1952 Oslo Winter

Welcome Day Sport Results Français
medaille de vainqueur medaille de participant


The results are complete and definitive except IOC decision
Abreviations: WR: World Record, PR: Paralympic Record, NR: National Record, CR: Continental Record



February 1411h00Men's Two-man  run 1 Image icôneFrognerseteren
February 1411h00Men's Two-man  run 2 Image icôneFrognerseteren
February 1514h00Men's Two-man  run 3 Image icôneFrognerseteren
February 1514h00Men's Two-man  run 4 Image icôneFrognerseteren
February 2111h00Men's Four-man  run 1 Image icôneFrognerseteren
February 2111h00Men's Four-man  run 2 Image icôneFrognerseteren
February 2211h00Men's Four-man  run 3 Image icôneFrognerseteren
February 2211h00Men's Four-man  run 4 Image icôneFrognerseteren


February 1510h00   Opening ceremony Image icôneBislett
February 2519h00   Closing ceremony Image icôneBislett


Ice Hockey

February 1517h00Men's   United State of America - Norway Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 1519h00Men's   Sweden - Finland Image icôneDæhlenenga
February 1519h00Men's   Czechoslovakia - Poland Image icôneDæhlenenga
February 1521h00Men's   Canada - Germany Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 1617h00Men's   Switzerland - Finland Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 1619h00Men's   United State of America - Germany Image icôneSandvika
February 1619h00Men's   Czechoslovakia - Norway Image icôneDæhlenenga
February 1621h00Men's   Sweden - Poland Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 1717h00Men's   Sweden - Norway Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 1719h00Men's   Canada - Finland Image icôneDæhlenenga
February 1719h00Men's   Switzerland - Poland Image icôneDæhlenenga
February 1721h00Men's   Czechoslovakia - Germany Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 1817h00Men's   United State of America - Finland Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 1819h00Men's   Canada - Poland Image icôneDæhlenenga
February 1819h00Men's   Switzerland - Norway Image icôneSandvika
February 1821h00Men's   Sweden - Germany Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 1917h00Men's   Canada - Czechoslovakia Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 1921h00Men's   United State of America - Switzerland Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 2017h00Men's   Poland - Germany Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 2021h00Men's   Finland - Norway Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 2117h00Men's   Sweden - United State of America Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 2119h00Men's   Canada - Switzerland Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 2119h00Men's   Czechoslovakia - Finland Image icôneSandvika
February 2121h00Men's   Germany - Norway Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 2214h00Men's   Finland - Germany Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 2217h00Men's   Czechoslovakia - Switzerland Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 2219h00Men's   United State of America - Poland Image icôneDæhlenenga
February 2221h00Men's   Canada - Sweden Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 2317h00Men's   Sweden - Switzerland Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 2319h00Men's   Canada - Norway Image icôneDæhlenenga
February 2319h00Men's   Poland - Finland Image icôneLillestrørn
February 2321h00Men's   United State of America - Czechoslovakia Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 2416h00Men's   Switzerland - Germany Image icôneDæhlenenga
February 2417h00Men's   Czechoslovakia - Sweden Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 2421h00Men's   Canada - United State of America Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 2511h00Men's   Poland - Norway Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 2517h00Men's   Sweden - Czechoslovakia Image icôneJordal Amfi

Skating Artistic

February 1709h00Women's Skating  imposed figures Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 1909h00Men's Skating  imposed figures Image icôneJordal Amfi
February 2019h00Women's Skating  free figures Image icôneBislett
February 2119h00Men's Skating  free figures Image icôneBislett
February 2219h00Mixed Pairs   Image icôneBislett

Skating speed

February 1615h00Men's 500 m   Image icôneBislett
February 1716h00Men's 5,000 m   Image icôneBislett
February 1817h00Men's 1,500 m   Image icôneBislett
February 1910h00Men's 10,000 m   Image icôneBislett

Ski Alpine

February 1413h00Women's Giant slalom   Image icôneNorefjell
February 1513h00Men's Giant slalom   Image icôneNorefjell
February 1613h00Men's Downhill   Image icôneNorefjell
February 1710h30Women's Downhill   Image icôneNorefjell
February 1913h00Men's Slalom  run 1 Image icôneRødkleiva
February 1913h00Men's Slalom  run 2 Image icôneRødkleiva
February 2014h00Women's Slalom  run 1 Image icôneRødkleiva
February 2014h00Women's Slalom  run 2 Image icôneRødkleiva

Ski cross country

February 1811h00Men's 18 km   Image icôneHolmenkollen
February 2010h00Men's 50 km   Image icôneHolmenkollen
February 2310h00Women's 10 km   Image icôneHolmenkollen
February 2312h00Men's 4 x 10 km relay   Image icôneHolmenkollen

Ski jumping

February 2413h30Men's Special hill 70 m   Image icôneHolmenkollen

Ski nordic combied

February 1712h30Men's Normal hill  jumping Image icôneHolmenkollen
February 1811h00Men's Normal hill  cross-country: 18 km Image icôneHolmenkollen