2014 Sochi Winter

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  The 11th Winter Paralympic Games Torche
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The programme is definitives


March 720h00    Opening ceremony 
March 1620h00    Closing ceremony 

Ice sledge Hockey

March 809h30Mixed    preliminary round - group A: Czech Republic - Norway 
March 813h00Mixed    preliminary round - group A: Canada - Sweden 
March 816h30Mixed    preliminary round - group B: United States of Amerrira - Italy 
March 820h00Mixed    preliminary round - group B: Russian Federation - Korea 
March 909h30Mixed    preliminary round - group A: Czech Republic - Sweden 
March 913h00Mixed    preliminary round - group A: Canada - Norway 
March 916h30Mixed    preliminary round - group B: United States of Amerrira - Korea Republic 
March 920h00Mixed    preliminary round - group B: Russian Federation - Italy 
March 1109h30Mixed    preliminary round - group B: Korea Republic - Italy 
March 1113h00Mixed    preliminary round - group A: Norway - Sweden 
March 1116h30Mixed    preliminary round - group B: United States of Amerrira - Russian federation 
March 1120h00Mixed    preliminary round - group A: Canada - République Tchèque 
March 1216h00Mixed    classification 5 - 8: Italy - Sweden 
March 1220h00Mixed    classification 5 - 8: Czech Republic - Korea 
March 1313h00Mixed    Semifinal: Russian Federation - Norway 
March 1320h00Mixed    Semifinal: Canada - United States of Amerrira 
March 1413h00Mixed    classification 7 - 8: Korea - Sweden 
March 1420h00Mixed    classification 5 - 6: Czech Republic - Italy 
March 1513h00Mixed    Bronze Medal Match: Canada - Norway 
March 1520h00Mixed    Final: United States of Amerrira - Russian Federation 

Ski Alpine

March 809h30Women's Giant slalom Visual impaired  run 1 
March 809h55Women's Giant slalom Standing  run 1 
March 810h35Women's Giant slalom Sitting  run 1 
March 813h00Women's Giant slalom Visual impaired  run 2 
March 813h15Women's Giant slalom Standing  run 2 
March 813h45Women's Giant slalom Sitting  run 2 
March 910h00Men's Super-G Visual impaired   
March 910h20Men's Super-G Standing   
March 911h15Men's Super-G Sitting   
March 1010h00Women's Super-G Visual impaired   
March 1010h20Women's Super-G Standing   
March 1010h55Women's Super-G Sitting   
March 1114h00Women's Super combined Visual impaired  run 1 Slalom 
March 1114h00Women's Super-G Visual impaired  Slalom run 1 
March 1114h10Women's Super combined Standing  run 1 Slalom 
March 1114h10Women's Super-G Visual impaired  Slalom run 1 
March 1114h30Women's Super combined Sitting  run 1 Slalom 
March 1114h30Women's Super-G Sitting  Slalom run 1 
March 1114h40Men's Super combined Visual impaired  run 1 Slalom 
March 1114h40Men's Super-G Visual impaired  Slalom run 1 
March 1115h00Men's Super combined Standing  run 1 Slalom 
March 1115h00Men's Super-G Standing  Slalom run 1 
March 1115h35Men's Super combined Sitting  run 1 Slalom 
March 1115h35Men's Super-G Sitting  Slalom run 1 
March 1209h00Women's Slalom Visual impaired  run 1 
March 1209h15Women's Slalom Standing  run 1 
March 1209h40Women's Slalom Sitting  run 1 
March 1212h00Women's Slalom Visual impaired  run 2 
March 1212h10Women's Slalom Standing  run 2 
March 1212h30Women's Slalom Sitting  run 2 
March 1315h00Men's Slalom Visual impaired  run 1 
March 1315h15Men's Slalom Standing  run 1 
March 1315h55Men's Slalom Sitting  run 1 
March 1319h00Men's Slalom Visual impaired  run 2 
March 1319h10Men's Slalom Standing  run 2 
March 1319h35Men's Slalom Sitting  run 2 
March 1414h00Women's Super combined Visual impaired  run 2 Super-G 
March 1414h15Women's Super combined Standing  run 2 Super-G 
March 1414h40Women's Super combined Sitting  run 2 Super-G 
March 1414h55Men's Super combined Visual impaired  run 2 Super-G 
March 1415h20Men's Super combined Standing  run 2 Super-G 
March 1416h00Men's Super combined Sitting  run 2 Super-G 
March 1509h30Men's Giant slalom Visual impaired  run 1 
March 1509h55Men's Giant slalom Standing  run 1 
March 1510h45Men's Giant slalom Sitting  run 1 
March 1513h30Men's Giant slalom Visual impaired  run 2 
March 1513h50Men's Giant slalom Standing  run 2 
March 1514h25Men's Giant slalom Sitting  run 2 
March 1609h30Women's Giant slalom Visual impaired  run 1 
March 1609h55Women's Giant slalom Standing  run 1 
March 1610h35Women's Giant slalom Sitting  run 1 
March 1613h00Women's Giant slalom Visual impaired  run 2 
March 1613h15Women's Giant slalom Standing  run 2 
March 1613h45Women's Giant slalom Sitting  run 2 

Ski cross country

March 911h00Men's 15 km Sitting   
March 912h30Women's 12 km Sitting   
March 1010h00Men's 20 km Standing   
March 1011h00Men's 20 km Visual impaired   
March 1012h55Women's 15 km Standing   
March 1013h20Women's 15 km Visual impaired   
March 1210h10Men's 1 km sprint Sitting  Qualification 
March 1210h14Women's 1 km sprint Sitting  Qualification 
March 1210h35Men's 1 km sprint Standing  Qualification 
March 1211h00Women's 1 km sprint Standing  Qualification 
March 1211h17Men's 1 km sprint Visual impaired  Qualification 
March 1211h33Women's 1 km sprint Visual impaired  Qualification 
March 1212h30Men's 1 km sprint Sitting  Semifinal 1 
March 1212h35Men's 1 km sprint Sitting  Semifinal 2 
March 1212h40Women's 1 km sprint Sitting  Semifinal 1 
March 1212h45Women's 1 km sprint Sitting  Semifinal 2 
March 1212h51Men's 1 km sprint Standing  Semifinal 1 
March 1212h56Men's 1 km sprint Standing  Semifinal 2 
March 1213h01Women's 1 km sprint Standing  Semifinal 1 
March 1213h06Women's 1 km sprint Standing  Semifinal 2 
March 1213h12Men's 1 km sprint Visual impaired  Semifinal 1 
March 1213h17Men's 1 km sprint Visual impaired  Semifinal 2 
March 1213h22Women's 1 km sprint Visual impaired  Semifinal 1 
March 1213h27Women's 1 km sprint Visual impaired  Semifinal 2 
March 1213h48Men's 1 km sprint Sitting  Final 
March 1213h57Women's 1 km sprint Sitting  Final 
March 1214h06Men's 1 km sprint Standing  Final 
March 1214h15Women's 1 km sprint Standing  Final 
March 1214h24Men's 1 km sprint Visual impaired  Final 
March 1214h33Women's 1 km sprint Visual impaired  Final 
March 1510h00Mixed Relay 4 x 2,5 km    
March 1512h00Open Relay 4 x 2,5 km    
March 1610h00Men's 10 km Standing   
March 1610h20Men's 10 km Visual impaired   
March 1611h23Women's 5 km Standing   
March 1611h40Women's 5 km Visual impaired   
March 1612h30Women's 5 km Sitting   
March 1612h45Men's 10 km Sitting   


March 1409h30Women's Cross Standing  run 1 
March 1409h31Men's Cross Standing  run 1 
March 1410h15Women's Cross Standing  run 2 
March 1410h16Men's Cross Standing  run 2 
March 1411h00Women's Cross Standing  run 3 
March 1411h01Men's Cross Standing  run 3 

wheelchain Curling

March 809h30Men's    Round Robin: Canada - Great Britain 
March 809h30Men's    Round Robin: Russian Federation - People's Republic of China 
March 809h30Men's    Round Robin: Korea - Norway 
March 809h30Men's    Round Robin: Slovakia - United States of Amerrira 
March 815h30Men's    Round Robin: Canada - Russian Federation 
March 815h30Men's    Round Robin: United States of Amerrira - Korea 
March 815h30Men's    Round Robin: Norway - People's Republic of China 
March 815h30Men's    Round Robin: Sweden - Finland 
March 909h30Men's    Round Robin: United States of Amerrira - Norway 
March 909h30Men's    Round Robin: Finland - Russian Federation 
March 909h30Men's    Round Robin: People's Republic of China - Slovakia 
March 909h30Men's    Round Robin: Sweden - Great Britain 
March 915h30Men's    Round Robin: Canada - Sweden 
March 915h30Men's    Round Robin: Finland - Slovakia 
March 915h30Men's    Round Robin: Great Britain - Korea Republic 
March 1009h30Men's    Round Robin: United States of Amerrira - Canada 
March 1009h30Men's    Round Robin: Finland - Norway 
March 1009h30Men's    Round Robin: Korea - Russian Federation 
March 1009h30Men's    Round Robin: People's Republic of China - Sweden 
March 1015h30Men's    Round Robin: Canada - Norway 
March 1015h30Men's    Round Robin: Russian federation - United States of Amerrira 
March 1015h30Men's    Round Robin: Korea - People's Republic of China 
March 1015h30Men's    Round Robin: Slovakia - Grande Bretagne 
March 1109h30Men's    Round Robin: Russian Federation - Sweden 
March 1109h30Men's    Round Robin: Great Britain - Finland 
March 1109h30Men's    Round Robin: Korea Republic - Slovakia 
March 1115h30Men's    Round Robin: United States of Amerrira - Finland 
March 1115h30Men's    Round Robin: Norway - Great Britain 
March 1115h30Men's    Round Robin: People's Republic of China - Canada 
March 1115h30Men's    Round Robin: Sweden - Slovakia 
March 1209h30Men's    Round Robin: Canada - Korea 
March 1209h30Men's    Round Robin: United States of Amerrira - People's Republic of China 
March 1209h30Men's    Round Robin: Russian federation - Great Britain 
March 1209h30Men's    Round Robin: Norway - Slovakia 
March 1215h30Men's    Round Robin: Norway - Russian federation 
March 1215h30Men's    Round Robin: People's Republic of China - Finland 
March 1215h30Men's    Round Robin: Sweden - United States of Amerrira 
March 1309h30Men's    Finland - Korea Republic 
March 1309h30Men's    Great Britain - United States of Amerrira 
March 1309h30Men's    Slovakia - Canada 
March 1309h30Men's    Sweden - Norway 
March 1315h30Men's    Finland - Canada 
March 1315h30Men's    Great Britain - People's Republic of China 
March 1315h30Men's    Korea republic - Sweden 
March 1315h30Men's    Slovakia - Russian federation 
March 1509h30Men's    Semifinal 1: Great Britain - Russian Federation 
March 1509h30Men's    Semifinal 2: Canada - People's Republic of China 
March 1515h30Men's    Bronze Medal Match: Great Britain - People's Republic of China 
March 1515h30Men's    Final: Russian Federation - Canada