2018 Buenos Aires Summer

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  The IIIrd Youth Olympic Games Torche
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The programme will be complete as soon as possible

October 6

CEREMONY 20h00   Opening Ceremony 

October 7

BADMINTON 09h00Men's   Group A 
BADMINTON 09h00Women's   Group E 
BADMINTON 09h00Women's   Group H 
BADMINTON 09h35Men's   Group C 
BADMINTON 09h35Men's   Group D 
BADMINTON 09h35Women's   Group E 
BADMINTON 10h10Men's   Group C 
BADMINTON 10h10Women's   Group F 
BADMINTON 10h10Women's   Group H 
BADMINTON 10h45Men's   Group B 
BADMINTON 10h45Men's   Group G 
BADMINTON 10h45Women's   Group D 
BADMINTON 11h20Men's   Group B 
BADMINTON 11h20Men's   Group G 
BADMINTON 11h20Women's   Group G 
BADMINTON 11h55Women's   Group F 
BADMINTON 13h30Men's   Group E 
BADMINTON 13h30Men's   Group F 
BADMINTON 13h30Women's   Group D 
BADMINTON 14h05Men's   Group E 
BADMINTON 14h05Women's   Group C 
BADMINTON 14h40Men's   Group G 
BADMINTON 14h40Men's   Group H 
BADMINTON 14h40Women's   Group B 
BADMINTON 15h15Men's   Group F 
BADMINTON 15h15Women's   Group A 
BADMINTON 15h50Men's   Group G 
BADMINTON 15h50Men's   Group H 
BADMINTON 15h50Women's   Group D 
BADMINTON 18h00   Group A 
BADMINTON 18h00   Group B 
BADMINTON 19h30   Group A 
BADMINTON 19h30   Group B 
BASKET-BALL 09h00Men's   Preliminary Round - group C: Mongolia - Estonia 
BASKET-BALL 09h30Men's   Preliminary Round - group C: Russian Federation - United States of America 
BASKET-BALL 10h00Women's   Preliminary Round - group A: Hungary - Islamic Republic of iran 
BASKET-BALL 10h30Women's   Preliminary Round - group A: Romania - Germany 
BASKET-BALL 11h00Men's   Preliminary Round - group C: Argentina - Estonia 
BASKET-BALL 11h30Men's   Preliminary Round - group C: United States of America - Mongolia 
BASKET-BALL 12h00Women's   Preliminary Round - group A: China- Hungary 
BASKET-BALL 12h30Women's   Preliminary Round - group A: Islamic Republic of iran - Romania 
BASKET-BALL 13h00Men's   Preliminary Round - group C: Russian Federation - Argentina 
BASKET-BALL 13h30Women's   Preliminary Round - group A: China- Germany 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 09h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group G 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 09h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group H 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 10h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group G 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 10h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group H 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 11h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group F 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 11h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group E 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 12h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group F 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 12h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group E 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 13h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group C 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 13h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group D 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 14h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group C 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 14h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group D 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 15h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group B 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 15h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group A 
BREAKING 15h31B-Girls   preliminary 
BREAKING 15h34B-Girls   preliminary 
BREAKING 15h38B-Girls   preliminary 
BREAKING 15h42B-Girls   preliminary 
BREAKING 15h45B-Girls   preliminary 
BREAKING 15h49B-Girls   preliminary 
BREAKING 15h53B-Girls   preliminary 
BREAKING 15h57B-Girls   preliminary 
BREAKING 16h00B-Girls   preliminary 
BREAKING 16h04B-Girls   preliminary 
BREAKING 16h08B-Girls   preliminary 
BREAKING 16h11B-Girls   preliminary 
BREAKING 16h16B-Girls   preliminary 
BREAKING 16h19B-Girls   preliminary 
BREAKING 16h23B-Girls   preliminary 
BREAKING 16h27B-Girls   preliminary 
BREAKING 16h30B-Girls   preliminary 
BREAKING 16h34B-Girls   preliminary 
BREAKING 16h48B-Boys   preliminary 
BREAKING 16h51B-Boys   preliminary 
BREAKING 16h55B-Boys   preliminary 
BREAKING 16h59B-Boys   preliminary 
BREAKING 17h02B-Boys   preliminary 
BREAKING 17h06B-Boys   preliminary 
BREAKING 17h10B-Boys   preliminary 
BREAKING 17h14B-Boys   preliminary 
BREAKING 17h17B-Boys   preliminary 
BREAKING 17h21B-Boys   preliminary 
BREAKING 17h25B-Boys   preliminary 
BREAKING 17h28B-Boys   preliminary 
BREAKING 17h33B-Boys   preliminary 
BREAKING 17h36B-Boys   preliminary 
BREAKING 17h40B-Boys   preliminary 
BREAKING 17h44B-Boys   preliminary 
BREAKING 17h47B-Boys   preliminary 
BREAKING 17h51B-Boys   preliminary 
CYCLING Bmx11h00Men's   Semifinals 
CYCLING Bmx11h00Women's   Semifinals 
CYCLING Bmx12h15Men's   Fiinal 
CYCLING Bmx12h15Women's   Fiinal 
FENCING 09h00Women's   Pool round 
FENCING 11h50Women's   Table of 16 
FENCING 13h10Women's   Quarterfinals 
FENCING 16h30Women's   Semifinals 
FENCING 17h30Women's   Bronze Medal Match 
FENCING 18h15Women's   Final 
FENCING 09h00Men's   Pool round 
FENCING 11h10Men's   Table of 16 
FENCING 12h50Men's   Quarterfinals 
FENCING 17h00Men's   Semifinals 
FENCING 17h55Men's   Bronze Medal Match 
FENCING 18h15Men's   Final 
FUTSAL 14h00Women's   Round 1, group C: Spain - Bolivia 
FUTSAL 14h00Women's   Round 1, group D: Dominican Republic - Cameroon 
FUTSAL 16h00Women's   Round 1, group C: Trinidad & Tobago -Thailand 
FUTSAL 16h00Women's   Round 1, group D: Chile - Portugal 
FUTSAL 18h00Men's   Round 1, group A: Panama - Iraq 
FUTSAL 18h00Men's   Round 1, group B: Costa Rica - Russian Federation 
FUTSAL 20h00Men's   Round 1, group A: Argentina - Egypt 
FUTSAL 20h00Men's   Round 1, group B: Islamic Republic of Iran - Solomon Islands 
GYMNASTIQUE 13h30Mixed    
GYMNASTIQUE 13h30Mixed   Men's Pommel Horse 
GYMNASTIQUE 13h30Mixed   Women's Floor Exercise 
HOCKEY 5s09h30Men's   Preliminary round, group A: Poland - Mexico 
HOCKEY 5s10h15Men's   Preliminary round, group A: Malaysia - Vanuatu 
HOCKEY 5s11h00Men's   Preliminary round, group B: Australia - Kenya 
HOCKEY 5s11h45Men's   Preliminary round, group B: India - Bangladesh 
HOCKEY 5s12h30Men's   Preliminary round, group B: Canada - Austria 
HOCKEY 5s13h15Men's   Preliminary round, group A: Argentina - Zambia 
HOCKEY 5s14h00Women's   Preliminary round, group A: India - Austria 
HOCKEY 5s14h45Women's   Preliminary round, group A: SouthAfrica - Uruguay 
HOCKEY 5s15h30Women's   Preliminary round, group B: Australia - Zimbabwe 
HOCKEY 5s16h15Women's   Preliminary round, group B: China - Namibia 
HOCKEY 5s17h00Women's   Preliminary round, group A: Argentina - Vanuatu 
HOCKEY 5s17h45Women's   Preliminary round, group B: Poland - Mexico 
JUDO 10h00Women's   Elimination Round of 16 
JUDO 10h54Women's   Quaterfinals 
JUDO 11h30Women's   Repechages round of 8 
JUDO 12h36Women's   Semifinals 
JUDO 12h48Women's   Repechage Round of 4 
JUDO 15h18Women's   Bronze Medal matchs 
JUDO 15h30Women's   Final 
JUDO 10h18Men's   Elimination Round of 16 
JUDO 11h06Men's   Quaterfinals 
JUDO 11h36Men's   Repechages round of 8 
JUDO 12h12Men's   Semifinals 
JUDO 12h42Men's   Repechage Round of 4 
JUDO 15h00Men's   Bronze Medal matchs 
JUDO 15h12Men's   Final 
JUDO 10h00Boys   Elimination Round of 32 
JUDO 10h30Boys   Elimination Round of 16 
JUDO 11h18Men's   Quarterfinals 
JUDO 11h54Men's   Repechages round of 8 
JUDO 12h18Men's   Semifinals 
JUDO 12h54Men's   Repechage Round of 4 
JUDO 15h42Men's   Bronze Medal matchs 
JUDO 15h48Men's   Final 
ROLLER 10h00Men's   Semifinals 
ROLLER 10h00Women's   Semifinals 
ROLLER 13h30Men's   Final 
ROLLER 13h30Women's   Final 
ROWING 14h30Men's   Time Trial - Round 1 
ROWING 14h30Women's   Time Trial - Round 1 
ROWING 14h30Men's   Time Trial - Round 1 
ROWING 14h30Women's   Time Trial - Round 1 
SAILBOARD 12h05Women's   race 1 
SAILBOARD 12h15Men's   race 1 
SAILBOARD 12h35Women's   race 2 
SAILBOARD 12h45Men's   race 2 
SHOOTING 09h00Men's   Qualification 
SHOOTING 09h00Men's   Finals 
SPORT CLIBING 09h00Women's   Qualification - Speed 
SPORT CLIBING 11h00Women's   Qualification - Bouldering 
SPORT CLIBING 15h30Women's   Qualification - Lead 
SWIMMING 10h38Men's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h40Men's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h43Men's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 10h45Men's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 10h48Women's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h51Women's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h54Women's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 10h57Women's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 18h15Men's   Semifinal 1 
SWIMMING 18h19Men's   Semifinal 2 
SWIMMING 18h30Women's   Semifinal 1 
SWIMMING 18h34Women's   Semifinal 2 
SWIMMING 11h00Men's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 11h02Men's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 11h05Men's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 11h08Men's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 18h38Men's   Semifinal 1 
SWIMMING 18h42Men's   Semifinal 2 
SWIMMING 11h11Women's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 11h15Women's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 11h19Women's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 11h23Women's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 18h46Women's   Final 
SWIMMING 10h00Men's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h06Men's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h12Men's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 10h18Men's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 18h00Men's   Final 
SWIMMING 10h24Women's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h26Women's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h29Women's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 10h31Women's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 10h33Women's   heat 5 
SWIMMING 10h35Women's   heat 6 
SWIMMING 18h07Women's   Semifinal 1 
SWIMMING 18h11Women's   Semifinal 2 
SWIMMING 11h27Mixed   heat 1 
SWIMMING 11h33Mixed   heat 2 
SWIMMING 11h39Mixed   heat 3 
SWIMMING 18h51Mixed   Final 
TABLE TENNIS 10h00Men's   Preliminary pool, group A 
TABLE TENNIS 10h00Women's   Preliminary pool, group A 
TABLE TENNIS 10h45Men's   Preliminary pool, group B 
TABLE TENNIS 10h45Women's   Preliminary pool, group B 
TABLE TENNIS 11h30Men's   Preliminary pool, group C 
TABLE TENNIS 11h30Women's   Preliminary pool, group C 
TABLE TENNIS 12h15Men's   Preliminary pool, group D 
TABLE TENNIS 12h15Women's   Preliminary pool, group D 
TABLE TENNIS 13h00Men's   Preliminary pool, group E 
TABLE TENNIS 13h00Women's   Preliminary pool, group E 
TABLE TENNIS 13h45Men's   Preliminary pool, group F 
TABLE TENNIS 13h45Women's   Preliminary pool, group F 
TABLE TENNIS 16h00Men's   Preliminary pool, group G 
TABLE TENNIS 16h00Women's   Preliminary pool, group G 
TABLE TENNIS 16h45Men's   Preliminary pool, group H 
TABLE TENNIS 16h45Women's   Preliminary pool, group H 
TABLE TENNIS 17h30Men's   Preliminary pool, group A 
TABLE TENNIS 17h30Women's   Preliminary pool, group A 
TABLE TENNIS 18h15Men's   Preliminary pool, group B 
TABLE TENNIS 18h15Women's   Preliminary pool, group B 
TABLE TENNIS 19h00Men's   Preliminary pool, group C 
TABLE TENNIS 19h00Women's   Preliminary pool, group C 
TABLE TENNIS 19h45Men's   Preliminary pool, group D 
TABLE TENNIS 19h45Women's   Preliminary pool, group D 
TAEKWONDO 14h00Women's   Round of 16 
TAEKWONDO 14h45Women's   Quaterfinals 
TAEKWONDO 14h15Men's   Round of 16 
TAEKWONDO 15h00Men's   Quaterfinals 
TENNIS 12h45Mixed   Round 1 
TENNIS 12h45Women's   Round 1 
TENNIS 09h45Men's   Round 1 
TENNIS 11h15Men's   Round 1 
TRIATHLON 11h00Women's    
WEIGHTLIFTING 16h00Women's    
WEIGHTLIFTING 20h00Men's    

October 8

BADMINTON 09h00Men's   Group B 
BADMINTON 09h00Women's   Group F 
BADMINTON 09h35Men's   Group C 
BADMINTON 09h35Women's   Group E 
BADMINTON 09h35Women's   Group H 
BADMINTON 10h10Men's   Group A 
BADMINTON 10h10Men's   Group D 
BADMINTON 10h10Women's   Group E 
BADMINTON 10h45Men's   Group A 
BADMINTON 10h45Women's   Group F 
BADMINTON 10h45Women's   Group G 
BADMINTON 11h20Men's   Group C 
BADMINTON 11h20Men's   Group D 
BADMINTON 11h20Women's   Group G 
BADMINTON 11h55Women's   Group H 
BADMINTON 13h30Men's   Group E 
BADMINTON 13h30Men's   Group F 
BADMINTON 13h30Women's   Group B 
BADMINTON 14h05Men's   Group G 
BADMINTON 14h05Women's   Group A 
BADMINTON 14h40Men's   Group F 
BADMINTON 14h40Men's   Group G 
BADMINTON 14h40Women's   Group D 
BADMINTON 15h15Men's   Group H 
BADMINTON 15h15Women's   Group C 
BADMINTON 15h15Women's   Group D 
BADMINTON 15h50Men's   Group E 
BADMINTON 15h50Men's   Group H 
BADMINTON 15h50Women's   Group C 
BADMINTON 18h00   Group A 
BADMINTON 18h00   Group B 
BADMINTON 19h30   Group A 
BADMINTON 19h30   Group B 
BASKET-BALL 09h00Men's   Preliminary Round - group B: Andorra - New Zealand 
BASKET-BALL 09h30Men's   Preliminary Round - group B: Venezuela -Brazil 
BASKET-BALL 10h00Women's   Preliminary Round - group B: Venezuela -United States of Amercia 
BASKET-BALL 10h30Women's   Preliminary Round - group B: Sri Lanka - Egypt 
BASKET-BALL 11h00Men's   Preliminary Round - group B: Ukraine - Andorra 
BASKET-BALL 11h30Men's   Preliminary Round - group B: New Zealand - Venezuela 
BASKET-BALL 12h00Women's   Preliminary Round - group B: Ukraine - Venezuela 
BASKET-BALL 12h30Women's   Preliminary Round - group B: United States of Amercia - Sri Lanka 
BASKET-BALL 13h00Men's   Preliminary Round - group B: Ukraine - Brazil 
BASKET-BALL 13h30Women's   Preliminary Round - group B: Ukraine - Egypt 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 09h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group H 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 09h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group G 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 10h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group H 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 10h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group G 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 11h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group E 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 11h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group F 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 13h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group D 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 13h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group C 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 15h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group A 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 15h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group B 
BREAKING 15h15B-Girls   Quaterfinal 1 
BREAKING 15h22B-Girls   Quaterfinal 2 
BREAKING 15h30B-Girls   Quaterfinal 3 
BREAKING 15h37B-Girls   Quaterfinal 4 
BREAKING 15h46B-Boys   Quaterfinal 1 
BREAKING 15h53B-Boys   Quaterfinal 2 
BREAKING 16h01B-Boys   Quaterfinal 3 
BREAKING 16h08B-Boys   Quaterfinal 4 
BREAKING 16h17B-Girls   Semifinal 1 
BREAKING 16h24B-Girls   Semifinal 2 
BREAKING 16h33B-Boys   Semifinal 1 
BREAKING 16h40B-Boys   Semifinal 2 
BREAKING 16h55B-Girls   Bronze Medal Battle 
BREAKING 17h04B-Boys   Bronze Medal Battle 
BREAKING 17h22B-Girls   Final 
BREAKING 17h40B-Girls   Final 
EQUESTRIAN 14h00Mixed   Round 1 
FENCING 09h00Men's   preliminary pool 
FENCING 09h00Women's   preliminary pool 
FENCING 11h30Men's   table of 16 
FENCING 11h55Women's   table of 16 
FENCING 12h55Men's   Quaterfinal 
FENCING 13h20Women's   Quaterfinal 
FENCING 17h00Women's   Semifinal 
FENCING 17h25Men's   Semifinal 
FENCING 18h00Women's   Bronze Medal Match 
FENCING 18h25Men's   Bronze Medal Match 
FENCING 18h50Women's   Final 
FENCING 19h15Men's   Final 
FUTSAL 14h00Women's   Round 1, group D: Cameroon - Japan 
FUTSAL 16h00Women's   Round 1, group C: Bolivia - Tonga 
FUTSAL 18h00Men's   Round 1, group B: Russian Federation - Brazil 
FUTSAL 20h00Men's   Round 1, group A: Irak - Slovakia 
GYMNASTICS Artistic14h03Men's   Qualification 
GYMNASTICS Artistic14h05Women's   Qualification 
GYMNASTICS Artistic19h03Men's   Qualification 
GYMNASTICS Trampoline14h04Women's   Qualification 
GYMNASTICS Trampoline19h05Men's   Qualification 
HANDBALL Beach10h00Women's   Preliminary, group B: Argentina - Turkey 
HANDBALL Beach10h00Women's   Preliminary, group B: Netherlands - Paraguay 
HANDBALL Beach10h00Women's   Preliminary, group B: Venezuela -Hong Kong 
HANDBALL Beach10h50Men's   Preliminary, group B: Argentina - Croatia 
HANDBALL Beach10h50Men's   Preliminary, group B: Italy - Paraguay 
HANDBALL Beach10h50Men's   Preliminary, group B: Portugal - Mauritius 
HANDBALL Beach11h40Women's   Preliminary, group A: Chinese Tapei - Russian Federation 
HANDBALL Beach11h40Women's   Preliminary, group A: Croatia - Mauritius 
HANDBALL Beach11h40Women's   Preliminary, group A: Hungary - American Samoa 
HANDBALL Beach12h30Men's   Preliminary, group A: Chinese Tapei - Uruguay 
HANDBALL Beach12h30Men's   Preliminary, group A: Spain - Thailand 
HANDBALL Beach12h30Men's   Preliminary, group A: Venezuela - Hungary 
HANDBALL Beach14h30Women's   Preliminary, group B: Hong Kong - Netherlands 
HANDBALL Beach14h30Women's   Preliminary, group B: Paraguay - Argentina 
HANDBALL Beach14h30Women's   Preliminary, group B: Turkey - Venezuela 
HANDBALL Beach15h20Men's   Preliminary, group B: Croatia - Portugal 
HANDBALL Beach15h20Men's   Preliminary, group B: Mauritius - Italy 
HANDBALL Beach15h20Men's   Preliminary, group B: Paraguay - Argentina 
HANDBALL Beach16h10Women's   Preliminary, group A: American Samoa - Chinese Tapei 
HANDBALL Beach16h10Women's   Preliminary, group A: Mauritius - Hungary 
HANDBALL Beach16h10Women's   Preliminary, group A: Russian Federation - Croatia 
HANDBALL Beach17h00Men's   Preliminary, group A: Hungary - Chinese Tapei 
HANDBALL Beach17h00Men's   Preliminary, group A: Thailand - Venezuela 
HANDBALL Beach17h00Men's   Preliminary, group A: Uruguay - Spain 
HOCKEY 5s09h30Women's   Preliminary round, group A: India - Uruguay 
HOCKEY 5s10h15Women's   Preliminary round, group A: Vanuatu - South Africa 
HOCKEY 5s11h00Women's   Preliminary round, group B: Australia - Namibia 
HOCKEY 5s11h45Women's   Preliminary round, group B: China - Mexico 
HOCKEY 5s12h30Women's   Preliminary round, group B: Zimbabwe - Poland 
HOCKEY 5s13h15Women's   Preliminary round, group A: Argentina - Austria 
HOCKEY 5s14h00Men's   Preliminary round, group B: Australia - Bangladesh 
HOCKEY 5s14h45Men's   Preliminary round, group B: India - Austria 
HOCKEY 5s15h30Men's   Preliminary round, group B: Kenya - Canada 
HOCKEY 5s16h15Men's   Preliminary round, group A: Zambia - Poland 
HOCKEY 5s17h00Men's   Preliminary round, group A: Malaysia - Mexico 
HOCKEY 5s17h45Men's   Preliminary round, group A: Argentina - Vanuatu 
JUDO 10h00Women's   Elimination Round of 16 
JUDO 10h36Women's   Quarterfinals 
JUDO 11h12Women's   Repechages round of 8 
JUDO 12h00Women's   Semifinals 
JUDO 12h18Women's   Repechage Round of 4 
JUDO 15h00Women's   Bronze Medal matchs 
JUDO 15h12Women's   Final 
JUDO 10h30Women's   Elimination Round of 16 
JUDO 11h00Women's   Quarterfinals 
JUDO 11h36Women's   Repechages round of 8 
JUDO 11h54Women's   Semifinals 
JUDO 12h12Women's   Repechage Round of 4 
JUDO 15h36Women's   Bronze Medal matchs 
JUDO 15h48Women's   Final 
JUDO 10h18Men's   Elimination Round of 16 
JUDO 10h48Men's   Quarterfinals 
JUDO 11h18Men's   Repechages round of 8 
JUDO 11h48Men's   Semifinals 
JUDO 12h18Men's   Repechage Round of 4 
JUDO 15h18Men's   Bronze Medal matchs 
JUDO 15h30Men's   Final 
ROLLER 11h00Women's   Quaterfinal, heat 1 
ROLLER 11h05Women's   Quaterfinal, heat 2 
ROLLER 11h10Women's   Quaterfinal, heat 3 
ROLLER 11h15Women's   Quaterfinal, heat 4 
ROLLER 11h30Men's   Quaterfinal, heat 1 
ROLLER 11h35Men's   Quaterfinal, heat 2 
ROLLER 11h45Men's   Quaterfinal, heat 3 
ROLLER 11h50Men's   Quaterfinal, heat 4 
ROLLER 16h00Women's   Semifinal, heat 1 
ROLLER 16h05Women's   Semifinal, heat 2 
ROLLER 16h20Men's   Semifinal, heat 1 
ROLLER 16h30Men's   Semifinal, heat 2 
ROLLER 16h50Women's   Final 
ROLLER 17h00Men's   Final 
ROWING 14h12Men's   Round 2, heat 1 
ROWING 14h18Men's   Round 2, heat 2 
ROWING 14h24Men's   Round 2, heat 3 
ROWING 16h42Men's   Round 3, heat 1 
ROWING 16h48Men's   Round 3, heat 2 
ROWING 16h54Men's   Round 3, heat 3 
ROWING 14h30Women's   Round 2, heat 1 
ROWING 14h36Women's   Round 2, heat 2 
ROWING 14h42Women's   Round 2, heat 3 
ROWING 17h00Women's   Round 3, heat 1 
ROWING 17h06Women's   Round 3, heat 2 
ROWING 17h12Women's   Round 3, heat 3 
ROWING 13h00Men's   Round 2, heat 1 
ROWING 13h06Men's   Round 2, heat 2 
ROWING 13h12Men's   Round 2, heat 3 
ROWING 13h18Men's   Round 2, heat 4 
ROWING 13h24Men's   Round 2, heat 5 
ROWING 13h30Men's   Round 2, heat 6 
ROWING 15h30Men's   Round 3, heat 1 
ROWING 15h36Men's   Round 3, heat 2 
ROWING 15h42Men's   Round 3, heat 3 
ROWING 15h48Men's   Round 3, heat 4 
ROWING 15h54Men's   Round 3, heat 5 
ROWING 16h00Men's   Round 3, heat 6 
ROWING 13h36Women's   Round 2, heat 1 
ROWING 13h42Women's   Round 2, heat 2 
ROWING 13h48Women's   Round 2, heat 3 
ROWING 13h54Women's   Round 2, heat 4 
ROWING 14h00Women's   Round 2, heat 5 
ROWING 14h06Women's   Round 2, heat 6 
ROWING 16h06Women's   Round 3, heat 1 
ROWING 16h12Women's   Round 3, heat 2 
ROWING 16h18Women's   Round 3, heat 3 
ROWING 16h24Women's   Round 3, heat 4 
ROWING 16h30Women's   Round 3, heat 5 
ROWING 16h36Women's   Round 3, heat 6 
SAILBOARD 12h05Men's   race 3 
SAILBOARD 12h15Women's   race 3 
SAILING 12h05Mixed   race 1 
SHOOTING 09h00Women's   qualification 
SHOOTING 11h15Women's   Final 
SPORT CLIBING 09h00Men's   Qualification - Speed 
SPORT CLIBING 11h00Men's   Qualification - Bouldering 
SPORT CLIBING 15h00Men's   Qualification - Lead 
SWIMMING 18h00Men's   Final 
SWIMMING 19h06Women's   Final 
SWIMMING 19h02Men's   Final 
SWIMMING 10h30Men's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h33Men's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h36Men's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 10h39Men's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 10h42Men's   heat 5 
SWIMMING 10h46Men's   heat 6 
SWIMMING 18h32Men's   Semifinal 1 
SWIMMING 18h36Men's   Semifinal 2 
SWIMMING 10h12Women's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h15Women's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h18Women's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 10h21Women's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 10h24Women's   heat 5 
SWIMMING 10h27Women's   heat 6 
SWIMMING 18h40Women's   Semifinal 1 
SWIMMING 18h44Women's   Semifinal 2 
SWIMMING 10h48Women's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h52Women's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 18h04Women Youth   Final 
SWIMMING 10h57Men's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 11h01Men's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 11h05Men's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 11h09Men's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 11h13Men's   heat 5 
SWIMMING 18h09Men's   Final 
SWIMMING 10h00Men's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h04Men's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h08Men's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 19h10Men's   Final 
SWIMMING 19h29Women's   Final 
SWIMMING 18h14Women Youth   Final 
TABLE TENNIS 10h00Men's   Preliminary pool, group E 
TABLE TENNIS 10h00Women's   Preliminary pool, group E 
TABLE TENNIS 10h45Men's   Preliminary pool, group F 
TABLE TENNIS 10h45Women's   Preliminary pool, group F 
TABLE TENNIS 11h30Men's   Preliminary pool, group G 
TABLE TENNIS 11h30Women's   Preliminary pool, group G 
TABLE TENNIS 12h15Men's   Preliminary pool, group H 
TABLE TENNIS 12h15Women's   Preliminary pool, group H 
TABLE TENNIS 13h00Men's   Preliminary pool, group A 
TABLE TENNIS 13h00Women's   Preliminary pool, group A 
TABLE TENNIS 13h45Men's   Preliminary pool, group B 
TABLE TENNIS 13h45Women's   Preliminary pool, group B 
TABLE TENNIS 16h00Men's   Preliminary pool, group C 
TABLE TENNIS 16h00Women's   Preliminary pool, group C 
TABLE TENNIS 16h45Men's   Preliminary pool, group D 
TABLE TENNIS 16h45Women's   Preliminary pool, group D 
TABLE TENNIS 17h30Men's   Preliminary pool, group E 
TABLE TENNIS 17h30Women's   Preliminary pool, group E 
TABLE TENNIS 18h15Men's   Preliminary pool, group F 
TABLE TENNIS 18h15Women's   Preliminary pool, group F 
TABLE TENNIS 19h00Men's   Preliminary pool, group G 
TABLE TENNIS 19h00Women's   Preliminary pool, group G 
TABLE TENNIS 19h45Men's   Preliminary pool, group H 
TABLE TENNIS 19h45Women's   Preliminary pool, group H 
TAEKWONDO 14h00Women's   Round of 16 
TAEKWONDO 16h00Women's   Quarterfinals 
TAEKWONDO 19h00Women's   Semifinals 
TAEKWONDO 20h00Women's   Final 
TAEKWONDO 14h15Men's   Round of 16 
TAEKWONDO 16h15Men's   Quarterfinals 
TAEKWONDO 19h15Men's   Semifinals 
TAEKWONDO 20h15Men's   Final 
TENNIS 13h00Men's   round 1 
TENNIS 10h00Women's   round 1 
TRIATHLON 11h00Men's    
WEIGHTLIFTING 16h00Women's    
WEIGHTLIFTING 20h00Men's    

October 9

BADMINTON 09h00Men's   Group A 
BADMINTON 09h00Men's   Group B 
BADMINTON 09h00Women's   Group F 
BADMINTON 09h35Men's   Group D 
BADMINTON 09h35Women's   Group E 
BADMINTON 10h10Men's   Group C 
BADMINTON 10h10Men's   Group D 
BADMINTON 10h10Women's   Group G 
BADMINTON 10h45Men's   Group A 
BADMINTON 10h45Women's   Group F 
BADMINTON 10h45Women's   Group G 
BADMINTON 11h20Men's   Group B 
BADMINTON 11h20Men's   Group C 
BADMINTON 11h20Women's   Group H 
BADMINTON 11h55Women's   Group H 
BADMINTON 13h30Men's   Group E 
BADMINTON 13h30Women's   Group A 
BADMINTON 13h30Women's   Group D 
BADMINTON 14h05Men's   Group F 
BADMINTON 14h05Men's   Group G 
BADMINTON 14h05Women's   Group B 
BADMINTON 14h40Men's   Group H 
BADMINTON 14h40Women's   Group A 
BADMINTON 14h40Women's   Group C 
BADMINTON 15h15Men's   Group E 
BADMINTON 15h15Men's   Group F 
BADMINTON 15h15Women's   Group D 
BADMINTON 15h50Men's   Group G 
BADMINTON 15h50Men's   Group H 
BADMINTON 15h50Women's   Group C 
BADMINTON 18h00Mixed   Group A 
BADMINTON 18h00Mixed   Group B 
BADMINTON 19h30Mixed   Group A 
BADMINTON 19h30Mixed   Group B 
BASKET-BALL 09h00Men's   Preliminary Round - group A: Slovenia - Georgia 
BASKET-BALL 09h30Men's   Preliminary Round - group A: Jordan _ Turkmenistan 
BASKET-BALL 10h00Women's   Preliminary Round - group C: Indonesia - Mexico 
BASKET-BALL 10h30Women's   Preliminary Round - group C: Andorre - France 
BASKET-BALL 11h00Men's   Preliminary Round - group A: China - Slovenia 
BASKET-BALL 11h30Men's   Preliminary Round - group A: Georgia - Jordan 
BASKET-BALL 12h00Women's   Preliminary Round - group C: Argentina - Indonesia 
BASKET-BALL 12h30Women's   Preliminary Round - group C: Andorra - Mexico 
BASKET-BALL 13h00Men's   Preliminary Round - group A: China - Turkmenistan 
BASKET-BALL 13h30Women's   Preliminary Round - group C: France - Argentina 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 09h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group B 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 10h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group B 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 10h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group D 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 10h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group D 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 11h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group C 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 11h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group E 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 12h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group C 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 12h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group D 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 13h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group F 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 13h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group H 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 15h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group G 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 15h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group E 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 16h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group G 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 16h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group A 
EQUESTRIAN 14h00Mixed   Round 2 
EQUESTRIAN 15h30Mixed   Barrage 
FENCING 09h00Men's   Pool round 
FENCING 11h50Men's   Table of 16 
FENCING 13h00Men's   Quaterfinals 
FENCING 16h30Men's   Semifinals 
FENCING 18h10Men's   Bronze Medal Match 
FENCING 19h05Men's   Final 
FENCING 09h00Women's   Pool round 
FENCING 11h00Women's   Table of 16 
FENCING 12h40Women's   Quaterfinals 
FENCING 17h25Women's   Semifinals 
FENCING 18h40Women's   Bronze Medal Match 
FENCING 19h35Women's   Final 
FUTSAL 14h00Women's   Round 1, group D: Portugal - Dominican Republic 
FUTSAL 16h00Women's   Round 1, group C: Thailand - Spain 
FUTSAL 18h00Men's   Round 1, group B: Solomon Island - Costa Rica 
FUTSAL 20h00Men's   Round 1, group B: Egypt - Panama 
GOLF 08h30Women's   Stroke Play Round 1 
GOLF 10h42Men's   Stroke Play Round 1 
GYMNASTICS Artistic19h07Men's   Qualification 
GYMNASTICS Artistic14h07Women's   Qualification 
GYMNASTICS Rythmic14h05Women's   Qualification - Rotation 1 
GYMNASTICS Rythmic19h05Women's   Qualification - Rotation 2 
GYMNASTIQUE 14h00Mixed   Final 
HANDBALL Beach10h00Men's   Preliminary Round Group A: Spain - Hungary 
HANDBALL Beach10h00Men's   Preliminary Round Group A: Thailand - Uruguay 
HANDBALL Beach10h00Men's   Preliminary Round Group A: Venezuela - Chinese Taipei 
HANDBALL Beach10h50Women's   Preliminary Round Group A: American Samoa - Mauritius 
HANDBALL Beach10h50Women's   Preliminary Round Group A: Chinese Taipei - Croatia 
HANDBALL Beach10h50Women's   Preliminary Round Group A: Hungary - Russian Federation 
HANDBALL Beach11h40Men's   Preliminary Round Group A: Argentina - Portugal 
HANDBALL Beach11h40Men's   Preliminary Round Group A: Italia - Croatia 
HANDBALL Beach11h40Men's   Preliminary Round Group A: Paraguay - Mauritius 
HANDBALL Beach12h30Women's   Preliminary Round Group B: Argentina - Venezuela 
HANDBALL Beach12h30Women's   Preliminary Round Group B: Netherlands - Turkey 
HANDBALL Beach12h30Women's   Preliminary Round Group B: Paraguay - Hong Kong 
HANDBALL Beach14h30Men's   Preliminary Round Group A: Chinese Taipei - Spain 
HANDBALL Beach14h30Men's   Preliminary Round Group A: Chinese Taipei - Spain 
HANDBALL Beach14h30Men's   Preliminary Round Group A: Venezuela - Uruguay 
HANDBALL Beach15h20Women's   Preliminary Round Group A: Chinese Taipei - Mauritius 
HANDBALL Beach15h20Women's   Preliminary Round Group A: Croatia - Hungary 
HANDBALL Beach15h20Women's   Preliminary Round Group A: Russian Federation - American Samoa 
HANDBALL Beach16h10Men's   Preliminary Round Group A: Argentina - Mauritius 
HANDBALL Beach16h10Men's   Preliminary Round Group A: Croatia - Paraguay 
HANDBALL Beach16h10Men's   Preliminary Round Group A: Portugal - Italy 
HANDBALL Beach17h00Women's   Preliminary Round Group B: Argentina - Hong Kong 
HANDBALL Beach17h00Women's   Preliminary Round Group B: Turkey - Paraguay 
HANDBALL Beach17h00Women's   Preliminary Round Group B: Venezuela - Netherlands 
HOCKEY 5s09h30Men's   Preliminary round, group B: Kenya - Inde 
HOCKEY 5s10h15Men's   Preliminary round, group B: Austria - Bengladesh 
HOCKEY 5s11h00Men's   Preliminary round, group B: Canada - Australie 
HOCKEY 5s11h45Men's   Preliminary round, group A: Zambia - Malaysia 
HOCKEY 5s12h30Men's   Preliminary round, group A: Mexico - vanuatu 
HOCKEY 5s13h15Men's   Preliminary round, group A: Poland - Argentina 
HOCKEY 5s14h00Women's   Preliminary round, group B: Zimbabwe - China 
HOCKEY 5s14h45Women's   Preliminary round, group B: Mexico - Namibia 
HOCKEY 5s15h30Women's   Preliminary round, group B: poland - Australia 
HOCKEY 5s16h15Women's   Preliminary round, group A: Vanuatu - India 
HOCKEY 5s17h00Women's   Preliminary round, group A: Uruguay - Austria 
HOCKEY 5s17h45Women's   Preliminary round, group A: South Africa - Argentina 
JUDO 10h00Women's   Round of 16 
JUDO 10h24Women's   Quarterfinlas 
JUDO 10h48Women's   Repechages round of 8 
JUDO 11h12Women's   Semifinals 
JUDO 11h24Women's   Repechages round of 4 
JUDO 15h00Women's   Bronze Medal Matchs 
JUDO 15h12Women's   Final 
JUDO 10h36Boys   Quarterfinlas 
JUDO 10h54Boys   Repechages round of 8 
JUDO 11h06Boys   Semifinals 
JUDO 11h24Boys   Repechages round of 4 
JUDO 15h18Boys   Bronze Medal Matchs 
JUDO 15h30Boys   Final 
JUDO 10h06Men's   Round of 16 
KITEBORDING 12h02Men's   race 1 
KITEBORDING 12h14Women's   race 1 
KITEBORDING 13h02Men's   race 2 
KITEBORDING 13h14Women's   race 2 
KITEBORDING 14h02Men's   race 3 
KITEBORDING 14h14Women's   race 3 
ROWING 16h12Men's   Semifinal 1 
ROWING 16h18Men's   Semifinal 2 
ROWING 16h28Men's   Final C 
ROWING 16h34Men's   Final B 
ROWING 16h44Men's   Final A 
ROWING 16h54Women's   Semifinal 1 
ROWING 17h00Women's   Semifinal 2 
ROWING 17h10Women's   Final C 
ROWING 17h16Women's   Final B 
ROWING 17h26Women's   Final A 
ROWING 15h00Men's   Quarterfinal 1 
ROWING 15h06Men's   Quarterfinal 2 
ROWING 15h12Men's   Quarterfinal 3 
ROWING 15h18Men's   Quarterfinal 4 
ROWING 15h48Men's   Semifinal 1 
ROWING 15h54Men's   Semifinal 2 
ROWING 15h24Women's   Quarterfinal 1 
ROWING 15h30Women's   Quarterfinal 2 
ROWING 15h36Women's   Quarterfinal 3 
ROWING 15h42Women's   Quarterfinal 4 
ROWING 16h00Women's   Semifinal 1 
ROWING 16h06Women's   Semifinal 2 
SAILBOARD 12h05Women's   race 4 
SAILBOARD 12h15Men's   race 4 
SAILBOARD 13h05Women's   race 6 
SAILBOARD 13h15Men's   race 6 
SAILING 12h05Mixed   race 2 
SAILING 12h35Mixed   race 3 
SAILING 13h05Mixed   race 4 
SAILING 13h35Mixed   race 5 
SHOOTING 09h00Women's   Qualification 
SHOOTING 11h15Women's   Final 
SWIMMING 10h41Women's   Heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h44Women's   Heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h46Women's   Heat 3 
SWIMMING 10h49Women's   Heat 4 
SWIMMING 10h52Women's   Heat 5 
SWIMMING 10h54Women's   Heat 6 
SWIMMING 18h51Women's   Semifinal 1 
SWIMMING 18h56Women's   Semifinal 2 
SWIMMING 11h29Men's   Semifinal barrage 
SWIMMING 18h46Women's   Final 
SWIMMING 19h25Women's   Final 
SWIMMING 11h13Women's   Heat 1 
SWIMMING 11h16Women's   Heat 2 
SWIMMING 11h20Women's   Heat 3 
SWIMMING 11h24Women's   Heat 4 
SWIMMING 18h40Women's   Final 
SWIMMING 19h30Men's   Final 
SWIMMING 10h32Men's   Heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h34Men's   Heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h36Men's   Heat 3 
SWIMMING 10h38Men's   Heat 4 
SWIMMING 19h08Women's   Semifinal 1 
SWIMMING 19h13Women's   Semifinal 2 
SWIMMING 10h22Women's   Heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h24Women's   Heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h26Women's   Heat 3 
SWIMMING 10h28Women's   Heat 4 
SWIMMING 10h30Women's   Heat 5 
SWIMMING 11h31Women's   Heat barrage 
SWIMMING 18h13Women's   Semifinal 1 
SWIMMING 18h18Women's   Semifinal 2 
SWIMMING 10h58Men's   Heat 1 
SWIMMING 11h00Men's   Heat 2 
SWIMMING 11h02Men's   Heat 3 
SWIMMING 11h04Men's   Heat 4 
SWIMMING 11h06Men's   Heat 5 
SWIMMING 11h08Men's   Heat 6 
SWIMMING 11h10Men's   Heat 7 
SWIMMING 18h23Men's   Semifinal 1 
SWIMMING 18h28Men's   Semifinal 1 
SWIMMING 19h53Men's   Semifinal barrage 
SWIMMING 10h00Women's   Slowest Heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h10Women's   Slowest Heat 2 
SWIMMING 18h00Women's   Final 
TABLE TENNIS 10h00Men's   Round of 16 
TABLE TENNIS 10h00Women's   Round of 16 
TABLE TENNIS 15h00Women's   Quaterfinals 
TABLE TENNIS 18h00Men's   Quaterfinals 
TAEKWONDO 14h00Women's   Round of 16 
TAEKWONDO 15h00Women's   Quaterfinals 
TAEKWONDO 19h00Women's   Semifinals 
TAEKWONDO 20h00Women's   Fiinal 
TAEKWONDO 14h15Men's   Round of 16 
TAEKWONDO 15h15Men's   Quaterfinals 
TAEKWONDO 19h15Men's   Semifinals 
TAEKWONDO 20h15Men's   Fiinal 
TENNIS 11h30Mixed   Round 1 
TENNIS 11h30Women's   Quaterfinals 
TENNIS 10h00Men's   round 2 
WEIGHTLIFTING 14h30Women's    
WEIGHTLIFTING 18h00Men's    

October 10

BADMINTON 14h00Men's   Quaterfinals 
BADMINTON 14h00Women's   Quaterfinals 
BADMINTON 18h00   Quaterfinals 
BASKET-BALL 09h00Men's   Preliminary Round - group D: Latvia - Belgium 
BASKET-BALL 09h30Men's   Preliminary Round - group D: Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan 
BASKET-BALL 10h00Women's   Preliminary Round - group D: Netherlands - Australia 
BASKET-BALL 10h30Women's   Preliminary Round - group D: Czech Republic - Spain 
BASKET-BALL 11h00Men's   Preliminary Round - group D: Italy - Latvia 
BASKET-BALL 11h30Men's   Preliminary Round - group D: Belgium - Kazakhstan 
BASKET-BALL 12h00Women's   Preliminary Round - group D: Estonia - Netherlands 
BASKET-BALL 12h30Women's   Preliminary Round - group D: Australia - Czech Republic 
BASKET-BALL 13h00Men's   Preliminary Round - group D: Italy - Kyrgyzstan 
BASKET-BALL 13h30Men's   Preliminary Round - group D: Estonia - Spain 
BREAKING 16h47Mixed   Preliminary round 
CYCLING Bmx10h30Women's    
CYCLING Bmx10h35Men's    
FENCING 09h00Mixed   Quaterfinals 
FENCING 12h10Mixed   Semifinals 
FENCING 13h30Mixed   Classification 5-6 
FENCING 13h30Mixed   Classification 7-8 
FENCING 14h20Mixed   Bronze Medal Match 
FENCING 15h10Mixed   Final 
FUTSAL 14h00Women's   Round 1, group C: Tonga - Trinidad & Tobago 
FUTSAL 14h00Women's   Round 1, group D: Japan - Chile 
FUTSAL 16h00Women's   Round 1, group C: Bolivia - Thailand 
FUTSAL 16h00Women's   Round 1, group D: Cameroon - Portugal 
FUTSAL 18h00Men's   Round 1, group A: Slovakia - Argentina 
FUTSAL 18h00Men's   Round 1, group B: Brazil - Islamic Republic of Iran 
FUTSAL 20h00Men's   Round 1, group A: Iraq - Egypt 
FUTSAL 20h00Men's   Round 1, group B: Russian Federation - Solomon Island 
GOLF 08h30Women's   round 2 
GOLF 10h42Men's   round 2 
GYMNASTICS Artistic14h05Women's   qualification 
GYMNASTICS Artistic19h05Men's   qualification 
GYMNASTICS Rythmic14h03Women's   rotation 3 
GYMNASTICS Rythmic19h03Women's   rotation 4 
GYMNASTIQUE 14h00Mixed   Finale 
GYMNASTIQUE 19h00Mixed   Finale 
HANDBALL Beach10h00Women's   Preliminary, group B: Hong Kong - Turkey 
HANDBALL Beach10h00Women's   Preliminary, group B: Netherlands - Argentina 
HANDBALL Beach10h00Women's   Preliminary, group B: Venezuela - Paraguay 
HANDBALL Beach10h50Men's   Preliminary, group B: Italy - Argentina 
HANDBALL Beach10h50Men's   Preliminary, group B: Mauritius - Croatia 
HANDBALL Beach10h50Men's   Preliminary, group B: Portugal - Paraguay 
HANDBALL Beach11h40Women's   Preliminary, group B: Croatie - American Samoa 
HANDBALL Beach11h40Women's   Preliminary, group B: Hungary - Chinese Taipei 
HANDBALL Beach11h40Women's   Preliminary, group B: Mauritius - Russian Federation 
HANDBALL Beach12h30Men's   Preliminary, group B: Chinese Taipei - Thaïland 
HANDBALL Beach12h30Men's   Preliminary, group B: Spain - Venezuela 
HANDBALL Beach12h30Men's   Preliminary, group B: Uruguay - Hungary 
HOCKEY 5s09h30Women's   Preliminary round, group B: Mexico - Zimbabwe 
HOCKEY 5s10h15Women's   Preliminary round, group B: China - Australia 
HOCKEY 5s11h00Women's   Preliminary round, group B: Namibia - Poland 
HOCKEY 5s11h45Women's   Preliminary round, group A: Uruguay - Vanuatu 
HOCKEY 5s12h30Women's   Preliminary round, group A: India - Argentina 
HOCKEY 5s13h15Women's   Preliminary round, group A: Austria - South Africa 
HOCKEY 5s14h00Men's   Preliminary round, group A: Austria - Kenya 
HOCKEY 5s14h45Men's   Preliminary round, group A: Mexico - Zambia 
HOCKEY 5s15h30Men's   Preliminary round, group A: Vanuatu - Poland 
HOCKEY 5s16h15Men's   Preliminary round, group B: Bangladesh - Canada 
HOCKEY 5s17h00Men's   Preliminary round, group B: Malaysia - Argentina 
HOCKEY 5s17h45Men's   Preliminary round, group B: India- Australia 
JUDO 10h00Mixed   round of 16 
JUDO 11h48Mixed   Quarterfinals 
JUDO 15h00Mixed   Semifinals 
JUDO 15h54Mixed   Final 
KITEBORDING 12h02Men's   race 4 
KITEBORDING 12h14Women's   race 4 
KITEBORDING 13h02Men's   race 5 
KITEBORDING 13h14Women's   race 5 
ROWING 09h54Men's   Final F 
ROWING 10h00Men's   Final E 
ROWING 10h06Men's   Semifinal C/D 1 
ROWING 10h12Men's   Semifinal C/D 2 
ROWING 10h18Men's   Semifinal A/B 1 
ROWING 10h24Men's   Semifinal A/B 2 
ROWING 10h30Men's   Final D 
ROWING 10h36Men's   Final C 
ROWING 10h42Men's   Final B 
ROWING 10h52Men's   Final A 
ROWING 11h02Women's   Final F 
ROWING 11h08Women's   Final E 
ROWING 11h14Women's   Semifinal C/D 1 
ROWING 11h20Women's   Semifinal C/D 2 
ROWING 11h26Women's   Semifinal A/B 1 
ROWING 11h32Women's   Semifinal A/B 2 
ROWING 11h38Women's   Final D 
ROWING 11h44Women's   Final C 
ROWING 11h50Women's   Final B 
ROWING 12h00Women's   Final A 
SAILBOARD 12h05Women's   race 7 
SAILBOARD 12h15Men's   race 7 
SAILBOARD 12h35Women's   race 8 
SAILBOARD 12h45Men's   race 8 
SAILBOARD 13h05Women's   race 9 
SAILBOARD 13h15Men's   race 9 
SAILING 12h05Mixed   race 6 
SAILING 12h35Mixed   race 7 
SAILING 13h05Mixed   race 8 
SAILING 13h35Mixed   race 9 
SHOOTING 09h00Men's   qualification 
SHOOTING 11h15Men's   Final 
SHOOTING 13h15Mixed   qualification 
SHOOTING 15h00Mixed   round of 16 
SPORT CLIBING 09h00Women's   Speed - Final 
SPORT CLIBING 11h45Women's   Bouldering - Final 
SPORT CLIBING 15h50Women's   Lead - Final 
SWIMMING 18h39Women's   Final 
SWIMMING 10h25Men's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h29Men's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h33Men's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 10h37Men's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 18h15Men's   Final 
SWIMMING 10h41Women's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h45Women's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h49Women's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 10h53Women's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 10h56Women's   heat 5 
SWIMMING 19h10Women's   Final 
SWIMMING 11h01Men's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 11h06Men's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 19h32Men's   Final 
SWIMMING 10h14Women's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h16Women's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h19Women's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 10h21Women's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 10h23Women's   heat 5 
SWIMMING 18h05Women's   Semifinal 1 
SWIMMING 18h10Women's   Semifinal 2 
SWIMMING 18h34Men's   Final 
SWIMMING 10h00Men's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h02Men's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h04Men's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 10h06Men's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 10h08Men's   heat 5 
SWIMMING 10h10Men's   heat 6 
SWIMMING 10h12Men's   heat 7 
SWIMMING 18h29Women's   Final 
SWIMMING 19h00Women's   Semifinal 1 
SWIMMING 19h05Women's   Semifinal 2 
SWIMMING 18h00Men's   Final 
TABLE TENNIS 10h00Women's   Semifinals 
TABLE TENNIS 11h30Men's   Semifinals 
TABLE TENNIS 16h00Women's   Bronze Medal Match 
TABLE TENNIS 16h45Men's   Bronze Medal Match 
TABLE TENNIS 17h30Women's   Final 
TABLE TENNIS 18h15Men's   Final 
TAEKWONDO 14h00Women's   round of 16 
TAEKWONDO 15h15Women's   Quaterfinals 
TAEKWONDO 19h00Women's   Semifinals 
TAEKWONDO 20h00Women's   Final 
TAEKWONDO 14h15Men's   round of 16 
TAEKWONDO 15h30Men's   Quaterfinals 
TAEKWONDO 19h15Men's   Semifinals 
TAEKWONDO 20h15Men's   Final 
TENNIS 11h30Men's   Quaterfinals 
TENNIS 13h00Women's   Semifinals 
TENNIS 10h00Men's   Quaterfinals 
TENNIS 10h00Women's   round 2 

October 11

ATHLETICS 15h55Women's   round 1 - heat 1 
ATHLETICS 16h02Women's   round 1 - heat 2 
ATHLETICS 16h09Women's   round 1 - heat.3 
ATHLETICS 15h05Women's   round 1 
ATHLETICS 15h30Men's   round 1 
ATHLETICS 16h50Women's   round 1 - heat 1 
ATHLETICS 16h57Women's   round 1 - heat 2 
ATHLETICS 17h04Women's   round 1 - heat 3 
ATHLETICS 17h11Women's   round 1 - heat 4 
ATHLETICS 17h20Men's   round 1 - heat 1 
ATHLETICS 17h27Men's   round 1 - heat 2 
ATHLETICS 17h34Men's   round 1 - heat 3 
ATHLETICS 17h41Men's   round 1 - heat 4 
ATHLETICS 14h30Men's   round 1 
ATHLETICS 16h20Women's   round 1 - heat 1 
ATHLETICS 16h28Women's   round 1 - heat 2 
ATHLETICS 16h36Women's   round 1 - heat 3 
ATHLETICS 14h35Women's   round 1 
ATHLETICS 16h15Men's   round 1 
ATHLETICS 15h00Men's   round 1 
ATHLETICS 15h25Women's   round 1 
ATHLETICS 14h40Women's   round 1 
BADMINTON 12h00Women's   Semifinals 
BADMINTON 12h50Men's   Semifinals 
BADMINTON 13h40Women's   Semifinals 
BADMINTON 14h30Men's   Semifinals 
BADMINTON 18h00   Semifinals 
BADMINTON 19h30   Semifinals 
BASKET-BALL 10h00Women's   Preliminary Round - group A: Germany - Islamic Republic of Iran 
BASKET-BALL 10h30Women's   Preliminary Round - group A: Romania - China 
BASKET-BALL 11h00Men's   Preliminary Round - group C: Mongolia - Russian Federation 
BASKET-BALL 11h30Men's   Preliminary Round - group C: Estonia - United States of America 
BASKET-BALL 12h00Women's   Preliminary Round - group A: Germany - Hungary 
BASKET-BALL 12h30Women's   Preliminary Round - group A: Islamic Republic of Iran - China 
BASKET-BALL 13h00Men's   Preliminary Round - group C: Argentina - Mongolia 
BASKET-BALL 13h30Men's   Preliminary Round - group C: Estonia - Russian Federation 
BASKET-BALL 14h00Women's   Preliminary Round - group A: Hungary - Romanie 
BASKET-BALL 14h30Men's   Preliminary Round - group C: United States of America - Argentina 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 09h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group G 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 09h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group D 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 10h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group F 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 10h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group D 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 11h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group B 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 11h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group A 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 12h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group B 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 12h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group H 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 13h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group C 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 13h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group E 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 14h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group C 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 14h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group E 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 15h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group F 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 15h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group H 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 16h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group G 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 16h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group A 
BREAKING 16h30Mixed   Quaterfinals 
BREAKING 17h01Mixed   Semifinals 
BREAKING 17h24Mixed   Bronze Medal Battle 
BREAKING 17h33Mixed   Final 
CYCLING Bmx11h00Women's    
CYCLING Bmx11h21Women's   Final 
CYCLING Bmx12h05Men's    
CYCLING Bmx12h26Men's   Final 
FUTSAL 14h00Women's   Round 1, group D: Japan - Dominican Republic 
FUTSAL 16h00Women's   Round 1, group C: Tonga - Spain 
FUTSAL 18h00Men's   Round 1, group B: Brazil - Costa Rica 
FUTSAL 20h00Men's   Round 1, group A: Slovakia - Panama 
GOLF 08h30Women's   round 3 
GOLF 10h42Men's   round 3 
GOLF 14h40Women's   barrage 
GYMNASTICS Artistic17h02Women's   Final, subdivision 1 
GYMNASTICS Artistic19h00Men's   Final, subdivision 2 
HANDBALL Beach10h00Women's   Consolation round: Russian Federaton - Hong Kong 
HANDBALL Beach10h00Women's   Main round: Croatia - Argentina 
HANDBALL Beach10h00Women's   Main round: Hungary - Paraguay 
HANDBALL Beach10h50Women's   Consolation round: American Samoa - Turkey 
HANDBALL Beach10h50Women's   Consolation round: Mauritius - Venezuela 
HANDBALL Beach10h50Women's   Main round: Chinese Taipei - Netherlands 
HANDBALL Beach11h40Men's   Consolation round: Venezuela - Paraguay 
HANDBALL Beach11h40Men's   Main round: Hungary - Portugal 
HANDBALL Beach11h40Men's   Main round: Spain - Croatia 
HANDBALL Beach12h30Men's   Consolation round: Chinese Taipei - Mauritius 
HANDBALL Beach12h30Men's   Consolation round: Uruguay - Italy 
HANDBALL Beach12h30Men's   Main round: Thailand - Argentina 
HANDBALL Beach14h30Women's   Consolation round: Russian Federation - Turkey 
HANDBALL Beach14h30Women's   Main round: Chinese Taipei - Paraguay 
HANDBALL Beach14h30Women's   Main round: Hungary - Argentina 
HANDBALL Beach15h20Women's   Consolation round: American Samoa - Venezuela 
HANDBALL Beach15h20Women's   Consolation round: Mauritius - Hong Kong 
HANDBALL Beach15h20Women's   Main round: Croatia - Netherlands 
HANDBALL Beach16h10Men's   Consolation round: Venezuela - Mauritius 
HANDBALL Beach16h10Men's   Main round: Hungary - Croatia 
HANDBALL Beach16h10Men's   Main round: Thailand - Portugal 
HANDBALL Beach17h00Men's   Consolation round: Chinese Taipei - Italy 
HANDBALL Beach17h00Men's   Consolation round: Uruguay - Paraguay 
HANDBALL Beach17h00Men's   Main round: Spain - Argentina 
HOCKEY 5s09h30Men's   Preliminary round, group A: Vanuatu - Zambia 
HOCKEY 5s10h15Men's   Preliminary round, group A: Poland - Malaysia 
HOCKEY 5s11h00Men's   Preliminary round, group A: Argentina - Mexico 
HOCKEY 5s11h45Men's   Preliminary round, group B: Australia - Austria 
HOCKEY 5s12h30Men's   Preliminary round, group B: Bangladesh - Kenya 
HOCKEY 5s13h15Men's   Preliminary round, group B: Canada - India 
HOCKEY 5s14h00Women's   Preliminary round, group A: South Africa - India 
HOCKEY 5s14h45Women's   Preliminary round, group A: Austria- Vanuatu 
HOCKEY 5s15h30Women's   Preliminary round, group B: Australia - Mexico 
HOCKEY 5s16h15Women's   Preliminary round, group A: Argentina - Uruguay 
HOCKEY 5s17h00Women's   Preliminary round, group B: Namibia - Zimbabwe 
HOCKEY 5s17h45Women's   Preliminary round, group B: Poland - China 
KITEBORDING 12h02Men's   race 6 
KITEBORDING 12h14Women's   race 6 
SAILBOARD 12h05Men's   race 10 
SAILBOARD 12h15Women's   race 10 
SAILBOARD 12h35Men's   race 11 
SAILBOARD 12h45Women's   race 11 
SAILBOARD 13h05Men's   race 12 
SAILBOARD 13h15Women's   race 12 
SAILBOARD 13h35Men's   race 5 cancelled 
SAILBOARD 13h45Women's   race 5 cancelled 
SHOOTING 13h45Mixed   qualification 
SHOOTING 15h30Mixed   Round of 16 
SHOOTING 09h00Mixed   Quarterfinals 
SHOOTING 10h00Mixed   Semifinals 
SHOOTING 11h00Mixed   Bronze medal Match 
SHOOTING 11h30Mixed   Finals 
SWIMMING 11h05Women's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 11h07Women's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 11h10Women's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 18h12Women's   Semifinal 1 
SWIMMING 18h17Women's   Semifinal 2 
SWIMMING 10h48Men's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h51Men's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h54Men's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 10h56Men's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 10h59Men's   heat 5 
SWIMMING 11h02Men's   heat 6 
SWIMMING 18h22Men's   Semifinal 1 
SWIMMING 18h27Men's   Semifinal 2 
SWIMMING 19h14Women's   Final 
SWIMMING 11h16Men's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 11h18Men's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 11h20Men's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 11h22Men's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 11h24Men's   heat 5 
SWIMMING 18h53Women's   Final 
SWIMMING 18h58Men's   Semifinal 1 
SWIMMING 19h02Men's   Semifinal 1 
SWIMMING 18h48Men's   Final 
SWIMMING 10h33Women's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h35Women's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h37Women's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 10h40Women's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 10h42Women's   heat 5 
SWIMMING 10h44Women's   heat 6 
SWIMMING 10h46Women's   heat 7 
SWIMMING 18h32Women's   Semifinal 1 
SWIMMING 18h36Women's   Semifinal 2 
SWIMMING 10h00Men's   slower heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h11Men's   slower heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h22Men's   slower heat 3 
SWIMMING 18h00Men's   Final 
TAEKWONDO 14h00Women's   Quarterfinals 
TAEKWONDO 19h00Women's   Semifinals 
TAEKWONDO 20h00Women's   Final 
TAEKWONDO 14h15Men's   Quarterfinals 
TAEKWONDO 19h15Men's   Semifinals 
TAEKWONDO 20h15Men's   Final 
TENNIS 12h00Mixed   Round 2 
TENNIS 10h00Women's   Quarterfinals 
TENNIS 10h30Men's   Semifinals 
TRIATHLON 11h00Mixed    
WEIGHTLIFTING 14h30Women's    
WEIGHTLIFTING 18h00Men's    

October 12

ARCHERY 10h00Mixed   Classification round 
ARCHERY 10h00Men's   Classification round 
ARCHERY 10h00Women's   Classification round 
ATHLETICS 16h30Women's   round 1 - heat 1 
ATHLETICS 16h37Women's   round 1 - heat 2 
ATHLETICS 16h44Women's   round 1 - heat 3 
ATHLETICS 16h51Women's   round 1 - heat 4 
ATHLETICS 16h58Women's   round 1 - heat 5 
ATHLETICS 17h05Men's   round 1 - heat 1 
ATHLETICS 17h12Men's   round 1 - heat 2 
ATHLETICS 17h19Men's   round 1 - heat 3 
ATHLETICS 17h26Men's   round 1 - heat 4 
ATHLETICS 17h33Men's   round 1 - heat 5 
ATHLETICS 15h40Women's   round 1 - heat 1 
ATHLETICS 15h50Women's   round 1 - heat 2 
ATHLETICS 16h00Men's   round 1 - heat 1 
ATHLETICS 16h10Men's   round 1 - heat 2 
ATHLETICS 15h10Men's   round 1 steeple 
ATHLETICS 15h25Women's   round 1 steeple 
ATHLETICS 14h30Women's   round 1 
ATHLETICS 14h40Women's   round 1 
ATHLETICS 16h20Men's   round 1 
ATHLETICS 15h05Women's   round 1 
ATHLETICS 15h20Men's   round 1 
ATHLETICS 14h45Men's   round 1 
ATHLETICS 16h25Women's   round 1 
BADMINTON 11h00Men's   Bronze Medal Match 
BADMINTON 11h50Women's   Bronze Medal Match 
BADMINTON 15h30Men's   Final 
BADMINTON 17h00Women's   Final 
BADMINTON 13h30   Bronze Medal Match 
BADMINTON 19h00   Final 
BASKET-BALL 10h00Women's   Preliminary Round - group B: Sri Lanka - Ukraine 
BASKET-BALL 10h30Women's   Preliminary Round - group B: Egypt - United States of America 
BASKET-BALL 11h00Men's   Preliminary Round - group B: Venezuela - Ukraine 
BASKET-BALL 11h30Men's   Preliminary Round - group B: Brazil - New Zealand 
BASKET-BALL 12h00Women's   Preliminary Round - group B: Venezuela - Ski Lanka 
BASKET-BALL 12h30Women's   Preliminary Round - group B: United States of America - Ukraine 
BASKET-BALL 13h00Men's   Preliminary Round - group B: Andorra - Venezuela 
BASKET-BALL 13h30Men's   Preliminary Round - group B: New Zealand - Ukraine 
BASKET-BALL 14h00Women's   Preliminary Round - group B: Egypt - Venezuela 
BASKET-BALL 14h30Men's   Preliminary Round - group B: Brazil - Andorra 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 09h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group D 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 09h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group C 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 10h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group D 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 10h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group G 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 11h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group A 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 11h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group B 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 12h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group E 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 12h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group G 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 13h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group E 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 13h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group B 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 14h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group H 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 14h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group C 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 15h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group F 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 16h00Men's   Preliminary Match - Group A 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 16h00Women's   Preliminary Match - Group F 
CANOEING Sprint11h33Men's   preliminary 
CANOEING Sprint11h59Men's   repechages 
CANOEING Sprint15h45Men's   Quaterfinals 
CANOEING Sprint16h20Men's   Semifinals 
CANOEING Sprint16h55Men's   Bronze medal race 
CANOEING Sprint17h01Men's   Final 
CANOEING Sprint10h30Women's   preliminary 
CANOEING Sprint11h28Women's   repechages 
CANOEING Sprint12h35Women's   Last 16 
CANOEING Sprint15h30Women's   Quaterfinals 
CANOEING Sprint16h10Women's   Semifinals 
CANOEING Sprint16h40Women's   Bronze medal race 
CANOEING Sprint16h46Women's   Final 
EQUESTRIAN 14h00Mixed   Final round A 
FUTSAL 14h00Women's   Round 1, group D: Chile - Cameroon 
FUTSAL 16h00Women's   Round 1, group C: Trinidad & Tobago - Bolivia 
FUTSAL 18h00Men's   Round 1, group B: Islamic Republic of Iran - Russian Federation 
FUTSAL 20h00Men's   Round 1, group A: Argentine - Iraq 
GYMNASTICS Artistic17h04Women's   Final 
HANDBALL Beach10h00Women's   Consolation round: American Samoa - Hong Kong 
HANDBALL Beach10h00Women's   Consolation round: Mauritius - Turkey 
HANDBALL Beach10h00Women's   Main round: Croatia - Paraguay 
HANDBALL Beach10h50Men's   Consolation round: Russian Federation - Venezuela 
HANDBALL Beach10h50Men's   Consolation round: Venezuela - Italy 
HANDBALL Beach10h50Men's   Main round: Spain - Portugal 
HANDBALL Beach11h40Men's   Consolation round: Chinese Taipei - Paraguay 
HANDBALL Beach11h40Men's   Consolation round: Uruguay - Mauritius 
HANDBALL Beach11h40Women's   Main round: Chinese Taipei - Argentina 
HANDBALL Beach12h30Men's   Main round: Thailand - Croatia 
HANDBALL Beach14h40Women's   Main round: Hungary - Netherlands 
HANDBALL Beach15h20Women's   classification 11th -12th: American Samoa - Mauritius 
HANDBALL Beach15h20Women's   classification 9th -10th: Turkey - Hong Kong 
HANDBALL Beach15h30Men's   Main round: Hungary - Argentina 
HANDBALL Beach16h10Men's   classification 11th -12th: Paraguay - Maurice 
HANDBALL Beach16h10Women's   classification 5th - 6th: Chinese Taipei - Paraguay 
HANDBALL Beach16h10Women's   classification 7th - 8th: Russian Federation - Venezuela 
HANDBALL Beach17h00Men's   classification 5th - 6th: Thailand - Hungary 
HANDBALL Beach17h00Men's   classification 7th - 8th: Venezuela - Italy 
HANDBALL Beach17h00Men's   classification 9th -10th: Chinese Taipei - Uruguay 
HOCKEY 5s08h00Men's   classification 11th-12th: Vanuatu - Kenya 
HOCKEY 5s09h00Men's   Quarterfinal: Malaysia - Austria 
HOCKEY 5s10h00Men's   Quarterfinal: Australia - Zambia 
HOCKEY 5s11h00Men's   Quarterfinal: India - Poland 
HOCKEY 5s12h00Men's   Quarterfinal: Argentina - Bangladesh 
HOCKEY 5s13h00Men's   classification 9th-10th: Mexico - Canada 
HOCKEY 5s14h00Women's   Quarterfinal: India - Poland 
HOCKEY 5s15h00Women's   Quarterfinal: Australia - South Africa 
HOCKEY 5s16h00Women's   Quarterfinal: China - Austria 
HOCKEY 5s17h00Women's   Quarterfinal: Argentina - Namibia 
KITEBORDING 12h02Men's   Race 7 cancelled 
KITEBORDING 12h14Women's   Race 7 cancelled 
KITEBORDING 13h02Men's   Race 8 cancelled 
KITEBORDING 13h14Women's   Race 8 cancelled 
KITEBORDING 14h02Men's   Race 9 cancelled 
KITEBORDING 14h14Women's   Race 9 cancelled 
KITEBORDING 15h02Men's   Race 10 cancelled 
KITEBORDING 15h14Women's   Race 10 cancelled 
KITEBORDING 17h02Men's   Race 11 cancelled 
KITEBORDING 18h02Men's   Race 12 cancelled 
KITEBORDING 18h02Women's   Race 11 cancelled 
KITEBORDING 19h02Women's   Race 12 cancelled 
MODERN PENTATHLON 14h00Men's   Fencing, classification round 
MODERN PENTATHLON 14h00Women's   Fencing, classification round 
SAILBOARD 12h05Men's   Final Race 
SAILBOARD 12h45Girls   Final Race 
SAILING 12h05Mixed   Race 10 
SAILING 12h35Mixed   Race 11 
SAILING 13h05Mixed   Race 12 
SHOOTING 09h00Mixed   Quarterfinals 
SHOOTING 10h00Mixed   Semifinals 
SHOOTING 11h00Mixed   Bronze medal match 
SHOOTING 11h30Mixed   Final 
SWIMMING 18h11Women's   Final 
SWIMMING 18h24Men's   Final 
SWIMMING 10h00Men's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h03Men's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h07Men's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 10h11Women's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h15Women's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h19Women's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 10h23Women's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 10h27Women's   heat 5 
SWIMMING 18h29Women's   Final 
SWIMMING 10h32Men's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h36Men's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 10h40Men's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 10h43Men's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 10h47Men's   heat 5 
SWIMMING 18h51Men's   Final 
SWIMMING 10h52Women's   heat 1 
SWIMMING 10h58Women's   heat 2 
SWIMMING 11h04Women's   heat 3 
SWIMMING 11h11Women's   heat 4 
SWIMMING 19h13Women's   Final 
SWIMMING 18h05Men's   Final 
SWIMMING 19h29Men's   Final 
SWIMMING 18h00Women's   Final 
SWIMMING 11h18Mixed   heat 1 
SWIMMING 11h23Mixed   heat 2 
SWIMMING 11h29Mixed   heat 3 
SWIMMING 11h35Mixed   heat 4 
SWIMMING 19h42Mixed   Final 
TABLE TENNIS 10h00Mixed   preliminary round, group A 
TABLE TENNIS 10h00Mixed   preliminary round, group B 
TABLE TENNIS 11h30Mixed   preliminary round, group C 
TABLE TENNIS 11h30Mixed   preliminary round, group D 
TABLE TENNIS 13h00Mixed   preliminary round, group E 
TABLE TENNIS 13h00Mixed   preliminary round, group F 
TABLE TENNIS 16h00Mixed   preliminary round, group G 
TABLE TENNIS 16h00Mixed   preliminary round, group H 
TABLE TENNIS 17h30Mixed   preliminary round, group A 
TABLE TENNIS 17h30Mixed   preliminary round, group B 
TABLE TENNIS 19h00Mixed   preliminary round, group C 
TABLE TENNIS 19h00Mixed   preliminary round, group D 
TENNIS 10h30Men's   Semifinals 
TENNIS 10h30Mixed   Quarterfinals 
TENNIS 13h00Women's   Bronze Medal Match 
TENNIS 10h00Men's   Bronze Medal Match 
TENNIS 10h00Women's   Semifinals 
WEIGHTLIFTING 14h30Women's    
WEIGHTLIFTING 18h00Men's    
WRESTLING Greco-Roman10h00Men's    
WRESTLING Greco-Roman10h25Men's    
WRESTLING Greco-Roman10h50Men's    
WRESTLING Greco-Roman17h00Men's   classification 5th - 6th 
WRESTLING Greco-Roman17h05Men's   Bronze Medal Fight 
WRESTLING Greco-Roman17h10Men's   Final 
WRESTLING Greco-Roman10h05Men's    
WRESTLING Greco-Roman10h30Men's    
WRESTLING Greco-Roman10h55Men's    
WRESTLING Greco-Roman17h15Men's   classification 5th - 6th 
WRESTLING Greco-Roman17h20Men's   Bronze Medal Fight 
WRESTLING Greco-Roman17h25Men's   Final 
WRESTLING Greco-Roman17h35Men's   Bronze Medal Fight 
WRESTLING Greco-Roman10h10Men's    
WRESTLING Greco-Roman10h35Men's    
WRESTLING Greco-Roman11h00Men's    
WRESTLING Greco-Roman17h30Men's   classification 5th - 6th 
WRESTLING Greco-Roman17h40Men's   Final 
WRESTLING Greco-Roman10h15Men's    
WRESTLING Greco-Roman10h40Men's    
WRESTLING Greco-Roman11h05Men's    
WRESTLING Greco-Roman17h45Men's   classification 5th - 6th 
WRESTLING Greco-Roman17h50Men's   Bronze Medal Fight 
WRESTLING Greco-Roman17h55Men's   Final 
WRESTLING Greco-Roman10h20Men's    
WRESTLING Greco-Roman10h45Men's    
WRESTLING Greco-Roman11h10Men's    
WRESTLING Greco-Roman18h00Men's   classification 5th - 6th 
WRESTLING Greco-Roman18h05Men's   Bronze Medal Fight 
WRESTLING Greco-Roman18h10Men's   Final 

October 13

ARCHERY 09h00Mixed   round of 32 
ATHLETICS 17h15Men's   round 1 - heat 1 
ATHLETICS 17h22Men's   round 1 - heat 2 
ATHLETICS 17h29Men's   round 1 - heat 3 
ATHLETICS 15h40Men's   round 1 - heat 1 
ATHLETICS 15h47Men's   round 1 - heat 2 
ATHLETICS 15h54Men's   round 1 - heat 3 
ATHLETICS 16h10Women's   round 1 - heat 1 
ATHLETICS 16h20Women's   round 1 - heat 2 
ATHLETICS 16h30Women's   round 1 - heat 3 
ATHLETICS 14h50Women's   round 1 - heat 1 
ATHLETICS 14h57Women's   round 1 - heat 2 
ATHLETICS 15h04Women's   round 1 - heat 3 
ATHLETICS 15h15Men's   round 1 - heat 1 
ATHLETICS 15h22Men's   round 1 - heat 2 
ATHLETICS 16h45Men's   round 1 - heat 1 
ATHLETICS 16h53Men's   round 1 - heat 2 
ATHLETICS 17h01Men's   round 1 - heat 3 
ATHLETICS 14h35Women's   round 1 
ATHLETICS 16h15Men's   round 1 
ATHLETICS 14h40Men's   round 1 
ATHLETICS 14h30Men's   round 1 
ATHLETICS 16h25Women's   round 1 
BASKET-BALL 10h00Women's   Preliminary Round - group C: Indonesia - Andorra 
BASKET-BALL 10h25Women's   Preliminary Round - group C: Mexico - France 
BASKET-BALL 10h50Men's   Preliminary Round - group A: Jordan - China 
BASKET-BALL 11h15Men's   Preliminary Round - group A: Turkmenistan - Georgia 
BASKET-BALL 11h40Women's   Preliminary Round - group C: Mexico - Argentina 
BASKET-BALL 12h05Women's   Preliminary Round - group C: France - Indonesia 
BASKET-BALL 12h30Men's   Preliminary Round - group A: Slovenia - Jordan 
BASKET-BALL 12h55Men's   Preliminary Round - group A: Georgia - China 
BASKET-BALL 13h20Women's   Preliminary Round - group C: Argentina - Andorra 
BASKET-BALL 13h45Women's   Preliminary Round - group C: Turkmenistan - Slovenia 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 09h00Women's   round of 24 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 15h00Men's   round of 24 
CANOEING Sprint10h30Women's   preliminaries 
CANOEING Sprint11h40Women's   repechages 
CANOEING Sprint12h35Women's   Last 16 
CANOEING Sprint15h30Women's   Quarterfinal 1 
CANOEING Sprint15h33Women's   Quarterfinal 2 
CANOEING Sprint15h36Women's   Quarterfinal 3 
CANOEING Sprint15h39Women's   Quarterfinal 4 
CANOEING Sprint16h10Women's   Semifinal 1 
CANOEING Sprint16h13Women's   Semifinal 2 
CANOEING Sprint16h40Women's   Bonze Medal Race 
CANOEING Sprint16h46Women's   Final 
CANOEING Sprint11h00Men's   preliminaries 
CANOEING Sprint12h00Men's   repechages 
CANOEING Sprint15h45Men's   Quarterfinal 1 
CANOEING Sprint15h48Men's   Quarterfinal 2 
CANOEING Sprint15h51Men's   Quarterfinal 3 
CANOEING Sprint15h54Men's   Quarterfinal 4 
CANOEING Sprint16h20Men's   Semifinal 1 
CANOEING Sprint16h23Men's   Semifinal 2 
CANOEING Sprint16h55Men's   Bonze Medal Race 
CANOEING Sprint17h01Men's   Final 
CYCLING 11h00Men's   Time trial 
CYCLING 12h00Women's   Time trial 
DIVING 09h00Women's   preliminary round 
DIVING 17h00Women's   Final 
EQUESTRIAN 14h00Mixed   Final round B 
FUTSAL 14h00Women's   Round 1, group D: Dominican Republic - Chile 
FUTSAL 14h00Women's   Round 1, group D: Portugal - Japan 
FUTSAL 16h00Women's   Round 1, group C: Spain - Trinidad & Tobago 
FUTSAL 16h00Women's   Round 1, group C: Thailand - Tonga 
FUTSAL 18h00Men's   Round 1, group B: Costa Rica - Islamic Republic of Iran 
FUTSAL 18h00Men's   Round 1, group B: Solomon Island - Brazil 
FUTSAL 20h00Men's   Round 1, group A: Egypt - Slovakia 
FUTSAL 20h00Men's   Round 1, group A: Panama - Argentina 
GOLF 08h30Mixed   Round 1 
GYMNASTICS Artistic17h02Men's   Final 
GYMNASTICS Artistic18h46Men's   Final 
GYMNASTICS Artistic19h19Women's   Final 
GYMNASTICS Artistic17h37Women's   Final 
HANDBALL Beach09h30Men's   Semifinal: Argentina - Portugal 
HANDBALL Beach10h20Men's   Semifinal: Spain - Croatia 
HANDBALL Beach11h10Women's   Semifinal: Hungary - Argentina 
HANDBALL Beach12h00Women's   Semifinal: Netherlands - Croatia 
HANDBALL Beach14h10Men's   Bronze Medal Match: Argentina - Croatia 
HANDBALL Beach15h00Women's   Bronze Medal Match: Hungary - Netherlands 
HANDBALL Beach15h50Men's   Final: Spain - Portugal 
HANDBALL Beach17h00Women's   Final: Argentina - Croatia 
HOCKEY 5s08h00Women's   classification 11th-12th: Vanuatu - Mexico 
HOCKEY 5s09h00Men's   classification 5th-8th: Bangladesh - Pologne 
HOCKEY 5s10h00Men's   classification 5th-8th: Austria - Australia 
HOCKEY 5s11h00Women's   classification 5th-8th: Namibia - Australia 
HOCKEY 5s12h00Women's   classification 5th-8th: Poloand - Austria 
HOCKEY 5s13h00Women's   classification 9th-10th: Uruguay - Zimbabwe 
HOCKEY 5s14h00Men's   Semifinal: Malaysia - Zambia 
HOCKEY 5s15h00Men's   Semifinal: Argentina - India 
HOCKEY 5s16h00Women's   Semifinal: India - China 
HOCKEY 5s17h00Women's   Semifinal: Argentina - South Africa 
MODERN PENTATHLON 12h00Women's   Swimming, heat 1 
MODERN PENTATHLON 12h10Women's   Swimming, heat 2 
MODERN PENTATHLON 12h20Women's   Swimming, heat 3 
MODERN PENTATHLON 14h30Women's   fencing, Bonus Round 
MODERN PENTATHLON 16h00Women's   Laser 
RUGBY Sevens12h00Women's   Pool: New Zealand - Tunisia 
RUGBY Sevens12h25Women's   Pool: France - Colombia 
RUGBY Sevens12h50Women's   Pool: Canada - Kazakhstan 
RUGBY Sevens13h15Men's   Pool: South Africa- Japan 
RUGBY Sevens13h40Men's   Pool: United States of America - France 
RUGBY Sevens14h05Men's   Pool: Argentina - Samoa 
RUGBY Sevens15h05Women's   Pool: New Zealand - Colombia 
RUGBY Sevens15h30Women's   Pool: France - Kazakhstan 
RUGBY Sevens15h55Women's   Pool: Canada - Tunisia 
RUGBY Sevens16h20Men's   Pool: South Africa- France 
RUGBY Sevens16h45Men's   Pool: United States of America - Samoa 
RUGBY Sevens17h10Men's   Pool: Argentina - Japan 
SAILING 12h05Mixed   Final race 
TABLE TENNIS 10h00Mixed   preliminary round, group E 
TABLE TENNIS 10h00Mixed   preliminary round, group F 
TABLE TENNIS 11h30Mixed   preliminary round, group G 
TABLE TENNIS 11h30Mixed   preliminary round, group H 
TABLE TENNIS 13h00Mixed   preliminary round, group A 
TABLE TENNIS 13h00Mixed   preliminary round, group B 
TABLE TENNIS 16h00Mixed   preliminary round, group C 
TABLE TENNIS 16h00Mixed   preliminary round, group D 
TABLE TENNIS 17h30Mixed   preliminary round, group E 
TABLE TENNIS 17h30Mixed   preliminary round, group F 
TABLE TENNIS 19h00Mixed   preliminary round, group G 
TABLE TENNIS 19h00Mixed   preliminary round, group H 
TENNIS 11h30Women's   Final 
TENNIS 12h00Mixed   Semifinals 
TENNIS 13h00Men's   Bronze Medal Match 
TENNIS 14h30Mixed   Semifinals 
TENNIS 10h00Men's   Final 
TENNIS 10h30Women's   Bronze Medal Match 
WEIGHTLIFTING 14h30Women's    
WEIGHTLIFTING 18h00Men's    
WRESTLING Freestyle10h00Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle10h50Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle11h40Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle12h30Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle13h20Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle17h00Women's   classification 9th-10th 
WRESTLING Freestyle17h05Women's   classification 7th-8th 
WRESTLING Freestyle17h10Women's   classification 5th-6th 
WRESTLING Freestyle17h15Women's   Bonze Medal fight 
WRESTLING Freestyle17h20Women's   Final 
WRESTLING Freestyle10h10Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle11h00Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle11h50Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle12h40Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle13h30Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle17h25Women's   classification 9th-10th 
WRESTLING Freestyle17h30Women's   classification 7th-8th 
WRESTLING Freestyle17h35Women's   classification 5th-6th 
WRESTLING Freestyle17h40Women's   Bonze Medal fight 
WRESTLING Freestyle17h45Women's   Final 
WRESTLING Freestyle10h20Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle11h10Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle12h00Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle12h50Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle13h40Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle17h50Women's   classification 9th-10th 
WRESTLING Freestyle17h55Women's   classification 7th-8th 
WRESTLING Freestyle18h00Women's   classification 5th-6th 
WRESTLING Freestyle18h05Women's   Bonze Medal fight 
WRESTLING Freestyle18h05Women's   Final 
WRESTLING Freestyle10h30Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle11h20Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle12h10Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle13h00Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle13h50Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle18h15Women's   classification 9th-10th 
WRESTLING Freestyle18h20Women's   classification 7th-8th 
WRESTLING Freestyle18h25Women's   classification 5th-6th 
WRESTLING Freestyle18h30Women's   Bonze Medal fight 
WRESTLING Freestyle18h35Women's   Final 
WRESTLING Freestyle10h40Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle11h30Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle12h20Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle13h10Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle14h00Women's    
WRESTLING Freestyle18h40Women's   classification 9th-10th 
WRESTLING Freestyle18h45Women's   classification 7th-8th 
WRESTLING Freestyle18h50Women's   classification 5th-6th 
WRESTLING Freestyle18h55Women's   Bonze Medal fight 
WRESTLING Freestyle19h00Women's   Final 

October 14

ARCHERY 09h00Mixed   round of 16 
ARCHERY 14h00Mixed   Quarterfinals 
ARCHERY 15h12Mixed   Semifinals 
ARCHERY 15h53Mixed   Bronze Medal Match 
ARCHERY 16h11Mixed   Final 
ATHLETICS 14h25Women's   round 2, heat 1 
ATHLETICS 14h35Women's   round 2, heat 2 
ATHLETICS 14h45Women's   round 2, heat 3 
ATHLETICS 16h10Men's   round 2, heat 1 
ATHLETICS 16h17Men's   round 2, heat 2 
ATHLETICS 16h24Men's   round 2, heat 3 
ATHLETICS 16h31Men's   round 2, heat 4 
ATHLETICS 17h05Women's   round 2, heat 1 
ATHLETICS 17h15Women's   round 2, heat 2 
ATHLETICS 17h25Women's   round 2, heat 3 
ATHLETICS 17h32Women's   round 2, heat 4 
ATHLETICS 15h00Women's   round 2 - heat 1 
ATHLETICS 15h10Women's   round 2 - heat 1 
ATHLETICS 15h20Women's   round 2 - heat 3 
ATHLETICS 14h10Men's   Final 
ATHLETICS 15h50Women's   round 2 
ATHLETICS 16h05Men's   round 2 
ATHLETICS 14h05Women's   cound 2 
ATHLETICS 14h00Women's   round 2 
BASKET-BALL 10h00Women's   Preliminary Round - group D: Czech Republic - Estonia 
BASKET-BALL 10h25Women's   Preliminary Round - group D: Spain - Australia 
BASKET-BALL 10h50Men's   Preliminary Round - group D: Kazakhstan - Italy 
BASKET-BALL 11h15Men's   Preliminary Round - group D: Kyrgyzstan - Belgium 
BASKET-BALL 11h40Women's   Preliminary Round - group D: Netherlands - Czech Republic 
BASKET-BALL 12h05Women's   Preliminary Round - group D: Australia - Estonia 
BASKET-BALL 12h30Men's   Preliminary Round - group D: Latvia - Kazakhstan 
BASKET-BALL 12h55Men's   Preliminary Round - group D: Belgium - Italy 
BASKET-BALL 13h20Women's   Preliminary Round - group D: Spain - Netherlands 
BASKET-BALL 13h45Men's   Preliminary Round - group D: Kyrgyzstan - Latvia 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 09h00Men's   round of 16 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 09h00Women's   round of 16 
BOXING 15h02Men's  Super heavy weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 13h01Men's  Fly weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 18h01Men's  Bantam weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 20h08Women's  Feather weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 13h36Men's  Light weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 18h32Men's  Light welter weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 14h08Men's  Welter weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 15h28Women's  Middle weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 19h03Men's  Middle weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 14h32Men's  Light heavy weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 19h35Men's  Heavy weight Preliminary round 
CYCLING 11h00Men's   Road race 
CYCLING 13h30Women's   Road race 
DIVING 09h00Men's   preliminary round 
DIVING 17h00Men's   Final 
GOLF 08h30Mixed   round 2 
GYMNASTICS Artistic17h02Men's   Final 
GYMNASTICS Artistic18h36Men's   Final 
GYMNASTICS Trampoline17h33Women's   Final 
GYMNASTICS Trampoline19h15Men's   Final 
HOCKEY 5s08h30Men's   Classification 7th-8th: Bangladesh - Austria 
HOCKEY 5s09h30Women's   Classification 7th-8th: Namibia - Poland 
HOCKEY 5s10130Women's   Classification 5th-6th: Australia - Austria 
HOCKEY 5s10h30Men's   Classification 5th-6th: Poland - Australia 
HOCKEY 5s13h00Men's   Bronze Medal Match: Argentina - Zambia 
HOCKEY 5s14h00Women's   Bronze Medal Match: South Africa - China 
HOCKEY 5s15h00Men's   Final: India - Malaysia 
HOCKEY 5s16h40Women's   Final: Argentina - India 
KITEBORDING 10h03Women's   Final race 
KITEBORDING 10h15Men's   Final race 
MODERN PENTATHLON 12h00Men's   Swimming, heat 1 
MODERN PENTATHLON 12h10Men's   Swimming, heat 2 
MODERN PENTATHLON 12h20Men's   Swimming, heat 3 
MODERN PENTATHLON 14h30Men's   Fencing, bouns round 
MODERN PENTATHLON 16h00Men's   Laser 
RUGBY Sevens12h00Women's   Pool: New Zealand - France 
RUGBY Sevens12h25Women's   Pool: Canada - Colombia 
RUGBY Sevens12h50Women's   Pool: Tunisia - Kazakhstan 
RUGBY Sevens13h15Men's   Pool: South Africa - United States of America 
RUGBY Sevens13h40Men's   Pool: Argentina - France 
RUGBY Sevens14h05Men's   Pool: Japan - Samoa 
RUGBY Sevens15h05Women's   Pool: New Zealand - Canada 
RUGBY Sevens15h30Women's   Pool: France - Tunisia 
RUGBY Sevens15h55Women's   Pool: Colombia - Kazakhstan 
RUGBY Sevens16h20Men's   Pool: South Africa - Argentina 
RUGBY Sevens16h45Men's   Pool: United States of America - Japan 
RUGBY Sevens17h10Men's   Pool: France - Samoa 
TABLE TENNIS 10h00Mixed   round of 16 
TABLE TENNIS 17h00Mixed   Quarterfinals 
TENNIS 11h30Men's   Final 
TENNIS 12h00Mixed   Bronze Medal Match 
TENNIS 13h00Mixed   Final 
TENNIS 10h00Women's   Final 
WRESTLING Freestyle10h00Men's    
WRESTLING Freestyle10h25Men's    
WRESTLING Freestyle10h50Men's    
WRESTLING Freestyle17h00Men's   Classification 5th-6th 
WRESTLING Freestyle17h05Men's   Bronze Medal Fight 
WRESTLING Freestyle17h10Men's   Final 
WRESTLING Freestyle10h05Men's    
WRESTLING Freestyle10h30Men's    
WRESTLING Freestyle10h55Men's    
WRESTLING Freestyle17h15Men's   Classification 5th-6th 
WRESTLING Freestyle17h20Men's   Bronze Medal Fight 
WRESTLING Freestyle17h25Men's   Final 
WRESTLING Freestyle10h10Men's    
WRESTLING Freestyle10h35Men's    
WRESTLING Freestyle11h00Men's    
WRESTLING Freestyle17h30Men's   Classification 5th-6th 
WRESTLING Freestyle17h35Men's   Bronze Medal Fight 
WRESTLING Freestyle17h40Men's   Final 
WRESTLING Freestyle10h15Men's    
WRESTLING Freestyle10h40Men's    
WRESTLING Freestyle11h05Men's    
WRESTLING Freestyle17h45Men's   Classification 5th-6th 
WRESTLING Freestyle17h50Men's   Bronze Medal Fight 
WRESTLING Freestyle17h55Men's   Final 
WRESTLING Freestyle10h20Men's    
WRESTLING Freestyle10h45Men's    
WRESTLING Freestyle11h10Men's    
WRESTLING Freestyle18h00Men's   Classification 5th-6th 
WRESTLING Freestyle18h05Men's   Bronze Medal Fight 
WRESTLING Freestyle18h10Men's   Final 

October 15

ARCHERY 09h00Women's   round of 32 
ARCHERY 09h28Men's   round of 32 
ARCHERY 14h00Women's   round of 32 
ARCHERY 14h28Men's   round of 32 
ATHLETICS 16h05Women's   round 2, heat 1 
ATHLETICS 16h15Women's   round 2, heat 2 
ATHLETICS 16h25Women's   round 2, heat 3 
ATHLETICS 16h32Women's   round 2, heat 4 
ATHLETICS 16h39Women's   round 2, heat 5 
ATHLETICS 16h55Men's   round 2, heat 1 
ATHLETICS 17h05Men's   round 2, heat 2 
ATHLETICS 17h12Men's   round 2, heat 3 
ATHLETICS 17h19Men's   round 2, heat 4 
ATHLETICS 17h26Men's   round 2, heat 5 
ATHLETICS 14h30Men's   round 2 
ATHLETICS 15h20Men's   round 2, heat 1 
ATHLETICS 15h30Men's   round 2, heat 2 
ATHLETICS 15h40Men's   round 2, heat 3 
ATHLETICS 10h00Men's    
ATHLETICS 10h30Women's    
ATHLETICS 14h05Women's   round 2 
ATHLETICS 16h00Men's   round 2 
ATHLETICS 14h20Women's   round 2 
ATHLETICS 15h10Men's   round 2 
ATHLETICS 14h00Men's   round 2 
ATHLETICS 16h50Women's   round 2 
BASKET-BALL 14h30Men's   qualification 
BASKET-BALL 15h05Men's   Semifinals 
BASKET-BALL 15h30Men's   Ffinal 
BASKET-BALL 13h30Women's   qualification 
BASKET-BALL 14h10Women's   Final 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 09h00Men's   Quaterfinals 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 11h00Women's   Quaterfinals 
BOXING 14h43Men's  Super heavy weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 19h33Women's  Fly weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 12h58Men's  Fly weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 17h58Men's  Bantam weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 13h14Men's  Light weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 15h02Women's  Light weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 18h30Men's  Light welter weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 13h44Men's  Welter weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 18h44Men's  Middle weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 14h14Men's  Light heavy weight Preliminary round 
BOXING 19h03Men's  Heavy weight Preliminary round 
CANOEING Slalom11h10Men's   preliminaries 
CANOEING Slalom12h10Men's   repechages 
CANOEING Slalom15h45Men's   Quaterfinal 1 
CANOEING Slalom15h48Men's   Quaterfinal 2 
CANOEING Slalom15h51Men's   Quaterfinal 3 
CANOEING Slalom15h54Men's   Quaterfinal 4 
CANOEING Slalom16h20Men's   Semifinal 1 
CANOEING Slalom16h23Men's   Semifinal 2 
CANOEING Slalom16h55Men's   Bronze Medal Race 
CANOEING Slalom17h01Men's   Final 
CANOEING Slalom10h30Women's   preliminaries 
CANOEING Slalom11h45Women's   repechages 
CANOEING Slalom12h40Women's   Last 16 
CANOEING Slalom15h30Women's   Quaterfinal 1 
CANOEING Slalom15h33Women's   Quaterfinal 2 
CANOEING Slalom15h36Women's   Quaterfinal 3 
CANOEING Slalom15h39Women's   Quaterfinal 4 
CANOEING Slalom16h10Women's   Semifinal 1 
CANOEING Slalom16h13Women's   Semifinal 2 
CANOEING Slalom16h40Women's   Bronze Medal Race 
CANOEING Slalom16h46Women's   Final 
CYCLING 11h00Men's   cross-country preliminary, qualification 
CYCLING 11h15Women's   cross-country preliminary, qualification 
CYCLING 12h00Men's   cross-country 1/16 finals 
CYCLING 12h24Women's   cross-country 1/16 finals 
CYCLING 12h48Men's   cross-country Quarterfinals 
CYCLING 13h00Women's   cross-country Quarterfinals 
CYCLING 13h12Men's   cross-country Semifinals 
CYCLING 13h18Women's   cross-country Semifinals 
CYCLING 13h24Men's   cross-country Finals 
CYCLING 13h30Women's   cross-country Finals 
DIVING 09h00Women's   preliminary round 
DIVING 17h00Women's   Final 
FUTSAL 14h00Women's   Semifinal 1: Portugal - Bolivia 
FUTSAL 16h00Women's   Semifinal 2: Spain - Japan 
FUTSAL 18h00Men's   Semifinal 1 Egypt - Russian Federation 
FUTSAL 18h00Men's   Semifinal 1: Egypt - Russian Federation 
FUTSAL 20h00Men's   Semifinal 1: Brazil - Argentina 
FUTSAL 20h00Men's   Semifinal 2: Brazil - Argentina 
GOLF 08h30Mixed   round 3 
GYMNASTICS Artistic17h02Women's   Final 
GYMNASTICS Artistic19h35Women's   Final 
GYMNASTICS Artistic20h12Men's   Final 
GYMNASTICS Artistic17h37Men's   Final 
GYMNASTIQUE 18h12Mixed   Final 
MODERN PENTATHLON 12h00Mixed   Fencing, classification round 
ROLLER 10h30Women's    
RUGBY Sevens09h50Women's   Pool: New Zealand - Kazakhstan 
RUGBY Sevens10h15Women's   Pool: France - Canada 
RUGBY Sevens10h40Women's   Pool: Colombia - Tunisia 
RUGBY Sevens11h05Men's   Pool: South Africa - Samoa 
RUGBY Sevens11h30Men's   Pool: United States of America - Argentina 
RUGBY Sevens11h55Men's   Pool: France - Japan 
RUGBY Sevens13h55Women's   Classification 5th-6th: Kazakhstan - Tunisia 
RUGBY Sevens14h20Men's   Classification 5th-6th: United States of America - Samoa 
RUGBY Sevens14h45Women's   Bonze Medal Match: Canada - Colombia 
RUGBY Sevens15h10Men's   Bonze Medal Match: Japan - South Africa 
RUGBY Sevens15h35Women's   Final: New Zealand - France 
RUGBY Sevens16h00Men's   Final: Argentina - France 
TABLE TENNIS 10h00Mixed   Semifinals 
TABLE TENNIS 17h00Mixed   Bronze Medal Match 
TABLE TENNIS 18h30Mixed   Final 

October 16

ARCHERY 10h00Women's   round of 16 
ARCHERY 14h00Women's   Quarterfinals 
ARCHERY 14h56Women's   Semifinals 
ARCHERY 15h30Women's   Bronze Medal Match 
ARCHERY 15h44Women's   Final 
ATHLETICS 17h15Men's   round 2, heat 1 
ATHLETICS 17h25Men's   round 2, heat 2 
ATHLETICS 17h35Men's   round 2, heat 3 
ATHLETICS 16h05Men's   round 2, heat 1 
ATHLETICS 16h15Men's   round 2, heat 2 
ATHLETICS 16h25Men's   round 2, heat 3 
ATHLETICS 16h40Women's   round 2, heat 1 
ATHLETICS 16h50Women's   round 2, heat 2 
ATHLETICS 17h00Women's   round 2, heat 3 
ATHLETICS 14h15Women's   round 2 
ATHLETICS 14h55Women's   round 2, heat 1 
ATHLETICS 15h05Women's   round 2, heat 2 
ATHLETICS 15h15Women's   round 2, heat 3 
ATHLETICS 15h40Men's   round 2, heat 1 
ATHLETICS 15h50Men's   round 2, heat 2 
ATHLETICS 14h10Women's   round 2 
ATHLETICS 16h46Men's   round 2 
ATHLETICS 14h00Men's   round 2 
ATHLETICS 14h05Men's   round 2 
ATHLETICS 16h21Women's   round 2 
BASKET-BALL 12h00Women's   Quarterfinal: Hungary - France 
BASKET-BALL 12h25Women's   Quarterfinal: Australia - Ukraine 
BASKET-BALL 12h50Men's   Quarterfinal: Slovenia - Russian Federation 
BASKET-BALL 13h15Men's   Quarterfinal: Ukraine - Italy 
BASKET-BALL 15h00Women's   Quarterfinal: United States of America - Netherlands 
BASKET-BALL 15h25Women's   Quarterfinal: Argentina - China 
BASKET-BALL 15h50Men's   Quarterfinal: Belgium - Brazil 
BASKET-BALL 16h15Men's   Quarterfinal: Argentina - Georgia 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 10h00Women's   Semifinal 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 15h00Men's   Semifinal 
BOXING 15h02Men's  Super heavy weight Semifinals 
BOXING 20h02Women's  Fly weight Semifinals 
BOXING 13h01Men's  Fly weight Semifinals 
BOXING 17h59Men's  Bantam weight Semifinals 
BOXING 15h33Women's  Feather weight Semifinals 
BOXING 13h31Men's  Light weight Semifinals 
BOXING 20h33Women's  Light weight Semifinals 
BOXING 18h31Men's  Light welter weight Semifinals 
BOXING 14h01Men's  Welter weight Semifinals 
BOXING 15h58Women's  Middle weight Semifinals 
BOXING 19h01Men's  Middle weight Semifinals 
BOXING 14h31Men's  Light heavy weight Semifinals 
BOXING 19h32Men's  Heavy weight Semifinals 
CANOEING Slalom10h30Women's   preliminaries 
CANOEING Slalom11h45Women's   repechages 
CANOEING Slalom12h45Women's   Last 16 
CANOEING Slalom15h30Women's   Quarterfinals 
CANOEING Slalom16h10Women's   Semifinals 
CANOEING Slalom16h40Women's   Bonze Medal Race 
CANOEING Slalom16h46Women's   Final 
CANOEING Slalom11h10Men's   preliminaries 
CANOEING Slalom12h10Men's   repechages 
CANOEING Slalom15h45Men's   Quarterfinals 
CANOEING Slalom16h20Men's   Semifinals 
CANOEING Slalom16h55Men's   Bonze Medal Race 
CANOEING Slalom17h01Men's   Final 
CYCLING 11h00Men's   cross-country XCE, qualification 
CYCLING 11h00Women's   cross-country XCE, qualification 
CYCLING 13h00Men's   cross-country FXCE, Final 
CYCLING 13h40Women's   cross-country FXCE, Final 
DIVING 09h00Men's   preliminary round 
DIVING 17h00Men's   Final 
GYMNASTICS Rythmic17h00Women's   Final - rotation 1 
GYMNASTICS Rythmic17h29Women's   Final - rotation 2 
GYMNASTICS Rythmic17h59Women's   Final - rotation 3 
GYMNASTICS Rythmic18h28Women's   Final - rotation 4 
MODERN PENTATHLON 12h00Mixed   Swimming, heat 1 
MODERN PENTATHLON 12h10Mixed   Swimming, heat 2 
MODERN PENTATHLON 12h20Mixed   Swimming, heat 3 
MODERN PENTATHLON 14h00Mixed   Fencing, bouns round 
MODERN PENTATHLON 16h00Mixed   Laser 

October 17

ARCHERY 10h00Men's   round of 16 
ARCHERY 14h00Men's   Quarterfinals 
ARCHERY 14h56Men's   Semifinals 
ARCHERY 15h30Men's   Bronze Medal Match 
ARCHERY 15h44Men's   Final 
BASKET-BALL 11h00Women's   Semifinal: France - Australia 
BASKET-BALL 11h25Women's   Semifinal: United States of America - China 
BASKET-BALL 11h50Men's   Semifinal: Slovenia - Belgium 
BASKET-BALL 12h15Men's   Semifinal: Ukraine - Argentina 
BASKET-BALL 12h40Women's   Bronze Medal Match: Australia - China 
BASKET-BALL 13h05Men's   Bronze Medal Match: Slovakia - Ukraine 
BASKET-BALL 13h30Women's   Final: France - United States of America 
BASKET-BALL 13h55Men's   Final: Belgium - Argentina 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 10h00Women's   Bronze Medal Match 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 11h30Women's   Final 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 14h00Men's   Bronze Medal Match 
BEACH VOLLEY-BALL 15h30Men's   Final 
BOXING 14h30Men's  Super heavy weight Classification 5th-6th 
BOXING 14h45Men's  Super heavy weight Bronze Medal Bout 
BOXING 15h00Men's  Super heavy weight Final 
BOXING 13h00Men's  Bantam weight Classification 5th-6th 
BOXING 13h15Men's  Bantam weight Bronze Medal Bout 
BOXING 13h30Men's  Bantam weight Final 
BOXING 14h15Men's  Bantam weight Final 
BOXING 15h15Women's  Feather weight Bronze Medal Bout 
BOXING 15h30Women's  Feather weight Final 
BOXING 18h00Men's  Light weight Classification 5th-6th 
BOXING 18h15Men's  Light weight Bronze Medal Bout 
BOXING 18h30Men's  Light weight Final 
BOXING 13h45Men's  Welter weight Classification 5th-6th 
BOXING 14h00Men's  Welter weight Bronze Medal Bout 
BOXING 18h45Men's  Middle weight Classification 5th-6th 
BOXING 19h00Men's  Middle weight Bronze Medal Bout 
BOXING 19h15Men's  Middle weight Final 
BOXING 20h15Women's  Middle weight Bronze Medal Bout 
BOXING 20h30Women's  Middle weight Final 
BOXING 19h30Men's  Heavy weight Classification 5th-6th 
BOXING 19h45Men's  Heavy weight Bronze Medal Bout 
BOXING 20h00Men's  Heavy weight Final 
CYCLING 11h00Women's   criterium 
CYCLING 13h00Men's   criterium 
DIVING 17h00Mixed   Final 
FUTSAL 15h30Women's   Bronze medal Match: Bolivia - Spain 
FUTSAL 18h00Women's   Final: Portugal - Japan 
KARATE 10h00Women's   elimination round 
KARATE 15h00Women's   Semifinals 
KARATE 15h42Women's   Finals 
KARATE 11h05Men's   elimination round 
KARATE 15h15Men's   Semifinals 
KARATE 15h49Men's   Finals 
KARATE 12h10Women's   elimination round 
KARATE 15h30Women's   Semifinals 
KARATE 15h56Women's   Finals 

October 18

BOXING 15h15Women's  Fly weight Bronze Medal Bout 
BOXING 15h30Women's  Fly weight Final 
BOXING 13h00Men's  Bantam weight Classification 5th-6th 
BOXING 13h15Men's  Bantam weight Bronze Medal Bout 
BOXING 13h30Men's  Bantam weight Final 
BOXING 15h45Women's  Light weight Bronze Medal Bout 
BOXING 16h00Women's  Light weight Final 
BOXING 13h45Men's  Light welter weight Classification 5th-6th 
BOXING 14h00Men's  Light welter weight Bronze Medal Bout 
BOXING 14h15Men's  Light welter weight Final 
BOXING 14h30Men's  Light heavy weight Classification 5th-6th 
BOXING 14h45Men's  Light heavy weight Bronze Medal Bout 
BOXING 15h00Men's  Light heavy weight Final 
FUTSAL 10h30Men's   Bronze Medal Match: Argentina - Egypt 
FUTSAL 13h00Men's   Final: Brazil - Russian Federation 
KARATE 10h05Women's   elimination round 
KARATE 14h15Women's   Semifinals 
KARATE 14h49Women's   Finals 
KARATE 11h10Men's   elimination round 
KARATE 14h30Men's   Semifinals 
KARATE 14h56Men's   Finals 
KARATE 09h00Men's   elimination round 
KARATE 14h00Men's   Semifinals 
KARATE 14h42Men's   Finals 
CEREMONY 20h00   Closing Ceremony