2018 Pyeongchang Winter

Welcome Day Sport Results Français
  The 12th Winter Paralympic Games Torche
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The programme is definitive


March 1010h00Women's 6 km Sitting   
March 1010h25Men's 7.5 km Sitting   
March 1011h45Women's 6 km Standing   
March 1012h45Men's 7.5 km Standing   
March 1013h15Women's 6 km Visual impaired   
March 1014h00Men's 7.5 km Visual impaired   
March 1310h00Women's 10 km Sitting   
March 1310h55Men's 12.5 km Sitting   
March 1312h30Women's 10 km Standing   
March 1312h50Men's 12.5 km Standing   
March 1314h20Women's 10 km Visual impaired   
March 1314h40Men's 12.5 km Visual impaired   
March 1510h00Women's 12.5 km Sitting   
March 1510h20Men's 15 km Sitting   
March 1512h00Women's 12.5 km Standing   
March 1513h00Men's 15 km Standing   
March 1514h40Women's 12.5 km Visual impaired   
March 1514h50Men's 15 km Visual impaired   


March 920h00    Opening ceremony 
March 1820h00    Closing ceremony 

Ice sledge Hockey

March 1012h00Mixed    preliminariy round, group B: United States of America - Japan 
March 1015h30Mixed    preliminariy round, group B: Republic of Korea - Japan 
March 1019h00Mixed    preliminariy round, group A: Canada - Sweden 
March 1112h00Mixed    preliminariy round, group B: United States of Amercia - Japan 
March 1112h00Mixed    preliminariy round, group B: Republic of Korea - Czech Republic 
March 1119h00Mixed    preliminariy round, group A: Canada - Italy 
March 1212h00Mixed    preliminariy round, group B: United States of America - Czech Republic 
March 1215h30Mixed    preliminariy round, group A: Canada - Norway 
March 1219h00Mixed    preliminariy round, group A: Italy - Sweden 
March 1312h00Mixed    preliminariy round, group B: Czech Rpublic - Japan 
March 1315h30Mixed    preliminariy round, group A: Norway - Sweden 
March 1416h00Mixed    play-off 5th-8th: Czech Republic - Sweden 
March 1420h00Mixed    play-off 5th-8th: Norway - Japan 
March 1516h00Mixed    semifinal: Canada - Republic of Korea 
March 1520h00Mixed    semifinal: United States of America - Italy 
March 1616h00Mixed    play-off classification games 7th-8th: Japan - Sweden 
March 1620h00Mixed    play-off classification games 5th-6th: Norway - Czech Republic 
March 1712h00Mixed    Bronze Medal Match: Republic of Korea - Italy 
March 1812h00Mixed    Final: Canada - United States of America 

Ski Alpine

March 1009h30Women's Downhill Visual impaired   
March 1009h50Women's Downhill Standing   
March 1010h20Women's Downhill Sitting   
March 1010h50Men's Downhill Visual impaired   
March 1011h10Men's Downhill Standing   
March 1012h00Men's Downhill Sitting   
March 1109h30Women's Super-G Visual impaired   
March 1109h55Women's Super-G Standing   
March 1110h35Women's Super-G Sitting   
March 1111h05Men's Super-G Visual impaired   
March 1111h35Men's Super-G Standing   
March 1112h15Men's Super-G Sitting   
March 1309h30Women's Super combined Visual impaired  Slalom 
March 1310h05Women's Super combined Standing  Slalom 
March 1310h40Women's Super combined Sitting  Slalom 
March 1311h15Men's Super combined Visual impaired  Slalom 
March 1311h50Men's Super combined Standing  Slalom 
March 1312h25Men's Super combined Sitting  Slalom 
March 1315h00Women's Super combined Visual impaired  Super G 
March 1315h25Women's Super combined Standing  Super G 
March 1315h45Women's Super combined Sitting  Super G 
March 1316h05Men's Super combined Visual impaired  Super G 
March 1316h25Men's Super combined Standing  Super G 
March 1316h45Men's Super combined Sitting  Super G 
March 1409h30Men's Slalom Sitting  run 1 
March 1409h30Men's Slalom Standing  run 1 
March 1409h30Men's Slalom Visual impaired  run 1 
March 1414h15Men's Slalom Sitting  run 2 
March 1414h15Men's Slalom Standing  run 2 
March 1414h15Men's Slalom Visual impaired  run 2 
March 1509h30Women's Slalom Sitting  run 1 
March 1509h30Women's Slalom Standing  run 1 
March 1509h30Women's Slalom Visual impaired  run 1 
March 1514h15Women's Slalom Sitting  run 2 
March 1514h15Women's Slalom Standing  run 2 
March 1514h15Women's Slalom Visual impaired  run 2 
March 1709h30Men's Downhill Sitting  run 1 
March 1709h30Men's Downhill Standing  run 1 
March 1709h30Men's Downhill Visual impaired  run 1 
March 1714h00Men's Downhill Sitting  run 2 
March 1714h00Men's Downhill Standing  run 2 
March 1714h00Men's Downhill Visual impaired  run 2 
March 1809h30Women's Giant slalom Sitting  run 1 
March 1810h00Women's Giant slalom Standing  run 1 
March 1810h30Women's Giant slalom Visual impaired  run 1 
March 1812h30Women's Giant slalom Visual impaired  run 2 
March 1812h50Women's Giant slalom Standing  run 2 
March 1813h10Women's Giant slalom Sitting  run 2 

Ski cross country

March 1110h00Men's 15 km Sitting   
March 1111h15Women's 12 km Sitting   
March 1210h00Men's 20 km freestyle Standing   
March 1210h25Men's 20 km freestyle Visual impaired   
March 1212h00Women's 15 km freestyle Standing   
March 1212h15Women's 15 km freestyle Visual impaired   
March 1510h00Men's 1,1 km sprint Sitting  qualifications 
March 1510h17Women's 1,1 km sprint Sitting  qualifications 
March 1510h35Men's 1,5 km sprint classic Standing  qualifications 
March 1510h50Women's 1,5 km sprint classic Standing  qualifications 
March 1511h10Men's 1,5 km sprint classic Visual impaired  qualifications 
March 1511h25Women's 1,5 km sprint classic Visual impaired  qualifications 
March 1512h00Men's 1,1 km sprint Sitting  semifinal 1 
March 1512h05Men's 1,1 km sprint Sitting  semifinal 2 
March 1512h10Women's 1,1 km sprint Sitting  semifinal 1 
March 1512h15Women's 1,1 km sprint Sitting  semifinal 2 
March 1512h21Men's 1,5 km sprint classic Standing  semifinal 1 
March 1512h26Men's 1,5 km sprint classic Standing  semifinal 2 
March 1512h31Women's 1,5 km sprint classic Standing  semifinal 1 
March 1512h36Women's 1,5 km sprint classic Standing  semifinal 2 
March 1512h42Men's 1,5 km sprint classic Visual impaired  semifinal 1 
March 1512h47Men's 1,5 km sprint classic Visual impaired  semifinal 2 
March 1512h52Women's 1 km sprint classic All classes  semifinals 
March 1512h57Women's 1,5 km sprint classic Visual impaired  semifinal 2 
March 1513h06Men's 1,1 km sprint Sitting  Final 
March 1513h20Women's 1,1 km sprint Sitting  Final 
March 1513h34Men's 1,5 km sprint classic Standing  Final 
March 1513h48Women's 1,5 km sprint classic Standing  Final 
March 1514h02Men's 1,5 km sprint classic Visual impaired  Final 
March 1514h16Women's 1,5 km sprint classic Visual impaired  Final 
March 1710h00Men's 10 km classic Visual impaired   
March 1710h15Men's 10 km classic Standing   
March 1711h45Women's 7,5 km classic Standing   
March 1711h55Women's 7,5 km classic Visual impaired   
March 1712h40Men's 7,5 km Sitting   
March 1713h00Women's 6 km Sitting   
March 1810h00Mixed Relay 4 x 2,5 km All classes   
March 1811h00Open Relay 4 x 2,5 km All classes   


March 1210h30Women's Cross SB-LL1  qualification run 1 
March 1210h35Women's Cross SB-LL2  qualification run 1 
March 1210h42Men's Cross SB-UL  qualification run 1 
March 1211h05Men's Cross SB-LL1  qualification run 1 
March 1211h18Men's Cross SB-LL2  qualification run 1 
March 1211h22Men's Cross SB-LL2  qualification run 2 
March 1211h54Women's Cross SB-LL1  qualification run 2 
March 1211h59Men's Cross SB-UL  qualification run 2 
March 1212h22Men's Cross SB-LL1  qualification run 2 
March 1212h55Women's Cross SB-LL2  qualification run 2 
March 1213h33Men's Cross SB-UL  1/8 Final 1 
March 1213h34Men's Cross SB-UL  1/8 Final 2 
March 1213h36Men's Cross SB-UL  1/8 Final 3 
March 1213h37Men's Cross SB-UL  1/8 Final 4 
March 1213h39Men's Cross SB-UL  1/8 Final 5 
March 1213h40Men's Cross SB-UL  1/8 Final 6 
March 1213h42Men's Cross SB-UL  1/8 Final 7 
March 1213h43Men's Cross SB-UL  1/8 Final 8 
March 1213h45Men's Cross SB-LL1  1/8 Final 1 
March 1213h46Men's Cross SB-LL1  1/8 Final 2 
March 1213h47Men's Cross SB-LL1  1/8 Final 3 
March 1213h48Men's Cross SB-LL1  1/8 Final 4 
March 1213h49Men's Cross SB-LL1  1/8 Final 5 
March 1213h50Men's Cross SB-LL1  1/8 Final 6 
March 1213h51Men's Cross SB-LL1  1/8 Final 7 
March 1213h52Men's Cross SB-LL1  1/8 Final 8 
March 1213h52Men's Cross SB-LL2  1/8 Final 1 
March 1213h53Men's Cross SB-LL2  1/8 Final 2 
March 1213h55Men's Cross SB-LL2  1/8 Final 3 
March 1213h56Men's Cross SB-LL2  1/8 Final 4 
March 1213h58Men's Cross SB-LL2  1/8 Final 5 
March 1213h59Men's Cross SB-LL2  1/8 Final 6 
March 1214h01Men's Cross SB-LL2  1/8 Final 7 
March 1214h02Men's Cross SB-LL2  1/8 Final 8 
March 1214h04Women's Cross SB-LL2  1/4 Final 1 
March 1214h05Women's Cross SB-LL2  1/4 Final 2 
March 1214h06Women's Cross SB-LL2  1/4 Final 3 
March 1214h07Women's Cross SB-LL2  1/4 Final 4 
March 1214h09Men's Cross SB-UL  1/4 Final 1 
March 1214h10Men's Cross SB-UL  1/4 Final 2 
March 1214h12Men's Cross SB-UL  1/4 Final 3 
March 1214h13Men's Cross SB-UL  1/4 Final 4 
March 1214h15Men's Cross SB-LL1  1/4 Final 1 
March 1214h16Men's Cross SB-LL1  1/4 Final 2 
March 1214h18Men's Cross SB-LL1  1/4 Final 3 
March 1214h19Men's Cross SB-LL1  1/4 Final 4 
March 1214h21Men's Cross SB-LL2  1/4 Final 1 
March 1214h22Men's Cross SB-LL2  1/4 Final 2 
March 1214h24Men's Cross SB-LL2  1/4 Final 3 
March 1214h25Men's Cross SB-LL2  1/4 Final 4 
March 1214h27Women's Cross SB-LL1  semifinal 1 
March 1214h28Women's Cross SB-LL1  semifinal 2 
March 1214h30Women's Cross SB-LL2  semifinal 1 
March 1214h31Women's Cross SB-LL2  semifinal 2 
March 1214h33Men's Cross SB-UL  semifinal 1 
March 1214h34Men's Cross SB-UL  semifinal 2 
March 1214h36Men's Cross SB-LL1  semifinal 1 
March 1214h37Men's Cross SB-LL1  semifinal 2 
March 1214h39Men's Cross SB-LL2  semifinal 1 
March 1214h40Men's Cross SB-LL2  semifinal 2 
March 1214h42Women's Cross SB-LL1  small final 
March 1214h43Women's Cross SB-LL2  small final 
March 1214h45Men's Cross SB-UL  small final 
March 1214h46Men's Cross SB-LL1  small final 
March 1214h48Men's Cross SB-LL2  small final 
March 1214h49Women's Cross SB-LL1  Final 
March 1214h53Women's Cross SB-LL2  Final 
March 1214h56Men's Cross SB-UL  Final 
March 1215h00Men's Cross SB-LL1  Final 
March 1215h03Men's Cross SB-LL2  Final 
March 1610h30Women's banked slalom SB-LL1  run 1 
March 1610h35Women's banked slalom SB-LL2  run 1 
March 1610h45Men's banked slalom SB-UL  run 1 
March 1611h08Men's banked slalom SB-LL1  run 1 
March 1611h21Men's banked slalom SB-LL2  run 1 
March 1611h42Women's banked slalom SB-LL1  run 2 
March 1611h47Women's banked slalom SB-LL2  run 2 
March 1611h57Men's banked slalom SB-UL  run 2 
March 1612h20Men's banked slalom SB-LL1  run 2 
March 1612h33Men's banked slalom SB-LL2  run 2 
March 1612h54Women's banked slalom SB-LL1  run 3 
March 1613h01Women's banked slalom SB-LL2  run 3 
March 1613h13Men's banked slalom SB-UL  run 3 
March 1613h38Men's banked slalom SB-LL1  run 3 
March 1613h53Men's banked slalom SB-LL2  run 3 

wheelchain Curling

March 1014h35Mixed    robin round: Germany - Neutral Paralympic Athletes 
March 1014h35Mixed    robin round: United States of America - Republic of Korea 
March 1014h35Mixed    robin round: Norway - Grat Britain 
March 1014h35Mixed    robin round: Switzerland - Canada 
March 1019h35Mixed    robin round: Canada - Norway 
March 1019h35Mixed    robin round: Republic of Korea - Neutral Paralympic Athletes 
March 1019h35Mixed    robin round: Slovakia - Finland 
March 1019h35Mixed    robin round: Sweden - People's Republic of China 
March 1109h35Mixed    robin round: United States of America - Germany 
March 1109h35Mixed    robin round: Switzerland - Great Britain 
March 1114h35Mixed    robin round: Neutral Paralympic Athletes - Finland 
March 1114h35Mixed    robin round: Canada - Sweden 
March 1114h35Mixed    robin round: Norway - People's Republic of China 
March 1114h35Mixed    robin round: Slovakia - Republic of Korea 
March 1119h35Mixed    robin round: United States of America - Sweden 
March 1119h35Mixed    robin round: Great Britain - Finland 
March 1119h35Mixed    robin round: People's Republic of China - Germany 
March 1119h35Mixed    robin round: Slovakia - Switzerland 
March 1209h35Mixed    robin round: Germany - Slovakia 
March 1209h35Mixed    robin round: Finland - People's Republic of China 
March 1209h35Mixed    robin round: Norway - Neutral Paralympic Athletes 
March 1209h35Mixed    robin round: Republic of Korea - Canada 
March 1209h35Mixed    robin round: Sweden - Slovakia 
March 1214h35Mixed    robin round: Finland - United States of Amercia 
March 1214h35Mixed    robin round: People'sRepublic of China - Switzerland 
March 1214h35Mixed    robin round: Sweden - Great Britain 
March 1219h35Mixed    robin round: Neutral Paralympic Athletes - United States of America 
March 1219h35Mixed    robin round: Great Britain - Canada 
March 1219h35Mixed    robin round: Republic of Korea - Germany 
March 1219h35Mixed    robin round: Switzerland - Norway 
March 1309h35Mixed    robin round: Neutral Paralympic Athletes - Slovakia 
March 1309h35Mixed    robin round: Finland - Republic of Korea 
March 1309h35Mixed    robin round: Norway - Sweden 
March 1309h35Mixed    robin round: People's Républic of China 
March 1314h35Mixed    robin round: United States of America )- People's Republic of China 
March 1314h35Mixed    robin round: Finland - Switzerland 
March 1314h35Mixed    robin round: Great Britain - Slovakia 
March 1314h35Mixed    robin round: Sweden - Germany 
March 1319h35Mixed    robin round: Germany - Norway 
March 1319h35Mixed    robin round: Neutral Paralympic Athletes - Great Britain 
March 1319h35Mixed    robin round: Canada - United States of America 
March 1319h35Mixed    robin round: Switzerland - Republic of Korea 
March 1409h35Mixed    robin round: Germany - Great Britain 
March 1409h35Mixed    robin round: Finland - Sweden 
March 1409h35Mixed    robin round: Slovakia - People's Republic of China 
March 1409h35Mixed    robin round: Switzerland - United States of Amercia 
March 1414h35Mixed    robin round: Germany - Switzerland 
March 1414h35Mixed    robin round: Canada - Neutral Paralympic Athletes 
March 1414h35Mixed    robin round: Great Britain - United States of Amercia 
March 1414h35Mixed    robin round: Republic of Korea - Norway 
March 1419h35Mixed    robin round: Norway - Finland 
March 1419h35Mixed    robin round: Republic of Korea - Sweden 
March 1419h35Mixed    robin round: People's Republic of China - Neutral Paralympic Athletes 
March 1509h35Mixed    robin round: Canada - Germany 
March 1509h35Mixed    robin round: United States of America - Norway 
March 1509h35Mixed    robin round: Great Britain - Republic of Korea 
March 1509h35Mixed    robin round: Switzerland - Neutral Paralympic Athletes 
March 1514h35Mixed    robin round: Neutral Paralympic Athletes - Sweden 
March 1514h35Mixed    robin round: Canada - Finland 
March 1514h35Mixed    robin round: Norway - Slovakia 
March 1514h35Mixed    robin round: People's Republic of China - Republic of Korea 
March 1519h35Mixed    robin round: United States of America - Slovakia 
March 1519h35Mixed    robin round: Finland - Germany 
March 1519h35Mixed    robin round: People's Republic of China - Great Britain 
March 1519h35Mixed    robin round: Sweden - Switzerland 
March 1615h35Mixed    semifinal: Republic of Korea - Norway 
March 1615h35Mixed    semifinal: People's Republic of China - Canada 
March 1709h36Mixed    Bronze Medal Match: Republic of Korea - Canada 
March 1714h35Mixed    Final: Peiple's Republic of China - Norway