logo The XXXIth SUMMER GAMES torch
welcome During the IOC session held in Copenhagen, the town of Rio de Janeiro was elected the october 2, 2009, to organise the 2016 Games. After North and Center America, South America will become the Games. The mascot's name is Vinicius
For the first time since the Sydney 2000 Games, the full program is not available in less than a month of the begin of the Games
These games are worst since 1992 (except at the sporting level), no organization, a president who auto-graticule without reason, a transportation system between the sites lamentable, where as dixaines of bus waited to be used, bus stations built with the money of the Games and which will be perhaps open only after the Games.
Brazilian spectators who have any respect, neither towards the athletes, nor towards thecountries which took part in the Games. it should be said that number of them did not haveanything to make Games and would have preferred that they do not take place.
An omnipresent army which want to deal with all, even of what does not look at it and with the force anti riot in the center of press if the journalist of the world would have protested. That pointed out to me the banana republics of the Seventies.
The Brazilian press which mentioned basicdiversion as of the shortly after the Games.
These games were really a big mistake.
Dates: August 5 to 21
Participating N.O.C.: 105
Number of Sports: 28
Number of Events: 306
Number of Athletes: 11.000
volunteer: 70.000
Opening: Michel Temer, Interim Brazil President
Oath: Robert Scheidt
Judje's oath: Martinho Nobre
Coach oath: Adriana Santos
Last Olympic torch: Vanderlei Cordero
Candidates cities: Chicago (USA), Madrid (ESP), Tokyo (JAP)