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By obtaining the confidence of the I.O.C. which had preferred it in Detroit, Munich and Madrid, Munich had meant to make forget the sports world pitiful recollection left by Berlin in 1936. The Bavarians had dreamed that their Olympiad was celebrated under the sign of the joy of living and the respect for the man as individual. Regrettably one does not order the history.
Dates : August 26 to September 10
Participating N.O.C.: 121
Number of Sports: 21
Number of Events: 195
Number of Athletes: 7123
Men's : 6065
Women's : 1058
Opening: Gustav Heineman, Republic President
Oath : Heidi Schueller
Oath for official : Heinz Pollay
Number of torch bearer: 6 000
Final Torch Bearer: Günter Zahn
Candidates cities: Detroit (USA), Madrid (ESP) and Montreal (CAN)
The table of the medals alphabetically of the countries
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