's time trial C1   
September 1409h00Women's time trial C1, C2, C3   
September 1409h17Men's time trial H5   
September 1409h31Men's time trial H4   
September 1409h48Men's time trial H3   
September 1410h04Women's time trial H4, 5   
September 1410h18Men's time trial H2   
September 1410h30Women's time trial H1, 2, 3   
September 1413h30Men's time trial B   
September 1413h56Men's time trial C5   
September 1414h12Men's time trial C4   
September 1414h28Men's time trial C3   
September 1414h44Women's time trial B   
September 1415h23Men's time trial T1, 2   
September 1415h37Women's time trial T1, 2   
September 1509h30Men's race H5   
September 1509h35Men's race H2   
September 1512h15Women's race H5   
September 1512h20Women's race H1, 2, 3   
September 1514h15Men's race H4   
September 1514h20Men's race H3   
September 1609h30Men's race C1, C2, C3   
September 1609h35Women's race C1, C2, C3   
September 1613h00Men's race T1, 2   
September 1613h05Women's race T1, 2   
September 1615h30Mixed team relay H2, 5   
September 1709h30Men's race C4, C5   
September 1709h45Women's race C4, C5   
September 1713h50Men's race B   
September 1713h55Women's race B   

Cycling track

September 810h00Women's 3000 m pouruit C1, C2, C3  qualifying 
September 810h42Women's 3000 m pouruit C4  qualifying 
September 811h10Women's 3000 m pouruit C5  qualifying 
September 811h45Men's 4000 m pouruit B  qualifying 
September 816h30Women's 3000 m pouruit C1, C2, C3  Bronze Medal Race 
September 816h37Women's 3000 m pouruit C1, C2, C3  Final 
September 816h46Women's 3000 m pouruit C4  Bronze Medal Race 
September 816h53Women's 3000 m pouruit C4  Final 
September 817h12Women's 3000 m pouruit C5  Bronze Medal Race 
September 817h19Women's 3000 m pouruit C5  Final 
September 817h38Men's 4000 m pouruit B  Bronze Medal Race 
September 817h45Men's 4000 m pouruit B  Final 
September 910h00Women's 1000 m time trial B   
September 911h02Men's 3000 m pouruit C1  qualifying 
September 911h46Men's 3000 m pouruit C2  qualifying 
September 912h25Men's 3000 m pouruit C3  qualifying 
September 916h30Men's 1000 m time trial C4, C5   
September 917h55Men's 3000 m pouruit C1  Bronze Medal Race 
September 918h02Men's 3000 m pouruit C1  Final 
September 918h22Men's 3000 m pouruit C2  Bronze Medal Race 
September 918h29Men's 3000 m pouruit C2  Final 
September 918h49Men's 3000 m pouruit C3  Bronze Medal Race 
September 918h56Men's 3000 m pouruit C3  Final 
September 1010h00Women's 500 m time trial C1, C2, C3   
September 1010h38Men's 4000 m pouruit C4  qualifying 
September 1011h35Men's 4000 m pouruit C5  qualifying 
September 1016h30Men's 1000 m time trial C1, C2, C3   
September 1017h51Women's 500 m time trial C4, C5   
September 1018h46Men's 4000 m pouruit C4  Bronze Medal Race 
September 1018h53Men's 4000 m pouruit C4  Final 
September 1019h12Men's 4000 m pouruit C5  Bronze Medal Race 
September 1019h19Men's 4000 m pouruit C5  Final 
September 1110h00Women's 3000 m pouruit B  qualifying 
September 1110h54Mixed 750 m sprint C1, C5  qualifying 
September 1111h32Men's 1000 m time trial B   
September 1112h30Women's 3000 m pouruit B  Bronze Medal Race 
September 1112h37Women's 3000 m pouruit B  Final 
September 1112h57Mixed 750 m sprint C1, C5  Bronze Medal Race 
September 1113h01Mixed 750 m sprint C1, C5  Final 


September 1110h00Mixed team test Grade III   
September 1114h00Mixed team test Grade Ib   
September 1210h00Mixed team test Grade IV   
September 1213h00Mixed team test Grade Ia   
September 1310h00Mixed team test Grade II   
September 1314h00Mixed individual championship test Grade III   
September 1410h00Mixed individual championship test Grade IV   
September 1414h00Mixed individual championship test Grade Ib   
September 1509h00Mixed individual championship test Grade II   
September 1512h45Mixed individual championship test Grade Ia   
September 1609h00Mixed individual freestyle test Grade III   
September 1610h10Mixed individual freestyle test Grade IV   
September 1613h00Mixed individual freestyle test Grade Ib   
September 1614h10Mixed individual freestyle test Grade Ia   
September 1615h30Mixed individual freestyle test Grade II   

Football at 5

September 909h00Men's    Preliminary, pool A: Brazil - Marocco 
September 911h00Men's    Preliminary, pool B: Spain - People's Republic of China 
September 916h00Men's    Preliminary, pool A: Turkey - Iran 
September 920h00Men's    Preliminary, pool B: Argentina - Mexico 
September 1109h00Men's    Preliminary, pool A: Marocco - Iran 
September 1111h00Men's    Preliminary, pool B: Argentina - Spain 
September 1116h00Men's    Preliminary, pool A: Brazil - Turkey 
September 1120h00Men's    Preliminary, pool B: People's Republic of China - Mexico 
September 1309h00Men's    Preliminary, pool A: Brazil - Iran 
September 1311h00Men's    Preliminary, pool B: People's Republic of China - Argentina 
September 1316h00Men's    Preliminary, pool A: Marocco - Turkey 
September 1320h00Men's    Preliminary, pool B: Mexico - Spain 
September 1509h00Men's    classification 7-8: Marocco - Mexico 
September 1511h00Men's    classification 5-6: Turkey - Spain 
September 1516h00Men's    Semifinal 1: Brazil - People's Republic of China 
September 1520h00Men's    Semifinal 2: Argentina - Iran 
September 1714h00Men's    Bronze Medal Match: People's Republic of China - Argentina 
September 1717h00Men's    Final: Brazil - Iran 

Football at 7

September 810h00Men's    preliminary, pool A: Brazil - Great Britain 
September 814h00Men's    preliminary, pool A: Brazil - Ukraine - Irland 
September 816h15Men's    preliminary, pool B: Iran - Argentina 
September 819h00Men's    preliminary, pool B: Netherlands - United States of Amerrira 
September 1010h00Men's    preliminary, pool A: Great Britain - Ukraine 
September 1014h00Men's    preliminary, pool A: Argentina - Netherlands 
September 1016h15Men's    preliminary, pool B: United States of Amerrira - Iran 
September 1019h00Men's    preliminary, pool B: Irland - Brazil 
September 1210h00Men's    preliminary, pool A: Iran - Netherlands 
September 1214h00Men's    preliminary, pool A: Argentina - United State of Amerrira 
September 1216h15Men's    preliminary, pool B: Irlande - Great Britain 
September 1219h00Men's    preliminary, pool B: Ukraine - Brazil 
September 1410h00Men's    Semifinal 1: Ukraine - Netherlands 
September 1414h00Men's    classification - 7-8: Irland - United States of Amerrira 
September 1416h15Men's    classification 5-6: Great Britain - Argentina 
September 1419h00Men's    Semifinal 2: Iran - Brazil 
September 1614h00Men's    Bronze Medal Match: Netherlands - Brazil 
September 1617h00Men's    Final: Ukraine - Iran 

Goal ball

September 809h00Men's    preliminary, group A: Brazil - Sweden 
September 810h15Women's    preliminary, group C: United States of Amerrira - Brazil 
September 813h15Men's    preliminary, group A: Algeria - Germany 
September 814h30Women's    preliminary, group C: Japan - Israel 
September 817h30Men's    preliminary, group B: Finland - Lithuania 
September 818h45Women's    preliminary, group D: Australia - China 
September 909h00Men's    preliminary, group B: United States of Amerrira - China 
September 910h15Women's    preliminary, group D: Turkey - Canada 
September 913h15Men's    preliminary, group B: Canada - Brazil 
September 914h30Women's    preliminary, group C: Algeria - United States of Amerrira 
September 917h30Men's    preliminary, group A: Sweden - Algeria 
September 918h45Women's    preliminary, group C: Brazil - Japan 
September 1009h00Men's    preliminary, group B: Turkey - Finland 
September 1010h15Women's    preliminary, group D: Ukraine - Australia 
September 1013h15Men's    preliminary, group B: Lithuania - United States of Amerrira 
September 1014h30Women's    preliminary, group D: China - Turkey 
September 1017h30Men's    preliminary, group A: Germany - Canada 
September 1018h45Women's    preliminary, group C: Israel - Algeria 
September 1109h00Men's    preliminary, group A: Brazil - Algeria 
September 1110h15Women's    preliminary, group C: United States of Amerrira - Japan 
September 1113h15Men's    preliminary, group B: China - Turkey 
September 1114h30Women's    preliminary, group D: Canada - Ukraine 
September 1117h30Men's    preliminary, group B: Finland - United States of Amerrira 
September 1118h45Women's    preliminary, group D: Australia - Turkey 
September 1209h00Men's    preliminary, group A: Sweden - Germany 
September 1210h15Women's    preliminary, group C: Brazil - Israel 
September 1211h30Men's    preliminary, group A: Algeria - Canada 
September 1214h15Men's    preliminary, group B: Lithuania - China 
September 1215h30Women's    preliminary, group C: Japan - Algeria 
September 1218h15Women's    preliminary, group D: China - Canada 
September 1219h30Men's    preliminary, group B: United States of Amerrira - Turkey 
September 1220h45Women's    preliminary, group B: Turkey - Ukraine 
September 1309h00Women's    preliminary, group C: Israel - United States of Amerrira 
September 1310h15Men's    preliminary, group A: Germany - Brazil 
September 1311h30Women's    preliminary, group C: Algeria - Brazil 
September 1314h15Men's    preliminary, group A: Canada - Sweden 
September 1315h30Women's    preliminary, group D: Canada - Australia 
September 1318h15Men's    preliminary, group B: China - Finland 
September 1319h30Women's    preliminary, group D: Ukraine - China 
September 1320h45Men's    preliminary, group B: Turkey - Lithuania 
September 1409h00Men's    Quarterfinal: Brazil - People's Republic of China 
September 1410h30Women's    Quarterfinal: Brazil - Ukraine 
September 1412h00Men's    Quarterfinal: United States of Amerrira - Germany 
September 1414h15Women's    Quarterfinal: People's Republic of China - Japan 
September 1415h45Women's    Quarterfinal: Turkey - Israel 
September 1418h00Men's    Quarterfinal: Lithuania - Canada 
September 1419h30Women's    Quarterfinal: United States of Amerrira - Canada 
September 1421h00Men's    Quarterfinal: Sweden - Turkey 
September 1513h30Men's    Semifinal: Brazil - United States of Amerrira 
September 1515h00Women's    Semifinal: Brazil - People's Republic of China 
September 1518h30Men's    Semifinal: Lithuania - Sweden 
September 1520h00Women's    Semifinal: Turkey - United States of Amerrira 
September 1613h30Women's    Bronze Medal Match: Brazil - United States of Amerrira 
September 1615h00Men's    Bronze Medal Match: Brazil - Sweden 
September 1618h30Women's    Final: People's Republic of China - Turkey 
September 1620h00Men's    Final: United States of Amerrira - Lithuania 


September 810h00Women's -48 kg   Semifinal A 
September 810h00Women's -48 kg   Semifinal B 
September 810h00Women's -48 kg   Quarterfinals 
September 810h00Women's -48 kg   Bronze Medal Contest A 
September 810h00Women's -48 kg   Bronze Medal Contest B 
September 810h00Women's -48 kg   Final of repechage A 
September 810h00Women's -48 kg   Final of repechage B 
September 810h00Women's -48 kg   Final 
September 810h00Men's -60 kg   Semifinal A 
September 810h00Men's -60 kg   Semifinal B 
September 810h00Men's -60 kg   Quarterfinals 
September 810h00Men's -60 kg   Bronze Medal Contest A 
September 810h00Men's -60 kg   Bronze Medal Contest B 
September 810h00Men's -60 kg   preliminary: round of 16 
September 810h00Men's -60 kg   Final of repechage A 
September 810h00Men's -60 kg   Final of repechage B 
September 810h00Men's -60 kg   Repechage 
September 810h00Men's -60 kg   Final 
September 810h00Women's 48-52 kg   Semifinal A 
September 810h00Women's 48-52 kg   Semifinal B 
September 810h00Women's 48-52 kg   Quarterfinals 
September 810h00Women's 48-52 kg   Bronze Medal Contest A 
September 810h00Women's 48-52 kg   Bronze Medal Contest B 
September 810h00Women's 48-52 kg   Final of repechage A 
September 810h00Women's 48-52 kg   Final of repechage B 
September 810h00Women's 48-52 kg   Final 
September 810h00Men's 60-66 kg   Semifinal A 
September 810h00Men's 60-66 kg   Semifinal B 
September 810h00Men's 60-66 kg   Quarterfinals 
September 810h00Men's 60-66 kg   Bronze Medal Contest A 
September 810h00Men's 60-66 kg   Bronze Medal Contest B 
September 810h00Men's 60-66 kg   preliminary: round of 16 
September 810h00Men's 60-66 kg   Final of repechage A 
September 810h00Men's 60-66 kg   Final of repechage B 
September 810h00Men's 60-66 kg   Repechage 
September 810h00Men's 60-66 kg   Final 
September 910h00Men's 66-73 kg   round of 16 
September 910h00Men's 73-81 kg   round of 16 
September 910h20Women's 52-57 kg   quaterfinal 
September 910h20Women's 57-63 kg   quaterfinal 
September 910h25Women's 52-57 kg   quaterfinal 
September 910h25Women's 57-63 kg   quaterfinal 
September 910h30Women's 52-57 kg   quaterfinal 
September 910h30Women's 57-63 kg   quaterfinal 
September 910h35Women's 52-57 kg   quaterfinal 
September 910h35Men's 73-81 kg   quaterfinal 
September 910h40Men's 66-73 kg   quaterfinal 
September 910h40Men's 73-81 kg   quaterfinal 
September 910h45Men's 66-73 kg   quaterfinal 
September 910h45Men's 73-81 kg   quaterfinal 
September 910h50Men's 66-73 kg   quaterfinal 
September 910h50Men's 73-81 kg   quaterfinal 
September 910h55Women's 52-57 kg   final of repechage A 
September 910h55Men's 66-73 kg   quaterfinal 
September 911h00Women's 52-57 kg   final of repechage B 
September 911h00Men's 66-73 kg   Semifinal A 
September 911h05Men's 66-73 kg   Semifinal B 
September 911h05Men's 73-81 kg   repechage 
September 911h10Women's 52-57 kg   Semifinal A 
September 911h10Women's 57-63 kg   final of repechage A 
September 911h15Women's 52-57 kg   Semifinal B 
September 911h15Men's 66-73 kg   final of repechage A 
September 911h20Men's 66-73 kg   final of repechage B 
September 911h20Men's 73-81 kg   Semifinal A 
September 911h25Men's 73-81 kg   Semifinal B 
September 911h25Men's 73-81 kg   final of repechage A 
September 911h30Women's 57-63 kg   Semifinal A 
September 911h30Men's 73-81 kg   final of repechage B 
September 911h35Women's 57-63 kg   Semifinal B 
September 915h30Women's 52-57 kg   Bronze Medal Contest A 
September 915h40Women's 52-57 kg   Bronze Medal Contest B 
September 915h50Women's 52-57 kg   Final 
September 916h00Men's 66-73 kg   Bronze Medal Contest A 
September 916h10Men's 66-73 kg   Bronze Medal Contest B 
September 916h20Men's 66-73 kg   Final 
September 916h30Women's 57-63 kg   Bronze Medal Contest A 
September 916h40Women's 57-63 kg   Bronze Medal Contest B 
September 916h50Women's 57-63 kg   Final 
September 917h00Men's 73-81 kg   Bronze Medal Contest A 
September 917h10Men's 73-81 kg   Bronze Medal Contest B 
September 917h20Men's 73-81 kg   Final 
September 1010h00Men's +100 kg   round of 16 
September 1010h00Men's 81-90 kg   round of 16 
September 1010h15Women's 63-70 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1010h15Men's 90-100 kg   round of 16 
September 1010h20Women's 63-70 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1010h20Men's 90-100 kg   round of 16 
September 1010h25Women's 63-70 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1010h25Men's 90-100 kg   round of 16 
September 1010h30Women's 63-70 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1010h30Men's 90-100 kg   round of 16 
September 1010h35Women's +70 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1010h35Men's 81-90 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1010h40Women's +70 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1010h40Men's 81-90 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1010h45Women's +70 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1010h45Men's 81-90 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1010h50Women's +70 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1010h50Men's 81-90 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1010h55Men's +100 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1010h55Men's 90-100 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1011h00Men's +100 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1011h00Men's 90-100 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1011h05Men's +100 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1011h05Men's 90-100 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1011h10Men's +100 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1011h10Men's 90-100 kg   quarterfinal 
September 1011h15Women's 63-70 kg   final of repechage A 
September 1011h15Men's 81-90 kg   repechage 
September 1011h20Men's +100 kg   repechage 
September 1011h20Women's 63-70 kg   final of repechage B 
September 1011h25Men's +100 kg   repechage 
September 1011h25Women's +70 kg   final of repechage A 
September 1011h30Women's +70 kg   final of repechage B 
September 1011h30Men's 90-100 kg   repechage 
September 1011h35Men's 81-90 kg   Semifinal A 
September 1011h35Men's 81-90 kg   final of repechage A 
September 1011h40Men's 81-90 kg   Semifinal B 
September 1011h40Men's 81-90 kg   final of repechage B 
September 1011h45Men's +100 kg   final of repechage A 
September 1011h45Women's 63-70 kg   Semifinal A 
September 1011h50Men's +100 kg   final of repechage B 
September 1011h50Women's 63-70 kg   Semifinal B 
September 1011h55Women's +70 kg   Semifinal A 
September 1012h00Women's +70 kg   Semifinal B 
September 1012h05Men's 90-100 kg   Semifinal A 
September 1012h10Men's 90-100 kg   Semifinal B 
September 1012h15Men's +100 kg   Semifinal A 
September 1012h20Men's +100 kg   Semifinal B 
September 1012h25Men's 90-100 kg   final of repechage B 
September 1012h30Men's 90-100 kg   final of repechage A 
September 1015h30Women's 63-70 kg   Bonze Medal Contest A 
September 1015h40Women's 63-70 kg   Bonze Medal Contest B 
September 1015h50Women's 63-70 kg   Final 
September 1016h00Men's 81-90 kg   Bonze Medal Contest A 
September 1016h10Men's 81-90 kg   Bonze Medal Contest B 
September 1016h20Men's 81-90 kg   Final 
September 1016h30Women's +70 kg   Bonze Medal Contest A 
September 1016h40Women's +70 kg   Bonze Medal Contest B 
September 1016h50Women's +70 kg   Final 
September 1017h00Men's 90-100 kg   Bonze Medal Contest A 
September 1017h10Men's 90-100 kg   Bonze Medal Contest B 
September 1017h20Men's 90-100 kg   Final 
September 1017h30Men's +100 kg   Bonze Medal Contest A 
September 1017h40Men's +100 kg   Bonze Medal Contest B 
September 1017h50Men's +100 kg   Final 


September 813h00Men's -49 kg    
September 816h00Women's -41 kg    
September 910h00Women's 41-45 kg    
September 913h00Men's 49-54 kg    group B 
September 913h30Men's 49-54 kg    group A 
September 916h00Men's 54-59 kg     
September 1010h00Women's 45-50 kg    
September 1013h00Women's 50-55 kg    
September 1016h00Men's 59-65 kg   group B 
September 1016h30Men's 59-65 kg   group A 
September 1110h00Women's 55-61 kg    
September 1113h00Men's 65-72 kg     
September 1116h00Women's 61-67 kg    
September 1210h00Women's 67-73 kg    
September 1213h00Women's 73-79 kg    
September 1216h00Men's 72-80 kg    group B 
September 1216h30Men's 72-80 kg    group A 
September 1310h00Men's 80-88 kg    
September 1313h00Women's 79-86 kg    
September 1316h00Men's 88-97 kg   group B 
September 1316h30Men's 88-97 kg   group A 
September 1410h00Men's 97-107 kg    
September 1413h00Women's +86 kg    
September 1416h00Men's +107 kg    


September 809h30Women's    preliminary, group A: Great Britain - Canada 
September 810h00Women's    preliminary, group B: France - United States of Amerrira 
September 811h45Men's    preliminary, group B: Great Britain - Algeria 
September 812h15Women's    preliminary, group A: Brazil - Argentina 
September 815h15Men's    preliminary, group B: Brazil - United States of Amerrira 
September 815h45Men's    preliminary, group A: Turkey - Japan 
September 817h30Men's    preliminary, group A: Netherlands - Australia 
September 818h00Men's    preliminary, group B: Germany - Iran 
September 821h00Women's    preliminary, group B: Algeria - China 
September 821h30Men's    preliminary, group A: Spain - Canada 
September 909h30Men's    preliminary, group B: United States of Amerrira - Germany 
September 910h00Women's    preliminary, group A: Argentina - Great Britain 
September 911h45Men's    preliminary, group B: Iran - Great Britain 
September 912h15Men's    preliminary, group A: Australia - Turkey 
September 915h15Women's    preliminary, group A: Germany - Brazil 
September 915h45Men's    preliminary, group A: Japan - Spain 
September 917h30Women's    preliminary, group B: Netherlands - Algeria 
September 918h00Men's    preliminary, group A: Canada - Netherlands 
September 921h00Men's    preliminary, group B: Algeria - Brazil 
September 921h30Women's    preliminary, group B: China - France 
September 1009h30Women's    preliminary, group A: Canada - Argentina 
September 1010h00Men's    preliminary, group A: Spain - Turkey 
September 1011h45Women's    preliminary, group A: Great Britain - Germany 
September 1012h15Women's    preliminary, group B: France - Netherlands 
September 1015h15Men's    preliminary, group A: Canada - Australia 
September 1015h45Men's    preliminary, group B: United States of Amerrira 
September 1017h30Men's    preliminary, group B: Germany - Algeria 
September 1018h00Women's    preliminary, group B: United States of Amerrira - China 
September 1021h00Men's    preliminary, group A: Netherlands - Japan 
September 1021h30Men's    preliminary, group B: Great Britain - Brazil 
September 1109h30Men's    preliminary, group A: Spain - Australia 
September 1110h00Women's    preliminary, group A: Germany - Canada 
September 1111h45Men's    preliminary, group A: Turkey - Netherlands 
September 1112h15Men's    preliminary, group B: Great Britain - Germany 
September 1115h15Men's    preliminary, group B: Brazil - Iran 
September 1115h45Women's    preliminary, group B: Netherlands - United States of Amerrira 
September 1117h30Women's    preliminary, group B: Algeria - France 
September 1118h00Men's    preliminary, group B: Algeria - United States of Amerrira 
September 1121h00Men's    preliminary, group A: Japan - Canada 
September 1121h30Women's    preliminary, group A: Brazil - Great Britain 
September 1209h00Women's    preliminary, group A: Argentina - Germany 
September 1209h30Women's    preliminary, group B: United States of Amerrira - Algeria 
September 1211h15Women's    preliminary, group B: China - Netherlands 
September 1211h45Women's    preliminary, group A: Canada - Brazil 
September 1212h30Men's    preliminary, group A: Australia - Japan 
September 1214h00Men's    preliminary, group B: Iran - Algeria 
September 1215h45Men's    preliminary, group B: United States of Amerrira - Great Britain 
September 1217h15Men's    preliminary, group A: Netherlands - Spain 
September 1219h30Men's    preliminary, group A: Canada - Turkey 
September 1221h45Men's    preliminary, group B: Brazil - Germany 
September 13Women's    Quarterfinals 
September 1309h30Women's    classification: 9-10 
September 14Men's    Quarterfinals 
September 1409h30Men's    classification: 11-12 
September 15Women's    Semifinals 
September 1509h30Men's    classification: 9-10 
September 1609h30Women's    classification: 7-8 
September 1611h45Women's    Bronze Medal Match 
September 1615h15Women's    classification: 5-6 
September 1617h30Women's    Final 
September 1709h30Men's    classification: 7-8 
September 1711h45Men's    Bronze Medal Match 
September 1715h15Men's    classification: 5-6 
September 1717h30Men's    Final 


September 809h30Men's 100 m backstroke S6  heat 1 
September 809h34Men's 100 m backstroke S6  heat 2 
September 809h38Women's 100 m backstroke S6  heat 1 
September 809h42Women's 100 m backstroke S6  heat 2 
September 809h46Men's 400 m freestyle S8  heat 1 
September 809h54Men's 400 m freestyle S8  heat 2 
September 810h01Women's 400 m freestyle S8  heat 1 
September 810h09Women's 400 m freestyle S8  heat 2 
September 810h17Men's 100 m breaststroke SB9  heat 1 
September 810h21Men's 100 m breaststroke SB9  heat 2 
September 810h24Women's 100 m breaststroke SB9  heat 1 
September 810h28Women's 100 m breaststroke SB9  heat 2 
September 810h32Men's 100 m freestyle S4  heat 1 
September 810h37Men's 100 m freestyle S4  heat 2 
September 810h42Women's 100 m freestyle S3  heat 1 
September 810h48Women's 100 m freestyle S3  heat 2 
September 810h54Men's 100 m backstroke S14  heat 1 
September 810h58Men's 100 m backstroke S14  heat 2 
September 811h02Women's 100 m backstroke S14  heat 1 
September 811h06Women's 100 m backstroke S14  heat 2 
September 811h10Men's 100 m butterfly S12, 13  heat 1 
September 811h13Men's 100 m butterfly S12, 13  heat 2 
September 811h16Men's 100 m butterfly S12, 13  heat 3 
September 811h20Women's 100 m butterfly S12, 13  heat 1 
September 811h24Women's 100 m butterfly S12, 13  heat 2 
September 811h27Women's 100 m butterfly S12, 13  heat 3 
September 811h31Men's 200 m freestyle S5  heat 1 
September 811h37Men's 200 m freestyle S5  heat 2 
September 811h43Women's 200 m freestyle S5  heat 1 
September 811h49Women's 200 m freestyle S5  heat 2 
September 811h56Men's 100 m backstroke S7  heat 1 
September 812h00Men's 100 m backstroke S7  heat 2 
September 812h04Women's 100 m backstroke S7  heat 1 
September 812h08Women's 100 m backstroke S7  heat 2 
September 817h30Men's 100 m backstroke S6  Final 
September 817h37Women's 100 m backstroke S6  Final 
September 817h44Men's 400 m freestyle S8  Final 
September 817h54Women's 400 m freestyle S8  Final 
September 818h05Men's 100 m breaststroke SB9  Final 
September 818h12Women's 100 m breaststroke SB9  Final 
September 818h33Men's 100 m freestyle S4  Final 
September 818h41Women's 100 m freestyle S3  Final 
September 819h04Men's 100 m backstroke S14  Final 
September 819h11Women's 100 m backstroke S14  Final 
September 819h32Men's 100 m butterfly S12, 13  Final 
September 819h39Women's 100 m butterfly S12, 13  Final 
September 819h59Men's 200 m freestyle S5  Final 
September 820h08Women's 200 m freestyle S5  Final 
September 820h32Men's 100 m backstroke S7  Final 
September 820h39Women's 100 m backstroke S7  Final 
September 909h30Men's 100 m backstroke S2  heat 1 
September 909h36Men's 100 m backstroke S2  heat 2 
September 909h42Men's 50 m freestyle S7  heat 1 
September 909h45Men's 50 m freestyle S7  heat 2 
September 909h48Women's 50 m freestyle S7  heat 1 
September 909h51Women's 50 m freestyle S7  heat 2 
September 909h54Men's 50 m butterfly S6  heat 1 
September 909h57Men's 50 m butterfly S6  heat 2 
September 910h00Women's 50 m butterfly S6  heat 1 
September 910h03Women's 50 m butterfly S6  heat 2 
September 910h06Men's 50 m freestyle S10  heat 1 
September 910h09Men's 50 m freestyle S10  heat 2 
September 910h12Men's 50 m freestyle S10  heat 3 
September 910h15Women's 50 m freestyle S10  heat 1 
September 910h18Women's 50 m freestyle S10  heat 2 
September 910h20Women's 50 m freestyle S10  heat 3 
September 910h23Men's 100 m backstroke S11  heat 1 
September 910h28Men's 100 m backstroke S11  heat 2 
September 910h32Women's 100 m backstroke S11  heat 1 
September 910h37Women's 100 m backstroke S11  heat 2 
September 910h42Men's 400 m freestyle S9  heat 1 
September 910h49Men's 400 m freestyle S9  heat 2 
September 910h57Women's 400 m freestyle S9  heat 1 
September 911h04Women's 400 m freestyle S9  heat 2 
September 911h12Women's 400 m freestyle S9  heat 3 
September 911h19Men's 100 m butterfly S8  heat 1 
September 911h23Men's 100 m butterfly S8  heat 2 
September 911h26Women's 100 m butterfly S8  heat 1 
September 911h30Women's 100 m butterfly S8  heat 2 
September 911h34Mixed 4 x 50 m freestyle 20 points  heat 1 
September 911h39Men's 50 m freestyle S10  swim-off 1 
September 911h41Mixed 4 x 50 m freestyle 20 points  heat 2 
September 917h30Men's 100 m backstroke S1  Final 
September 917h40Men's 100 m backstroke S2  Final 
September 917h49Women's 100 m backstroke S2  Final 
September 917h59Men's 50 m freestyle S7  Final 
September 918h05Women's 50 m freestyle S7  Final 
September 918h11Men's 50 m butterfly S6  Final 
September 918h18Women's 50 m butterfly S6  Final 
September 918h45Men's 50 m freestyle S10  Final 
September 918h51Women's 50 m freestyle S10  Final 
September 919h11Men's 100 m backstroke S11  Final 
September 919h19Women's 100 m backstroke S11  Final 
September 919h41Men's 400 m freestyle S9  Final 
September 919h51Women's 400 m freestyle S9  Final 
September 920h15Men's 100 m butterfly S8  Final 
September 920h22Women's 100 m butterfly S8  Final 
September 920h43Mixed 4 x 50 m freestyle 20 points  Final 
September 1009h30Men's 100 m breaststroke SB7  heat 1 
September 1009h33Men's 100 m breaststroke SB7  heat 2 
September 1009h37Women's 100 m breaststroke SB7  heat 1 
September 1009h42Women's 100 m breaststroke SB7  heat 2 
September 1009h46Men's 50 m freestyle S6  heat 1 
September 1009h49Men's 50 m freestyle S6  heat 2 
September 1009h51Men's 50 m freestyle S6  heat 3 
September 1009h54Women's 50 m freestyle S6  heat 1 
September 1009h57Women's 50 m freestyle S6  heat 2 
September 1010h00Women's 50 m freestyle S6  heat 3 
September 1010h03Men's 50 m butterfly S4, 5  heat 1 
September 1010h07Men's 50 m butterfly S4, 5  heat 2 
September 1010h11Women's 50 m butterfly S5  heat 1 
September 1010h15Women's 50 m butterfly S5  heat 2 
September 1010h19Men's 50 m backstroke S3  heat 1 
September 1010h23Men's 50 m backstroke S3  heat 2 
September 1010h28Women's 50 m backstroke S3  heat 1 
September 1010h33Women's 50 m backstroke S3  heat 2 
September 1010h38Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM12, 13  heat 1 
September 1010h43Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM12, 13  heat 2 
September 1010h47Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM12, 13  heat 3 
September 1010h52Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM13  heat 1 
September 1010h57Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM13  heat 2 
September 1011h02Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM13  heat 3 
September 1011h07Men's 100 m backstroke S10  heat 1 
September 1011h11Men's 100 m backstroke S10  heat 2 
September 1011h15Women's 100 m backstroke S10  heat 1 
September 1011h19Women's 100 m backstroke S10  heat 2 
September 1011h23Women's 400 m freestyle S11  heat 1 
September 1011h32Women's 400 m freestyle S11  heat 2 
September 1017h30Men's 100 m breaststroke SB7  Final 
September 1017h37Women's 100 m breaststroke SB7  Final 
September 1017h44Men's 50 m freestyle S6  Final 
September 1017h50Women's 50 m freestyle S6  Final 
September 1017h56Men's 50 m butterfly S4, 5  Final 
September 1018h03Women's 50 m butterfly S5  Final 
September 1018h24Men's 50 m backstroke S3  Final 
September 1018h32Women's 50 m backstroke S3  Final 
September 1018h54Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM12, 13  Final 
September 1019h02Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM13  Final 
September 1019h24Men's 100 m backstroke S10  Final 
September 1019h31Women's 100 m backstroke S10  Final 
September 1019h52Men's 400 m freestyle S11  Final 
September 1020h04Women's 400 m freestyle S11  Final 
September 1109h30Men's 100 m breaststroke SB5  heat 1 
September 1109h34Men's 100 m breaststroke SB5  heat 2 
September 1109h39Women's 100 m breaststroke SB5  heat 1 
September 1109h44Women's 100 m breaststroke SB5  heat 2 
September 1109h49Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM9  heat 1 
September 1109h54Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM9  heat 2 
September 1109h59Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM9  heat 1 
September 1110h04Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM9  heat 2 
September 1110h09Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM9  heat 3 
September 1110h14Men's 100 m breaststroke SB13  heat 1 
September 1110h18Men's 100 m breaststroke SB13  heat 2 
September 1110h22Women's 100 m breaststroke SB12, 13  heat 1 
September 1110h26Women's 100 m breaststroke SB12, 13  heat 2 
September 1110h30Men's 200 m freestyle S14  heat 1 
September 1110h34Men's 200 m freestyle S14  heat 2 
September 1110h38Men's 200 m freestyle S14  heat 3 
September 1110h43Women's 200 m freestyle S14  heat 1 
September 1110h48Women's 200 m freestyle S14  heat 2 
September 1110h53Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM10  heat 1 
September 1110h57Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM10  heat 2 
September 1111h02Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM10  heat 1 
September 1111h07Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM10  heat 2 
September 1111h12Men's 100 m freestyle S8  heat 1 
September 1111h16Men's 100 m freestyle S8  heat 2 
September 1111h20Women's 100 m freestyle S8  heat 1 
September 1111h23Women's 100 m freestyle S8  heat 2 
September 1111h27Women's 100 m breaststroke SB4  heat 1 
September 1111h33Women's 100 m breaststroke SB4  heat 2 
September 1111h39Men's 200 m freestyle S1, 2  heat 1 
September 1111h48Men's 200 m freestyle S1, 2  heat 2 
September 1117h30Men's 100 m breaststroke SB5  Final 
September 1117h37Women's 100 m breaststroke SB5  Final 
September 1117h45Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM9  Final 
September 1117h53Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM9  Final 
September 1118h02Men's 100 m breaststroke SB13  Final 
September 1118h08Women's 100 m breaststroke SB12, 13  Final 
September 1118h29Men's 200 m freestyle S14  Final 
September 1118h37Women's 200 m freestyle S14  Final 
September 1118h59Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM10  Final 
September 1119h07Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM10  Final 
September 1119h29Men's 100 m freestyle S8  Final 
September 1119h36Women's 100 m freestyle S8  Final 
September 1119h56Men's 100 m breaststroke SB4  Final 
September 1120h04Women's 100 m breaststroke SB4  Final 
September 1120h26Men's 200 m freestyle S1, 2  Final 
September 1209h30Men's 400 m freestyle S12, 13  heat 1 
September 1209h37Men's 400 m freestyle S12, 13  heat 2 
September 1209h44Women's 400 m freestyle S13  heat 1 
September 1209h52Women's 400 m freestyle S13  heat 2 
September 1209h59Men's 150 m Individual Medley SM4  heat 1 
September 1210h05Men's 150 m Individual Medley SM4  heat 2 
September 1210h11Women's 150 m Individual Medley SM3, 4  heat 1 
September 1210h18Women's 150 m Individual Medley SM3, 4  heat 2 
September 1210h25Men's 50 m freestyle S11  heat 1 
September 1210h29Men's 50 m freestyle S11  heat 2 
September 1210h33Women's 50 m freestyle S11  heat 1 
September 1210h37Women's 50 m freestyle S11  heat 2 
September 1210h40Women's 50 m freestyle S11  heat 3 
September 1210h44Men's 100 m butterfly S10  heat 1 
September 1210h47Men's 100 m butterfly S10  heat 2 
September 1210h51Women's 100 m butterfly S10  heat 1 
September 1210h55Women's 100 m butterfly S10  heat 2 
September 1210h58Men's 100 m freestyle S9  heat 1 
September 1211h02Men's 100 m freestyle S9  heat 2 
September 1211h05Men's 100 m freestyle S9  heat 3 
September 1211h08Women's 100 m freestyle S9  heat 1 
September 1211h12Women's 100 m freestyle S9  heat 2 
September 1211h15Women's 100 m freestyle S9  heat 3 
September 1211h18Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM6  heat 1 
September 1211h24Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM6  heat 2 
September 1211h30Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM6  heat 1 
September 1211h36Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM6  heat 2 
September 1211h42Men's 50 m butterfly S7  heat 1 
September 1211h44Men's 50 m butterfly S7  heat 2 
September 1211h48Women's 50 m butterfly S7  heat 1 
September 1211h51Women's 50 m butterfly S7  heat 2 
September 1211h54Men's 50 m freestyle S5  heat 1 
September 1211h57Men's 50 m freestyle S5  heat 2 
September 1212h01Women's 50 m freestyle S5  heat 1 
September 1212h05Women's 50 m freestyle S5  heat 2 
September 1217h30Men's 400 m freestyle S12, 13  Final 
September 1217h39Women's 400 m freestyle S13  Final 
September 1217h50Men's 150 m Individual Medley SM4  Final 
September 1217h58Women's 150 m Individual Medley SM3, 4  Final 
September 1218h08Men's 50 m freestyle S11  Final 
September 1218h15Women's 50 m freestyle S11  Final 
September 1218h36Men's 100 m butterfly S10  Final 
September 1218h43Women's 100 m butterfly S10  Final 
September 1219h03Men's 100 m freestyle S9  Final 
September 1219h10Women's 100 m freestyle S9  Final 
September 1219h31Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM6  Final 
September 1219h39Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM6  Final 
September 1220h02Men's 50 m butterfly S7  Final 
September 1220h08Women's 50 m butterfly S7  Final 
September 1220h28Men's 50 m freestyle S5  Final 
September 1220h35Women's 50 m freestyle S5  Final 
September 1309h30Men's 400 m freestyle S6  heat 1 
September 1309h38Men's 400 m freestyle S6  heat 2 
September 1309h46Women's 400 m freestyle S6  heat 1 
September 1309h55Women's 400 m freestyle S6  heat 2 
September 1310h04Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM7  heat 1 
September 1310h09Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM7  heat 2 
September 1310h15Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM7  heat 1 
September 1310h21Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM7  heat 2 
September 1310h27Men's 100 m freestyle S10  heat 1 
September 1310h30Men's 100 m freestyle S10  heat 2 
September 1310h33Men's 100 m freestyle S10  heat 3 
September 1310h37Women's 100 m freestyle S10  heat 1 
September 1310h40Women's 100 m freestyle S10  heat 2 
September 1310h43Women's 100 m freestyle S10  heat 3 
September 1310h47Men's 100 m breaststroke SB11  heat 1 
September 1310h52Men's 100 m breaststroke SB11  heat 2 
September 1310h56Men's 100 m breaststroke SB12  heat 1 
September 1311h00Men's 100 m breaststroke SB12  heat 2 
September 1311h04Men's 100 m backstroke S8  heat 1 
September 1311h08Men's 100 m backstroke S8  heat 2 
September 1311h12Women's 100 m backstroke S8  heat 1 
September 1311h16Women's 100 m backstroke S8  heat 2 
September 1311h20Women's 100 m backstroke S8  heat 3 
September 1311h24Men's 50 m freestyle S9  heat 1 
September 1311h28Men's 50 m freestyle S9  heat 2 
September 1311h30Men's 50 m freestyle S9  heat 3 
September 1311h33Women's 50 m freestyle S9  heat 1 
September 1311h36Women's 50 m freestyle S9  heat 2 
September 1311h38Women's 50 m freestyle S9  heat 3 
September 1311h42Men's 50 m freestyle S3  heat 1 
September 1311h46Men's 50 m freestyle S3  heat 2 
September 1311h51Men's 200 m freestyle S4  heat 1 
September 1311h58Men's 200 m freestyle S4  heat 2 
September 1317h30Men's 400 m freestyle S6  Final 
September 1317h41Women's 400 m freestyle S6  Final 
September 1317h52Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM7  Final 
September 1318h01Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM7  Final 
September 1318h10Men's 100 m freestyle S10  Final 
September 1318h16Women's 100 m freestyle S10  Final 
September 1318h37Men's 100 m breaststroke SB11  Final 
September 1318h45Women's 100 m breaststroke SB11  Final 
September 1318h53Men's 100 m breaststroke SB12  Final 
September 1319h14Men's 100 m backstroke S8  Final 
September 1319h21Women's 100 m backstroke S8  Final 
September 1319h42Men's 50 m freestyle S9  Final 
September 1319h48Women's 50 m freestyle S9  Final 
September 1320h15Men's 50 m freestyle S3  Final 
September 1320h23Men's 200 m freestyle S4  Final 
September 1409h30Women's 100 m breaststroke SB8  heat 1 
September 1409h34Women's 100 m breaststroke SB8  heat 2 
September 1409h38Men's 400 m freestyle S7  heat 1 
September 1409h46Men's 400 m freestyle S7  heat 2 
September 1409h54Men's 100 m breaststroke SB14  heat 1 
September 1409h58Men's 100 m breaststroke SB14  heat 2 
September 1410h01Women's 100 m breaststroke SB14  heat 1 
September 1410h05Women's 100 m breaststroke SB14  heat 2 
September 1410h09Men's 100 m backstroke S12  heat 1 
September 1410h13Men's 100 m backstroke S12  heat 2 
September 1410h17Men's 50 m breaststroke SB2  heat 1 
September 1410h21Men's 50 m breaststroke SB2  heat 2 
September 1410h26Men's 50 m breaststroke SB3  heat 1 
September 1410h32Men's 50 m breaststroke SB3  heat 2 
September 1410h36Women's 50 m breaststroke SB3  heat 1 
September 1410h41Women's 50 m breaststroke SB3  heat 2 
September 1410h46Men's 50 m freestyle S13  heat 1 
September 1410h49Men's 50 m freestyle S13  heat 2 
September 1410h51Men's 50 m freestyle S13  heat 3 
September 1410h54Women's 50 m freestyle S13  heat 1 
September 1410h57Women's 50 m freestyle S13  heat 2 
September 1410h59Women's 50 m freestyle S13  heat 3 
September 1417h30Men's 100 m breaststroke SB8  Final 
September 1417h36Women's 100 m breaststroke SB8  Final 
September 1417h44Men's 400 m freestyle S7  Final 
September 1417h54Women's 400 m freestyle S7  Final 
September 1418h06Men's 100 m breaststroke SB14  Final 
September 1418h13Women's 100 m breaststroke SB14  Final 
September 1418h34Men's 100 m backstroke S12  Final 
September 1418h40Women's 100 m backstroke S12  Final 
September 1418h48Men's 100 m butterfly S11  Final 
September 1419h09Men's 50 m breaststroke SB2  Final 
September 1419h17Men's 50 m breaststroke SB3  Final 
September 1419h24Women's 50 m breaststroke SB3  Final 
September 1419h46Men's 50 m freestyle S13  Final 
September 1419h52Women's 50 m freestyle S13  Final 
September 1420h19Men's 4 x 100 m freestyle relay 34 points  Final 
September 1509h30Men's 100 m butterfly S9  heat 1 
September 1509h33Men's 100 m butterfly S9  heat 2 
September 1509h37Women's 100 m freestyle S9  heat 1 
September 1509h40Women's 100 m freestyle S9  heat 2 
September 1509h43Women's 100 m freestyle S9  heat 3 
September 1509h47Men's 100 m breaststroke SB6  heat 1 
September 1509h51Men's 100 m breaststroke SB6  heat 2 
September 1509h55Women's 100 m breaststroke SB6  heat 1 
September 1509h59Women's 100 m breaststroke SB6  heat 2 
September 1510h04Men's 400 m freestyle S10  heat 1 
September 1510h11Men's 400 m freestyle S10  heat 2 
September 1510h18Women's 400 m freestyle S10  heat 1 
September 1510h25Women's 400 m freestyle S10  heat 2 
September 1510h33Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM5  heat 1 
September 1510h40Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM5  heat 2 
September 1510h47Men's 100 m freestyle S11  heat 1 
September 1510h52Men's 100 m freestyle S11  heat 2 
September 1510h56Women's 100 m freestyle S11  heat 1 
September 1511h01Women's 100 m freestyle S11  heat 2 
September 1511h06Men's 50 m backstroke S2  heat 1 
September 1511h11Men's 50 m backstroke S2  heat 2 
September 1517h30Men's 100 m butterfly S9  Final 
September 1517h36Women's 100 m butterfly S9  Final 
September 1517h43Men's 100 m breaststroke SB6  Final 
September 1517h50Women's 100 m breaststroke SB6  Final 
September 1517h57Men's 400 m freestyle S10  Final 
September 1518h07Women's 400 m freestyle S10  Final 
September 1518h32Men's 200 m freestyle S3  Final 
September 1518h42Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM5  Final 
September 1519h06Men's 100 m freestyle S11  Final 
September 1519h14Women's 100 m freestyle S11  Final 
September 1519h36Men's 50 m backstroke S1  Final 
September 1519h44Men's 50 m backstroke S2  Final 
September 1519h52Women's 50 m backstroke S2  Final 
September 1520h14Women's 4 x 100 m freestyle relay 34 points  Final 
September 1609h30Men's 100 m freestyle S7  heat 1 
September 1609h33Men's 100 m freestyle S7  heat 2 
September 1609h37Women's 100 m freestyle S7  heat 1 
September 1609h40Women's 100 m freestyle S7  heat 2 
September 1609h44Men's 100 m backstroke S9  heat 1 
September 1609h48Men's 100 m backstroke S9  heat 2 
September 1609h52Women's 100 m backstroke S9  heat 1 
September 1609h56Women's 100 m backstroke S9  heat 2 
September 1610h00Women's 100 m backstroke S9  heat 3 
September 1610h04Men's 50 m freestyle S8  heat 1 
September 1610h06Men's 50 m freestyle S8  heat 2 
September 1610h09Women's 50 m freestyle S8  heat 1 
September 1610h12Women's 50 m freestyle S8  heat 2 
September 1610h16Men's 50 m backstroke S4  heat 1 
September 1610h19Men's 50 m backstroke S4  heat 2 
September 1610h23Women's 50 m backstroke S4  heat 1 
September 1610h27Women's 50 m backstroke S4  heat 2 
September 1610h31Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM11  heat 1 
September 1610h37Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM11  heat 2 
September 1610h43Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM11  heat 1 
September 1610h50Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM11  heat 2 
September 1610h57Men's 100 m freestyle S12, 13  heat 1 
September 1611h00Men's 100 m freestyle S12, 13  heat 2 
September 1611h03Men's 100 m freestyle S12, 13  heat 3 
September 1611h06Women's 100 m freestyle S13  heat 1 
September 1611h10Women's 100 m freestyle S13  heat 2 
September 1611h13Women's 100 m freestyle S13  heat 3 
September 1611h16Men's 50 m backstroke S5  heat 1 
September 1611h20Men's 50 m backstroke S5  heat 2 
September 1611h24Women's 50 m backstroke S5  heat 1 
September 1611h28Women's 50 m backstroke S5  heat 2 
September 1611h31Men's 150 m Individual Medley SM3  heat 1 
September 1611h38Men's 150 m Individual Medley SM3  heat 2 
September 1617h30Men's 100 m freestyle S7  Final 
September 1617h36Women's 100 m freestyle S7  Final 
September 1617h43Men's 100 m backstroke S9  Final 
September 1617h50Women's 100 m backstroke S9  Final 
September 1617h57Men's 50 m freestyle S8  Final 
September 1618h03Women's 50 m freestyle S8  Final 
September 1618h23Men's 50 m backstroke S4  Final 
September 1618h30Women's 50 m backstroke S4  Final 
September 1618h51Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM11  Final 
September 1619h00Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM11  Final 
September 1619h24Men's 100 m freestyle S12, 13  Final 
September 1619h31Women's 100 m freestyle S13  Final 
September 1619h51Men's 50 m backstroke S5  Final 
September 1619h58Women's 50 m backstroke S5  Final 
September 1620h19Men's 150 m Individual Medley SM3  Final 
September 1620h43Women's 4 x 100 m medley relay 34 points  Final 
September 1709h30Men's 100 m freestyle S6  heat 1 
September 1709h33Men's 100 m freestyle S6  heat 2 
September 1709h36Men's 100 m freestyle S6  heat 3 
September 1709h40Women's 100 m freestyle S6  heat 1 
September 1709h45Women's 100 m freestyle S6  heat 2 
September 1709h48Women's 100 m freestyle S6  heat 3 
September 1709h52Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM8  heat 1 
September 1709h57Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM8  heat 2 
September 1710h03Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM8  heat 1 
September 1710h08Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM8  heat 2 
September 1710h14Men's 50 m freestyle S12  heat 1 
September 1710h17Men's 50 m freestyle S12  heat 2 
September 1710h19Men's 50 m freestyle S12  heat 3 
September 1710h22Women's 50 m freestyle S12  heat 1 
September 1710h25Women's 50 m freestyle S12  heat 2 
September 1710h28Women's 50 m freestyle S4  heat 1 
September 1710h32Women's 50 m freestyle S4  heat 2 
September 1710h35Men's 100 m backstroke S13  heat 1 
September 1710h35Women's 50 m freestyle S4  heat 3 
September 1710h39Men's 100 m backstroke S13  heat 2 
September 1710h43Women's 100 m backstroke S13  heat 1 
September 1710h47Women's 100 m backstroke S13  heat 2 
September 1710h52Men's 100 m freestyle S5  heat 1 
September 1710h56Men's 100 m freestyle S5  heat 2 
September 1711h01Women's 100 m freestyle S5  heat 1 
September 1711h04Women's 100 m freestyle S5  heat 2 
September 1711h10Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM14  heat 1 
September 1711h14Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM14  heat 2 
September 1711h18Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM14  heat 3 
September 1711h24Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM14  heat 1 
September 1711h29Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM14  heat 2 
September 1717h30Men's 100 m freestyle S6  Final 
September 1717h36Women's 100 m freestyle S6  Final 
September 1717h43Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM8  Final 
September 1717h51Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM8  Final 
September 1718h00Men's 50 m freestyle S12  Final 
September 1718h06Women's 50 m freestyle S12  Final 
September 1718h28Men's 50 m freestyle S4  Final 
September 1718h35Women's 50 m freestyle S4  Final 
September 1718h58Men's 100 m backstroke S13  Final 
September 1719h05Women's 100 m backstroke S13  Final 
September 1719h28Men's 100 m freestyle S5  Final 
September 1719h36Women's 100 m freestyle S5  Final 
September 1720h00Men's 200 m Individual Medley SM14  Final 
September 1720h08Women's 200 m Individual Medley SM14  Final 
September 1720h32Men's 4 x 100 m medley relay 34 points  Final 

Table tennis

September 809h00Men's Singles Class 3  group A 
September 809h00Men's Singles Class 3  group B 
September 809h00Men's Singles Class 3  group C 
September 809h00Men's Singles Class 3  group D 
September 809h00Men's Singles Class 8  group A 
September 809h00Men's Singles Class 8  group B 
September 809h00Men's Singles Class 8  group C 
September 809h00Men's Singles Class 8  group D 
September 809h40Men's Singles Class 3  group E 
September 809h40Men's Singles Class 3  group F 
September 809h40Men's Singles Class 3  group G 
September 809h40Men's Singles Class 3  group H 
September 809h40Women's Singles Class 8  group A 
September 809h40Men's Singles Class 8  group E 
September 809h40Men's Singles Class 8  group F 
September 810h20Women's Singles Class 3  group A 
September 810h20Women's Singles Class 3  group B 
September 810h20Women's Singles Class 3  group C 
September 810h20Women's Singles Class 3  group D 
September 810h20Women's Singles Class 8  group B 
September 810h20Men's Singles Class 9  group A 
September 810h20Men's Singles Class 9  group B 
September 811h00Men's Singles Class 2  group A 
September 811h00Men's Singles Class 2  group B 
September 811h00Women's Singles Class 3  group E 
September 811h00Women's Singles Class 3  group F 
September 811h00Women's Singles Class 9  group A 
September 811h00Men's Singles Class 9  group C 
September 811h00Men's Singles Class 9  group D 
September 811h00Men's Singles Class 9  group E 
September 811h40Men's Singles Class 2  group C 
September 811h40Men's Singles Class 2  group D 
September 811h40Men's Singles Class 2  group E 
September 811h40Men's Singles Class 5  group A 
September 811h40Men's Singles Class 6  group A 
September 811h40Women's Singles Class 9  group A 
September 811h40Women's Singles Class 9  group B 
September 811h40Men's Singles Class 9  group A 
September 811h40Men's Singles Class 9  group B 
September 812h20Men's Singles Class 5  group B 
September 812h20Men's Singles Class 5  group C 
September 812h20Men's Singles Class 5  group D 
September 812h20Men's Singles Class 5  group E 
September 812h20Men's Singles Class 6  group B 
September 812h20Men's Singles Class 6  group C 
September 812h20Men's Singles Class 6  group D 
September 812h20Men's Singles Class 6  group E 
September 813h00Women's Singles Class 1, 2  group A 
September 813h00Women's Singles Class 1, 2  group B 
September 813h00Women's Singles Class 1, 2  group D 
September 813h00Women's Singles Class 6  group A 
September 813h00Women's Singles Class 6  group B 
September 813h40Women's Singles Class 11  group A 
September 813h40Women's Singles Class 11  group B 
September 813h40Women's Singles Class 4  group A 
September 813h40Women's Singles Class 4  group B 
September 813h40Women's Singles Class 4  group B 
September 813h40Women's Singles Class 4  group C 
September 813h40Women's Singles Class 4  group D 
September 816h00Men's Singles Class 1  group A 
September 816h00Men's Singles Class 1  group B 
September 816h00Men's Singles Class 1  group C 
September 816h00Men's Singles Class 1  group D 
September 816h00Women's Singles Class 10  group A 
September 816h00Women's Singles Class 10  group B 
September 816h40Men's Singles Class 10  group A 
September 816h40Men's Singles Class 10  group B 
September 816h40Men's Singles Class 10  group C 
September 816h40Men's Singles Class 10  group D 
September 816h40Men's Singles Class 4  group A 
September 816h40Men's Singles Class 4  group B 
September 816h40Men's Singles Class 4  group C 
September 816h40Men's Singles Class 4  group D 
September 817h20Men's Singles Class 10  group E 
September 817h20Men's Singles Class 4  group E 
September 817h20Men's Singles Class 4  group F 
September 817h20Women's Singles Class 5  group A 
September 817h20Women's Singles Class 5  group B 
September 817h20Women's Singles Class 7  group A 
September 817h20Women's Singles Class 7  group B 
September 818h00Women's Singles Class 3  group A 
September 818h00Women's Singles Class 3  group B 
September 818h00Women's Singles Class 3  group C 
September 818h00Women's Singles Class 3  group D 
September 818h00Women's Singles Class 7  group B 
September 818h00Men's Singles Class 7  group A 
September 818h00Men's Singles Class 7  group B 
September 818h00Men's Singles Class 7  group C 
September 818h40Men's Singles Class 11  group A 
September 818h40Men's Singles Class 11  group B 
September 818h40Women's Singles Class 3  group C 
September 818h40Women's Singles Class 3  group D 
September 818h40Women's Singles Class 3  group E 
September 818h40Women's Singles Class 3  group F 
September 818h40Men's Singles Class 7  group D 
September 818h40Men's Singles Class 7  group E 
September 819h20Men's Singles Class 11  group C 
September 819h20Men's Singles Class 3  group A 
September 819h20Men's Singles Class 3  group B 
September 819h20Men's Singles Class 3  group C 
September 819h20Men's Singles Class 3  group D 
September 819h20Men's Singles Class 8  group A 
September 819h20Men's Singles Class 8  group B 
September 820h00Men's Singles Class 3  group E 
September 820h00Men's Singles Class 3  group F 
September 820h00Men's Singles Class 3  group G 
September 820h00Men's Singles Class 3  group H 
September 820h00Men's Singles Class 8  group C 
September 820h00Men's Singles Class 8  group D 
September 820h00Men's Singles Class 8  group E 
September 820h00Men's Singles Class 8  group F 
September 820h40Women's Singles Class 4  group A 
September 820h40Women's Singles Class 4  group B 
September 820h40Women's Singles Class 4  group C 
September 820h40Women's Singles Class 4  group D 
September 820h40Women's Singles Class 8  group A 
September 820h40Women's Singles Class 8  group B 
September 821h20Women's Singles Class 9  group A 
September 821h20Women's Singles Class 9  group B 
September 909h00Men's Singles Class 4  group A 
September 909h00Men's Singles Class 4  group B 
September 909h00Men's Singles Class 4  group C 
September 909h00Men's Singles Class 4  group D 
September 909h00Men's Singles Class 9  group A 
September 909h00Men's Singles Class 9  group B 
September 909h00Men's Singles Class 9  group C 
September 909h00Men's Singles Class 9  group D 
September 909h40Men's Singles Class 5  group A 
September 909h40Men's Singles Class 5  group B 
September 909h40Men's Singles Class 7  group A 
September 909h40Men's Singles Class 7  group B 
September 909h40Men's Singles Class 7  group C 
September 909h40Men's Singles Class 9  group E 
September 909h40Men's Singles Class 9  group F 
September 910h20Men's Singles Class 2  group A 
September 910h20Men's Singles Class 2  group C 
September 910h20Men's Singles Class 5  group D 
September 910h20Men's Singles Class 5  group E 
September 910h20Women's Singles Class 6  group A 
September 910h20Men's Singles Class 7  group D 
September 910h20Men's Singles Class 7  group E 
September 911h00Men's Singles Class 2  group B 
September 911h00Men's Singles Class 2  group C 
September 911h00Men's Singles Class 2  group D 
September 911h00Men's Singles Class 2  group E 
September 911h00Women's Singles Class 6  group B 
September 911h00Men's Singles Class 6  group A 
September 911h00Men's Singles Class 6  group B 
September 911h40Women's Singles Class 1, 2  group A 
September 911h40Women's Singles Class 1, 2  group B 
September 911h40Women's Singles Class 1, 2  group C 
September 911h40Women's Singles Class 1, 2  group D 
September 911h40Men's Singles Class 10  group A 
September 911h40Men's Singles Class 6  group C 
September 911h40Men's Singles Class 6  group D 
September 911h40Men's Singles Class 6  group E 
September 912h20Men's Singles Class 1  group A 
September 912h20Men's Singles Class 1  group B 
September 912h20Men's Singles Class 1  group C 
September 912h20Men's Singles Class 1  group D 
September 912h20Men's Singles Class 10  group B 
September 912h20Men's Singles Class 10  group C 
September 912h20Men's Singles Class 10  group D 
September 912h20Men's Singles Class 10  group E 
September 913h00Women's Singles Class 11  group A 
September 913h00Women's Singles Class 11  group B 
September 913h00Women's Singles Class 5  group A 
September 913h00Women's Singles Class 5  group B 
September 913h00Women's Singles Class 5  group C 
September 913h00Women's Singles Class 5  group D 
September 913h40Women's Singles Class 10  group A 
September 913h40Women's Singles Class 10  group B 
September 913h40Women's Singles Class 4  group A 
September 913h40Women's Singles Class 4  group B 
September 913h40Women's Singles Class 4  group C 
September 913h40Women's Singles Class 4  group D 
September 916h00Men's Singles Class 11  group A 
September 916h00Men's Singles Class 11  group B 
September 916h00Men's Singles Class 11  group C 
September 916h00Men's Singles Class 11  group D 
September 916h00Men's Singles Class 2  group A 
September 916h00Men's Singles Class 2  group B 
September 916h00Men's Singles Class 2  group C 
September 916h00Men's Singles Class 2  group D 
September 916h40Men's Singles Class 2  group E 
September 916h40Men's Singles Class 5  group A 
September 916h40Men's Singles Class 5  group B 
September 916h40Men's Singles Class 5  group C 
September 916h40Women's Singles Class 7  group A 
September 916h40Women's Singles Class 7  group B 
September 917h20Men's Singles Class 4  group A 
September 917h20Men's Singles Class 4  group B 
September 917h20Men's Singles Class 5  group D 
September 917h20Men's Singles Class 5  group E 
September 917h20Men's Singles Class 7  group A 
September 917h20Men's Singles Class 7  group B 
September 917h20Men's Singles Class 7  group C 
September 917h20Men's Singles Class 7  group D 
September 918h00Men's Singles Class 4  group C 
September 918h00Men's Singles Class 4  group D 
September 918h00Men's Singles Class 4  group E 
September 918h00Men's Singles Class 4  group F 
September 918h00Men's Singles Class 7  group E 
September 918h00Women's Singles Class 8  group A 
September 918h40Women's Singles Class 1, 2  group A 
September 918h40Women's Singles Class 1, 2  group B 
September 918h40Women's Singles Class 1, 2  group D 
September 918h40Men's Singles Class 6  group A 
September 918h40Men's Singles Class 6  group B 
September 918h40Men's Singles Class 6  group C 
September 918h40Women's Singles Class 8  group B 
September 919h20Men's Singles Class 3  group A 
September 919h20Men's Singles Class 3  group B 
September 919h20Men's Singles Class 3  group C 
September 919h20Men's Singles Class 3  group D 
September 919h20Men's Singles Class 6  group D 
September 919h20Men's Singles Class 6  group E 
September 919h20Men's Singles Class 8  group A 
September 919h20Men's Singles Class 8  group B 
September 920h00Men's Singles Class 3  group E 
September 920h00Men's Singles Class 3  group F 
September 920h00Men's Singles Class 3  group G 
September 920h00Men's Singles Class 3  group H 
September 920h00Men's Singles Class 8  group C 
September 920h00Men's Singles Class 8  group D 
September 920h00Men's Singles Class 8  group E 
September 920h00Men's Singles Class 8  group F 
September 920h40Women's Singles Class 11  group A 
September 920h40Women's Singles Class 11  group B 
September 920h40Women's Singles Class 5  group A 
September 920h40Women's Singles Class 5  group B 
September 920h40Women's Singles Class 5  group C 
September 920h40Women's Singles Class 5  group D 
September 921h20Women's Singles Class 9  group A 
September 921h20Women's Singles Class 9  group B 
September 1009h00Women's Singles Class 3  group A 
September 1009h00Women's Singles Class 3  group B 
September 1009h00Women's Singles Class 3  group C 
September 1009h00Men's Singles Class 9  group A 
September 1009h00Men's Singles Class 9  group B 
September 1009h00Men's Singles Class 9  group C 
September 1009h00Men's Singles Class 9  group D 
September 1009h40Women's Singles Class 3  group D 
September 1009h40Women's Singles Class 3  group E 
September 1009h40Women's Singles Class 3  group F 
September 1009h40Women's Singles Class 7  group A 
September 1009h40Women's Singles Class 7  group B 
September 1009h40Men's Singles Class 9  group E 
September 1010h20Men's Singles Class 1  group A 
September 1010h20Men's Singles Class 1  group B 
September 1010h20Men's Singles Class 1  group C 
September 1010h20Men's Singles Class 1  group D 
September 1010h20Men's Singles Class 10  group A 
September 1010h20Men's Singles Class 10  group B 
September 1010h20Women's Singles Class 7  group B 
September 1011h00Men's Singles Class 10  group C 
September 1011h00Men's Singles Class 10  group D 
September 1011h00Men's Singles Class 10  group E 
September 1011h00Men's Singles Class 2  round 1 
September 1011h00Men's Singles Class 5  round 1 
September 1011h40Men's Singles Class 3  round 1 
September 1011h40Women's Singles Class 6  group A 
September 1011h40Women's Singles Class 6  group B 
September 1012h20Women's Singles Class 10  group A 
September 1012h20Women's Singles Class 10  group B 
September 1012h20Men's Singles Class 3  round 1 
September 1013h00Men's Singles Class 11  group A 
September 1013h00Men's Singles Class 11  group B 
September 1013h00Men's Singles Class 11  group C 
September 1013h00Men's Singles Class 4  round 1 
September 1013h40Women's Singles Class 1, 2  Quarterfinals 
September 1013h40Men's Singles Class 6  round 1 
September 1013h40Men's Singles Class 6  round 1 
September 1013h40Men's Singles Class 7  round 1 
September 1016h00Women's Singles Class 3  round 1 
September 1016h00Men's Singles Class 8  round 1 
September 1016h45Men's Singles Class 10  round 1 
September 1016h45Women's Singles Class 5  Quarterfinals 
September 1016h45Men's Singles Class 9  round 1 
September 1017h30Women's Singles Class 4  Quarterfinals 
September 1017h30Men's Singles Class 6  Quarterfinals 
September 1018h15Men's Singles Class 2  Quarterfinals 
September 1018h15Men's Singles Class 7  Quarterfinals 
September 1019h00Men's Singles Class 1  Quarterfinals 
September 1019h00Men's Singles Class 11  Quarterfinals 
September 1019h45Men's Singles Class 3  Quarterfinals 
September 1019h45Men's Singles Class 9  Quarterfinals 
September 1020h30Men's Singles Class 4  Quarterfinals 
September 1020h30Men's Singles Class 8  Quarterfinals 
September 1109h30Men's Singles Class 10  Quarterfinals 
September 1109h30Women's Singles Class 3  Quarterfinals 
September 1110h15Women's Singles Class 11  Semifinals 
September 1110h15Men's Singles Class 5  Quarterfinals 
September 1110h15Men's Singles Class 6  Semifinals 
September 1111h00Women's Singles Class 1, 2  Semifinals 
September 1111h00Men's Singles Class 3  Semifinals 
September 1111h00Men's Singles Class 7  Semifinals 
September 1111h00Women's Singles Class 8  Semifinals 
September 1111h45Women's Singles Class 4  Semifinals 
September 1111h45Men's Singles Class 5  Semifinals 
September 1111h45Women's Singles Class 9  Semifinals 
September 1111h45Men's Singles Class 9  Semifinals 
September 1112h30Men's Singles Class 1  Semifinals 
September 1112h30Men's Singles Class 11  Semifinals 
September 1112h30Women's Singles Class 6  Semifinals 
September 1113h30Women's Singles Class 10  Semifinals 
September 1113h30Men's Singles Class 2  Semifinals 
September 1113h30Men's Singles Class 4  Semifinals 
September 1113h30Men's Singles Class 8  Semifinals 
September 1114h15Men's Singles Class 10  Semifinals 
September 1114h15Women's Singles Class 3  Semifinals 
September 1114h15Women's Singles Class 5  Semifinals 
September 1114h15Women's Singles Class 7  Semifinals 
September 1116h30Women's Singles Class 11  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1116h30Women's Singles Class 11  Final 
September 1117h15Men's Singles Class 3  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1117h15Men's Singles Class 3  Final 
September 1118h15Men's Singles Class 6  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1118h15Men's Singles Class 6  Final 
September 1119h15Women's Singles Class 1, 2  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1119h15Women's Singles Class 1, 2  Final 
September 1120h15Men's Singles Class 9  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1120h15Men's Singles Class 9  Final 
September 1210h00Men's Singles Class 5  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1210h00Men's Singles Class 5  Final 
September 1210h45Men's Singles Class 7  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1210h45Men's Singles Class 7  Final 
September 1211h45Women's Singles Class 4  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1211h45Women's Singles Class 4  Final 
September 1212h45Women's Singles Class 8  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1212h45Women's Singles Class 8  Final 
September 1216h00Men's Singles Class 11  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1216h00Men's Singles Class 11  Final 
September 1216h45Women's Singles Class 3  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1216h45Women's Singles Class 3  Final 
September 1217h45Women's Singles Class 5  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1217h45Women's Singles Class 5  Final 
September 1218h45Men's Singles Class 10  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1218h45Men's Singles Class 10  Final 
September 1310h00Women's Singles Class 6  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1310h00Women's Singles Class 6  Final 
September 1310h45Men's Singles Class 8  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1310h45Men's Singles Class 8  Final 
September 1311h45Men's Singles Class 1  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1311h45Men's Singles Class 1  Final 
September 1312h45Women's Singles Class 7  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1312h45Women's Singles Class 7  Final 
September 1316h00Men's Singles Class 2  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1316h00Men's Singles Class 2  Final 
September 1316h45Women's Singles Class 9  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1316h45Women's Singles Class 9  Final 
September 1317h45Men's Singles Class 4  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1317h45Men's Singles Class 4  Final 
September 1318h45Women's Singles Class 10  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1318h45Women's Singles Class 10  Final 
September 1410h00Men's team Class 4, 5  round 1 
September 1410h00Men's team Class 6, 8  round 1 
September 1410h00Men's team Class 9, 10  round 1 
September 1411h30Men's team Class 4, 5  round 1 
September 1411h30Men's team Class 6, 8  round 1 
September 1413h00Women's team Class 1, 3  Quarterfinals 
September 1413h00Men's team Class 3  Quarterfinals 
September 1413h00Women's team Class 6, 10  round 1 
September 1416h30Men's team Class 1, 2  Quarterfinals 
September 1416h30Men's team Class 3  Quarterfinals 
September 1416h30Men's team Class 9, 10  Quarterfinals 
September 1418h00Women's team Class 4, 5  Quarterfinals 
September 1418h00Men's team Class 4, 5  Quarterfinals 
September 1418h00Men's team Class 6, 8  Quarterfinals 
September 1419h30Women's team Class 4, 5  Quarterfinals 
September 1419h30Men's team Class 4, 5  Quarterfinals 
September 1419h30Women's team Class 6, 10  Quarterfinals 
September 1510h00Women's team Class 1, 3  Semifinals 
September 1512h00Men's team Class 4, 5  Semifinals 
September 1514h00Men's team Class 1, 2  Semifinals 
September 1514h00Men's team Class 6, 8  Semifinals 
September 1517h30Women's team Class 4, 5  Semifinals 
September 1517h30Women's team Class 6, 10  Semifinals 
September 1519h30Men's team Class 3  Semifinals 
September 1519h30Men's team Class 9, 10  Semifinals 
September 1610h00Men's team Class 4, 5  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1610h00Men's team Class 4, 5  Final 
September 1612h00Men's team Class 6, 8  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1612h00Men's team Class 6, 8  Final 
September 1616h30Women's team Class 1, 3  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1616h30Women's team Class 1, 3  Final 
September 1618h30Men's team Class 3  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1618h30Men's team Class 3  Final 
September 1710h00Women's team Class 4, 5  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1710h00Women's team Class 4, 5  Final 
September 1712h00Women's team Class 6, 10  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1712h00Women's team Class 6, 10  Final 
September 1716h30Men's team Class 1, 2  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1716h30Men's team Class 1, 2  Final 
September 1718h30Men's team Class 9, 10  Bronze Medal Match 
September 1718h30Men's team Class 9, 10  Final 


September 808h30Women's R2 -10 m air rifle Standing SH1  qualification 
September 810h30Women's R2 -10 m air rifle Standing SH1  final 
September 812h00Men's R1 -10 m air rifle Standing SH1  qualification 
September 814h30Men's R1 -10 m air rifle Standing SH1  Final 
September 909h30Women's P2 - 10 m air pistol SH1  qualification 
September 910h45Women's P2 - 10 m air pistol SH1  Final 
September 912h15Men's P1 - 10 m air pistol SH1  qualification 
September 914h45Men's P1 - 10 m air pistol SH1  Final 
September 1009h30Mixed R3 -10 m air rifle prone SH1  qualification 
September 1011h45Mixed R3 -10 m air rifle prone SH1  Final 
September 1012h15Mixed R4 -10 m air rifle standing SH2  qualification 
September 1012h45Mixed R4 -10 m air rifle standing SH2  Final 
September 1109h15Mixed P3 - 25 m pistol SH1  precision 
September 1111h00Mixed P3 - 25 m pistol SH1  rapid 
September 1113h00Mixed P3 - 25 m pistol SH1  Finals 
September 1209h30Men's R7 - 50 m rifle 3 positions SH1  qualification 
September 1213h30Men's R7 - 50 m rifle 3 positions SH1  Final 
September 1309h30Women's R8 - 50 m rifle 3 positions SH1  qualification 
September 1312h30Women's R8 - 50 m rifle 3 positions SH1  Final 
September 1313h00Mixed R5 -10 m air rifle prone SH2  qualification 
September 1315h15Mixed R5 -10 m air rifle prone SH2  Final 
September 1409h30Mixed R6 - 50 m rifle prone SH1  qualification 
September 1411h45Mixed R6 - 50 m rifle prone SH1  Final 
September 1412h00Mixed P4 - 50 m pistol SH1  qualification 
September 1414h45Mixed P4 - 50 m pistol SH1  Final 


September 1010h00Men's PT4    
September 1010h03Men's PT2    
September 1011h20Men's PT1    
September 1110h00Women's PT4    
September 1110h03Women's PT2    
September 1111h35Women's PT5    


September 1213h05Mixed 2-Person Keelboat (SKUD18)   race 1 
September 1213h05Mixed 3-Person Keelboat (Sonar)   race 1 
September 1213h15Mixed 1-Person Keelboat (2.4mR)   race 1 
September 1213h35Mixed 3-Person Keelboat (Sonar)   race 2 
September 1213h45Mixed 1-Person Keelboat (2.4mR)   race 2 
September 1214h35Mixed 2-Person Keelboat (SKUD18)   race 2 
September 1313h05Mixed 2-Person Keelboat (SKUD18)   race 3 
September 1313h05Mixed 3-Person Keelboat (Sonar)   race 3 
September 1412h05Mixed 2-Person Keelboat (SKUD18)   race 4 
September 1412h05Mixed 3-Person Keelboat (Sonar)   race 4 
September 1412h15Mixed 1-Person Keelboat (2.4mR)   race 3 
September 1413h35Mixed 2-Person Keelboat (SKUD18)   race 5 
September 1413h35Mixed 3-Person Keelboat (Sonar)   race 5 
September 1413h45Mixed 1-Person Keelboat (2.4mR)   race 4 
September 1415h05Mixed 2-Person Keelboat (SKUD18)   race 6 
September 1415h05Mixed 3-Person Keelboat (Sonar)   race 6 
September 1415h15Mixed 1-Person Keelboat (2.4mR)   race 5 
September 1512h05Mixed 2-Person Keelboat (SKUD18)   race 7 
September 1512h05Mixed 3-Person Keelboat (Sonar)   race 7 
September 1512h15Mixed 1-Person Keelboat (2.4mR)   race 6 
September 1513h35Mixed 2-Person Keelboat (SKUD18)   race 8 
September 1513h35Mixed 3-Person Keelboat (Sonar)   race 8 
September 1513h45Mixed 1-Person Keelboat (2.4mR)   race 7 
September 1515h15Mixed 1-Person Keelboat (2.4mR)   race 8 
September 1613h05Mixed 2-Person Keelboat (SKUD18)   race 9 
September 1613h05Mixed 3-Person Keelboat (Sonar)   race 9 
September 1613h15Mixed 1-Person Keelboat (2.4mR)   race 9 

Volley-ball sitting

September 910h00Men's    Pool A: Brazil - United States 
September 914h00Men's    Pool A: Egypt - Germany 
September 918h30Women's    Pool A: Brazil - Canada 
September 1010h00Women's    Pool B: China - Rwanda 
September 1014h00Women's    Pool B: United States - Iran 
September 1018h30Men's    Pool B: Iran - China 
September 1020h30Women's    Pool A: Ukraine - Netherlands 
September 1020h30Men's    Pool B: Bosnia & Herzegovina - Ukraine 
September 1110h00Men's    Pool A: Brazil - Egypt 
September 1114h00Women's    Pool A: Canada - Netherlands 
September 1118h30Men's    Pool A: Brazil - Egypt 
September 1210h00Women's    Pool B: Rwanda - Iran 
September 1214h00Men's    Pool B: China - Ukraine 
September 1218h30Women's    Pool B: China - United States 
September 1221h00Men's    Pool B: Iran Bosnia & Herzegovina 
September 1221h09Women's    Pool A: Brazil - Ukraine 
September 1310h00Women's    Pool A: Netheerlands - Brazil 
September 1314h01Men's    Pool A: Egypt - United States 
September 1318h30Women's    Pool A: Ukraine - Canada 
September 1320h30Men's    Pool A: Germany - Brazil 
September 1410h00Women's    Pool B: United States - Rwanda 
September 1414h00Women's    Pool B: Iran - China 
September 1418h30Men's    Pool B: Bosnia & Herzegovina - China 
September 1420h30Men's    Pool B: Ukraine - Iran 
September 1513h30Women's    classification 7-8 places: Canada - Rwanda 
September 1515h30Women's    classification 5-6 places: Netherlands - Iran 
September 1518h30Women's    Semifinal: Ukraine - China 
September 1520h30Women's    Semifinal: Brazil - United States 
September 1613h30Men's    classification 7-8 places: United States - China 
September 1615h30Men's    classification 5-6 places: Germany - Ukraine 
September 1618h30Men's    Semifinal: Egypt - Bosnia & Herzegovina 
September 1620h30Men's    Semifinal: Brazil - Iran 
September 1716h30Women's    Bronze Medal Match: Brazil - Ukraine 
September 1719h00Women's    Final: United States - China 
September 1809h30Men's    Final: Bosnie & Herzegovine - Iran 
September 1812h38Men's    Bronze Medal Match: Egypt - Brazil 

Wheelchair fencing

September 1209h00Men's Sabre Cat B  preliminary, pool A 
September 1209h00Men's Sabre Cat B  preliminary, pool B 
September 1210h30Men's Sabre Cat A  preliminary, pool A 
September 1210h30Men's Sabre Cat B  preliminary, pool B 
September 1212h25Men's Sabre Cat A  Quarterfinals 
September 1212h25Men's Sabre Cat B  Quarterfinals 
September 1214h15Men's Sabre Cat B  Semifinals 
September 1214h40Men's Sabre Cat A  Semifinals 
September 1215h05Men's Sabre Cat B  Bronze Medal Bout 
September 1215h30Men's Sabre Cat A  Bronze Medal Bout 
September 1215h55Men's Sabre Cat B  Final 
September 1216h20Men's Sabre Cat A  Final 
September 1309h00Women's Épée Cat A  preliminary, pool A 
September 1309h00Women's Épée Cat A  preliminary, pool B 
September 1309h00Men's Épée Cat A  preliminary, pool A 
September 1309h00Men's Épée Cat A  preliminary, pool B 
September 1309h00Women's Épée Cat B  preliminary, pool A 
September 1309h00Women's Épée Cat B  preliminary, pool B 
September 1309h00Men's Épée Cat B  preliminary, pool A 
September 1309h00Men's Épée Cat B  preliminary, pool B 
September 1311h25Men's Épée Cat A  Quarterfinals 
September 1311h25Men's Épée Cat B  Quarterfinals 
September 1312h00Women's Épée Cat A  Quarterfinals 
September 1312h00Women's Épée Cat B  Quarterfinals 
September 1314h00Women's Épée Cat B  Semifinals 
September 1314h00Men's Épée Cat B  Semifinals 
September 1314h30Women's Épée Cat A  Semifinals 
September 1314h30Men's Épée Cat A  Semifinals 
September 1315h00Women's Épée Cat B  Bronze Medal Bout 
September 1315h00Men's Épée Cat B  Bronze Medal Bout 
September 1315h30Women's Épée Cat A  Bronze Medal Bout 
September 1315h30Men's Épée Cat A  Bronze Medal Bout 
September 1316h00Women's Épée Cat B  Final 
September 1316h30Women's Épée Cat A  Final 
September 1317h17Men's Épée Cat B  Final 
September 1317h47Men's Épée Cat A  Final 
September 1409h00Women's Foil Cat A  preliminary, pool A 
September 1409h00Women's Foil Cat A  preliminary, pool B 
September 1409h00Men's Foil Cat A  preliminary, pool A 
September 1409h00Men's Foil Cat A  preliminary, pool B 
September 1409h00Women's Foil Cat B  preliminary, pool A 
September 1409h00Women's Foil Cat B  preliminary, pool B 
September 1409h00Men's Foil Cat B  preliminary, pool A 
September 1409h00Men's Foil Cat B  preliminary, pool B 
September 1411h25Women's Foil Cat A  Quarterfinals 
September 1411h25Women's Foil Cat B  Quarterfinals 
September 1412h00Men's Foil Cat A  Quarterfinals 
September 1412h00Men's Foil Cat B  Quarterfinals 
September 1414h00Women's Foil Cat B  Semifinals 
September 1414h00Men's Foil Cat B  Semifinals 
September 1414h30Women's Foil Cat A  Semifinals 
September 1414h30Men's Foil Cat A  Semifinals 
September 1415h00Women's Foil Cat B  Bronze Medal Bout 
September 1415h00Men's Foil Cat B  Bronze Medal Bout 
September 1415h30Women's Foil Cat A  Bronze Medal Bout 
September 1415h30Men's Foil Cat A  Bronze Medal Bout 
September 1416h00Women's Foil Cat B  Final 
September 1416h30Women's Foil Cat A  Final 
September 1417h17Men's Foil Cat B  Final 
September 1417h47Men's Foil Cat A  Final 
September 1508h30Women's Épée team   preliminary, pool A 
September 1508h30Women's Épée team   preliminary, pool B 
September 1508h30Men's Épée team   preliminary, pool A 
September 1508h30Men's Épée team   preliminary, pool B 
September 1510h00Women's Épée team   preliminary, pool A 
September 1510h00Women's Épée team   preliminary, pool B 
September 1510h00Men's Épée team   preliminary, pool A 
September 1510h00Men's Épée team   preliminary, pool B 
September 1511h30Women's Épée team   preliminary, pool A 
September 1511h30Women's Épée team   preliminary, pool B 
September 1511h30Men's Épée team   preliminary, pool A 
September 1511h30Men's Épée team   preliminary, pool B 
September 1513h00Men's Épée team   Semifinals 
September 1513h00Men's Épée team   placement 5-6 
September 1514h00Women's Épée team   Semifinals 
September 1514h00Women's Épée team   placement 5-6 
September 1516h30Men's Épée team   Bronze Medal Bout 
September 1517h25Women's Épée team   Bronze Medal Bout 
September 1518h20Men's Épée team   Final 
September 1519h15Women's Épée team   Final 
September 1608h30Women's Foil team   preliminary, pool A 
September 1608h30Women's Foil team   preliminary, pool B 
September 1608h30Men's Foil team   preliminary, pool A 
September 1608h30Men's Foil team   preliminary, pool B 
September 1610h00Women's Foil team   preliminary, pool A 
September 1610h00Women's Foil team   preliminary, pool B 
September 1610h00Men's Foil team   preliminary, pool A 
September 1610h00Men's Foil team   preliminary, pool B 
September 1611h30Women's Foil team   preliminary, pool A 
September 1611h30Women's Foil team   preliminary, pool B 
September 1611h30Men's Foil team   preliminary, pool A 
September 1611h30Men's Foil team   preliminary, pool B 
September 1613h00Men's Foil team   Semifinals 
September 1613h00Men's Foil team   placement 5-6 
September 1614h00Women's Épée team   Semifinals 
September 1614h00Women's Foil team   placement 5-6 
September 1616h30Men's Foil team   Bronze Medal Bout 
September 1617h25Women's Foil team   Bronze Medal Bout 
September 1618h20Men's Foil team   Final 
September 1619h15Women's Foil team   Final 

Wheelchair Rugby

September 1410h30Mixed    pool phase group A: Australia - Great Britain 
September 1412h45Mixed    pool phase group B: United States of Amerrira - France 
September 1416h00Mixed    pool phase group B: Japan - Sweden 
September 1419h15Mixed    pool phase group A: Canada - Brazil 
September 1510h30Mixed    pool phase group B: Sweden - United States of Amerrira 
September 1512h45Mixed    pool phase group A: Great Britain - Canada 
September 1516h00Mixed    pool phase group B: Japan - France 
September 1519h15Mixed    pool phase group A: Australia - Brazil 
September 1610h30Mixed    pool phase group B: France - Sweden 
September 1612h45Mixed    pool phase group A: Brazil - Great Britain 
September 1616h00Mixed    pool phase group B: United States of Amerrira - Japan 
September 1619h15Mixed    pool phase group A: Canada - Australia 
September 1710h30Mixed    classification 7th - 8th: Brazil - France 
September 1712h45Mixed    Semifinal 1: United States - Canada 
September 1716h00Mixed    Semifinal 2: Australia - Japan 
September 1719h15Mixed    classification 5th - 6th: Great Britain - Sweden 
September 1809h00Mixed    Bronze Medal Match: Japan - Canada 
September 1812h30Mixed    Final: Australia - United States