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Berlin had obtained the organization of the Games of 1916, but considering events they were able to take place. In 1931, the I.O.C had tuned to this city the honor to organize the Games of the XI ème Olympiad that desired also Barcelona. In 1933 violent campaigns were led to require the transfer of Games or to laud the boycott of it.
Dates : August 1st - 16
Participating N.O.C.: 49
Number of Sports: 19
Number of Events: 129
Number of Athletes: 4 066
Men's : 3 738
Women's : 328
Opening: Chancellor A. Hitler
Oath : Rudolf Ismayr
Number of torch bearer: 3 331
Final Torch Bearer: Fritz Schilgen
Candidates cities: Barcelone (ESP)
The table of the medals alphabetically of the countries