2018 Buenos Aires Summer

Welcome Day Sport Results Français
  The IIIrd Youth Olympic Games Torche
medaille de vainqueur
archery athletics rowing badminton basket-ball beach handball
beach volley boxe sportive danse canoe clibing equestrian
cycling fencing football golf weightlifting gymnastic grs
gym artistic weightlifting hockey judo karate lutte
nataswimmingtion pentathlon diving roller rugby taekwondo
tennis shooting triathlon table tennis sailing

accueil Following Brazil, South America receives the Youth Olympic Games, hope that there will not be the same financial drift as in Brazil

Dates : October 6 to 18, 2018
C.N.O. participants: 206
Number of sports: 32
Number of contest: 0
Number of athletes: 0
Men : 0
Women :
Opening :
Oath juges:
Coach Serment:
Number of flame bearer:
Last flame bearer:
Town candidates :